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credit.comWith the ever growing problem of identity theft, it is so important to keep tabs on your credit history. In addition to Credit Karma, there is a brand new free service for those wanting to view a quick snapshot of their report.

I decided to check out myself, to see if it would be worth recommending to my readers.

What is the Credit Report Card?
The Credit Report Card is a completely free financial literacy tool that shows you a snapshot of your credit reports and estimated scores according to the leading scoring models used by lenders. It breaks down your credit report into five simple-to-understand categories and gives you a letter grade for each one.

You can request your free report card every 30 days. This has no effect on your score, since this is a “soft” inquiry. Your data is completely secure, and never sold to lenders.

Instead of a number score, gives you a letter grade, from A-F. It gives you the option to pay for a full report upgrade with monitoring, which I do not feel is necessary. With all the free tools available, you can certainly monitor your own credit throughout the year.

But I do like the quick, simple view that offers.  Here was my result, as an example:

credit.com1I got an “A”, pretty cool, huh? :)

On a side note, my personal philosophy about credit scores is that they are far less important than what is contained within your report- DEBT. The first step towards getting out of debt is knowing how much you actually have.


  1. Gema @ Fashion Cents For Mom says

    I just signed up for this, and I was happy with the results. Now I just need to get my husband to do this!

  2. Amy says

    Thanks so much for credit report info. Upon your recommendation my husband and I used Credit Karma this weekend and were pleased with the ease of it, not to mention that it’s free! We’re going through Financial Peace University right now and are getting our finances in order. Thanks for the help!

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