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Birthdays at our house mean a special breakfast chosen by the person of honor. Sometimes it’s pancakes at home, other times it is a restaurant indulgence.

Today, my Leah turned 4 years old. Daddy asked her to choose her special breakfast selection. My mouth watered at the possibility of eggs benedict and fresh squeezed juice.

She chose… the local donut shop.

donut-cakeThat’s my girl! Rainbow sprinkles and pink frosting on a donut. A frugalista in the making, to be sure. ;)

And that is certainly a Finer Thing.


  1. says

    aww, what a cutie! Hope she had a good birthday. :) I can’t even imagine having a kid that age, I’m so curious what it’ll be like. She looks full of personality. :)

  2. Christie Jarvis says

    Love it! At our house, the birthday person gets to choose the menu for the entire day and for dinner can pick between me cooking a special favorite or going out. They have occasionally chosen mom’s cooking over their favorite restaraunt believe it or not! LOL
    I think birthdays should be special :) I hope your little one enjoyed hers.
    .-= Christie Jarvis´s last blog ..SWAG with me =-.

  3. Bethany Goff says

    So sweet! Donuts are my boys favorite treats, too! And if they have frosting and sprinkles – well, that’s the best of all! :D
    My little guy is 4, too, and it’s such a special, innocent age. Treasure this time.
    Happy Birthday, Leah!
    .-= Bethany Goff´s last blog ..Website Changes =-.

  4. Kristin T. says

    Happy Birthday Leah!

    You’re making memories that will last forever, and when she’s surpassed you in her frugality you can always remind her of the cheapest birthday you’ve ever gotten away with. I don’t think in 12 years you’ll get away with a donut, unless it’s housed in metal on wheels. I love all of the sweet traditions and loving memories you create with your kids. My mom always did the same thing, and those are the things I love to remember now. I remember things she can’t even remember, so I”m sure your children will be telling their children so many more sweet stories than you can imagine. I hope there are millions of moms out there like you and like my mom!
    .-= Kristin T.´s last blog ..Available for Pre-Order: I Will Carry You by Angie Smith =-.

  5. says

    I love it! Enjoy your day and maybe yes, making the donut tradition for her birthday breakfast would be fun! Even when she gets older that will still mean a lot!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Simple Marriage Adds The Confident Mom =-.

  6. Pastor Jimmy Kibler says

    I remember those days. One fine day my boss wanted to take me out for lunch and my 6 year old son was with me. He wanted to go to Hardies and said so very loudly.
    I am so glad that I made a decision when he was young that I was not going to miss anything while he was growing up. I didn’t and am so glad for that special time which is now gone forever but I feel good knowing I was there for everything.
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