ALL YOU Magazine Special: $0.75 per issue!

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I am not a big magazine reader. Really, I just don’t have the spare time or desire to flip through glossy pages of ads or celebrities.

But I do actually subscribe to and read ALL YOU. Not only is it truly a great resource for frugal tips, recipes, and more, it is chock full of one of my favorite things- COUPONS!

ALL YOU magazine is a magazine targeted at “value-conscious American women,” and I think that probably sums up my readers pretty well (along with a few value-conscious men too, of course)!

Now, you know that I’m not one to advocate actually spending your hard-earned money on a magazine subscription, but I think this one warrants an exception. Consistently month after month it’s chock full of great coupons that you won’t find anywhere else. Better yet, often there’s at least one coupon that’s for a free item.

Where do I purchase ALL YOU magazine?

ALL YOU magazine can only be purchased at Walmart ($2.24 per issue) or through a subscription ($21.24 per year).

But… I am thrilled to offer my readers a special chance to purchase a 2-year subscription for just $17.99.

That’s almost 70% off the cover price!

This offer is available for one week only (through Tuesday, April 14th).

Better yet, there is a giveaway! One lucky reader who places an order following the steps below will be randomly selected to receive their 2-year subscription for FREE. (You will be contacted and your money refunded if you are the winner).

How can you order your ALL YOU subscription?

This fabulous offer has been made available through a partnership with Southern Living at HOME!

Ordering Instructions:

  1. Go to the Southern Living at HOME website.
    Note: You must use this link to get the discounted price!.
  2. Click on Our Products in the left-hand column and then How To Purchase.
  3. Type in KEEPING in the hostess first name field then click Continue.
  5. In the search box type 40776 then click Go.
  6. Click on All You Personal Subscription then Select this Item.
  7. Select Finalize and Submit Your Order and follow the screens through to checkout!


  • Do not select Direct Ship – the $10 shipping fee is not applicable to magazines.
  • Your order and the invoice will show $19.95 as the price – I will discount the price after your order is submitted.
  • Please pay with a debit card during checkout. Do not click submit more than once as this can cause multiple charges.
  • Magazine purchases are non-refundable – but I doubt you’ll find a better deal anywhere else!
  • More Frequently Asked Questions for ALL YOU orders.

You can expect your first issue to arrive approximately 6-8 weeks after your payment posts!

Do you already receive ALL YOU? A 2-year subscription would make a fabulous Mother’s Day gift.



  1. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says

    Alyssa, this is great! I will definitely sign up – I’ve been meaning to subscribe anyway (I love that magazine). Now you saved me money! Thanks!! :)

  2. Jennifer Y. says

    I recently subscribed to All You–darn! I will point out, though, that the coupons sometimes vary from the subscription to the store copies. I have no idea why. I bought the April issue in the store, thinking that it would take longer for my sub to start. The one I got in the mail was missing the “cardboard” insert that my copy from the store had. Wierd.

  3. Joanne says

    THANK YOU! I just signed up for mine!!! What a fabulous offer!!! I have been wanting to subscribe to this, but kept putting it off.. now I know why!!! :)

  4. Heidi says

    I’m so glad that you offered this so that you will get “credit” for my order! I’ve seen other sites offering this deal but never got around to doing it – – today I got off my mo’honkin back end and SUBMITTED my ORDER! Yay!!
    P.S. You had that baby yet??!! :)

  5. Alyssa @ KeepingTheKingdomFirst says

    The site is back up! Feel free to get your orders in.

    And Heidi- no baby yet {sigh}. Thank you for placing your order through me, I really appreciate it!

    Julie, yes you can pay by check if you are comfortable with that. Email dealseekingmom (at) and let her know you are ordering through me. She will gladly accept a check by mail!

  6. PinkMonkeyReading says

    The main thing I like about this magazine, is that it talks and shows real women, who are not necessarily all size 0. It’s about real women in real life situations.

    Kris Plotner aka PinkMonkeyReading

  7. Sara says

    Just a question- when I completed my order, it said “Unless you selected Direct Ship to a different residence, your order will be shipped to the hostess”. So does this mean you will get it and then have to send it to me?

  8. Anonymous says

    I have placed my order AND shared this with another site i belong to. linking them to your blog of course!!


  9. Lynette N. says

    I just placed my order! Thank you soooo much! One of my Walmarts doesn’t always have them and the other doesn’t carry them at all!

    A. Lynette Nickels

  10. Lisa says

    Thank you for this offer, right in time for our move and new budget – I’ve submitted my order!


  11. Lauren says

    It does not say a 2 year subscription, is that okay? I want to submit my order but don’t want to if it’s just for a year.

  12. Alyssa @ KeepingTheKingdomFirst says

    Hi Lauren,
    Sorry for the confusion! It is definitely a 2 year subscription, so rest assured. The special is still running, so get your order in soon!


  13. Bethany says

    Just ordered mine – snuck in under the deadline! Thanks so much for this offer. I’m looking forward to those coupons – gotta save every way I can, and I love the coupons!

  14. Philslisi says

    Is it possible to get this subscription special today (April 15th)? I just found your website now and I’d love to get All You at the special price! Thanks!

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