Strawberries Galore! A Recipe Fest

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strawberriesDid you know that strawberries are not actually classified as a berry by botanists? It’s true, and I just learned this useless fact today thanks to my friend Stephanie. (She later confessed that she learned this from a Snapple lid. Ha!)

Regardless of what you consider a strawberry, prices are dropping as summer is approaching. If you are stocking up on this healthy fruit, get creative in the kitchen! They freeze well, too, so be sure to grab some freezer bags and save some to enjoy later.

I happen to adore strawberries. My favorite way to eat them? Chocolate-covered. Mmmm. What’s yours?

I have rounded up some delicious recipes using strawberries from around the blogosphere. Who knew there were so many ways to enjoy the popular berry fruit?

Strawberry Recipes Galore

Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures’ Strawberry Pie

Three Cherry Cokes’ Very Berry Breakfast Parfait and Homemade Strawberry Shortcake

Eat At Home’s Strawberry Pie and Strawberry Shortcake

Beauty and Bedlam’s Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle’s Strawberry Soup

Parenting the Tiniest of Miracles’ Strawberry Wheat Muffins

Stop & Smell the Chocolates Strawberry Dream Cake and Strawberry Soup

Health, Home & Happiness’ Strawberry Almond Bars

Deep South Dish’s Southern Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea

From Dates to Diapers’ Strawberry Dip

Fake Ginger’s Strawberry Cupcakes and Berry Cobbler

My own super easy Strawberry Pie

I’ll be adding more recipes as I discover them. Feel free to leave a link to your favorite strawberry recipe below in comments!


  1. the domestic fringe says

    Oh, I’m going to check out those recipes…I heart strawberries! I also learned all the useful information I know from Snapple lids. My parents should have saved their money on college and just bought me cases of Snapple every week. ;-)


  2. Julie F. says

    Oh how I wish I lived in the south these days. Just got peas/carrots/spinach/beets in the garden yesterday. We have to wait until late June for our fresh strawberries! I guess that’s the difference between Texas & Wisconsin!

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