Western Union “Return the Love” Mother’s Day Giveaway: $50 Visa Gift Card {5 Winners!}

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Mother’s Day. Just another retailer-driven holiday? Or truly a special day to honor moms? However you look at it, Mother’s Day is this weekend. Searching for “the perfect gift” is a hot topic.

Jewelry? A new dress? A hand-made gift from the heart?

Personally, I appreciate breakfast in bed after a full night’s sleep more than anything. With my own mother in another state, the day can be bittersweet. But this year, I intend to enjoy it and relax no matter the circumstances.

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Western Union’s new “Return the Love” campaign is celebrating mothers and encouraging loved ones to give them the perfect gift. As part of this campaign, Western Union set-up a Flickr page (flickr.com/groups/love2010) where people can share photos of their moms. Each week, Western Union is selecting photos from this gallery to display on the company’s home page, www.westernunion.com.

Sometimes a gift card or cash is the most practical decision for such occasions. Western Union “returned the love” to me by sending me a Western Union Gift Card and they want Keeping the Kingdom First readers to enjoy a special gift as well!

Enter to Win:

1  of (5) $50 Western Union Gift Cards (can be used anywhere!)

1. Leave a comment below: What are you hoping to receive this Mother’s Day? Or better yet, what are you giving?

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This contest will close on Wednesday, May 12th at 11pm CST. Winners will be selected by random.org and contacted via email. Open to US residents only.

Disclosure: I was sent a gift card for participating. Western Union provided the giveaways.


  1. Kristy B says

    I already got my Mother’s Day present, my sweet hubby got me a heart necklace from Tiffany’s!!! (Mother’s Day is huge to me, I had trouble getting pregnant, so ever since I had my daughter we go all-out :) )

    We are going out of state to visit my hubby’s family so that’s our gift to his family.

  2. Deb says

    Wow, thank you to you and Western Union for this giveaway. :) My husband usually sends flowers to his mom and grandmom, and I try to remember to call mine (we don’t do big gifts for most holidays). :) If I win this though, I’ll probably send it to her, since it’s a Mother’s Day give-away. :)

  3. Gail Peterson says

    My son just came home from college. He will be here the whole month of may so this makes me happy. We just had to put a new motor in our home AC unit so that will take the place of any gift I may have gotten but at least we will be cool this summer. I know a lot of young moms that need love and suport though so will do my best to bless someone this week. I am a subscriber and face book follower love you Alyssa

  4. Tiffany says

    Hoping to receive lots of love and breakfast in bed. I wouldn’t mind some new clothes too :) To my mom, I’m giving her a phone call since she is so far away!

  5. deb gibson says

    I am hoping to receive a homemade card from each of my 2 children. They mean the most to me… I always love what they write about!!

  6. MaryEllen says

    I just want my husband and babies to love on me! I love my family!
    .-= MaryEllen´s last blog ..Enjoy a Night off From Cooking with Freschetta Pizza =-.

  7. Deborah says

    I don’t know what I’m getting for Mother’s Day, but I plan on spending time with my family.

  8. Shelly @ Coupon Teacher says

    I am at my mom’s house visiting from far away! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Leanne says

    I get to spend the weekend with my son at his AAU basketball tournament, but isn’t that what being a mom is all about, enjoying and being with your kids! I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!
    I celebrated with my mom and grandmom last weekend by having them to my house for a picnic and I made them each a new photo book with pictures of my kids. It’s always fun to see how happy they get with something that is so simple as pictures. I know they carry them around and brag to all their friends LOL!!
    Thanks for the chance!!

  10. says

    We got our moms an 8×10 of our new family picture. All seven of us in it! And the kids made them cards.
    For me, my husband will cook breakfast (like he always does on Sunday morning) but I will eat it at the table, not in bed. Then we will all go to church and then come home and take a nap. If the kids make me cards I will be thrilled. No budge in the budget for anything. but I don’t mind. I have five healthy children and an awesome husband so that is all that matters.

  11. Lisa says

    I am hoping to get some appreciation and some time off. I have asked to be served meals instead of me being served. So breakfast in bed would be great:)

  12. Colleen Cole says

    My Mom just left yesterday, after spending a week and a half visiting. We went to the ball game, did dinners, hosted family get togethers and spent time with my Aunt and Uncle when they came into town. Mom went home with lots of love and memories, and a big box of Dove products – her favourites!
    .-= Colleen Cole´s last blog ..Simple Expressions Giveaway =-.

  13. says

    For Mother’s Day I am giving and hoping to receive the gift of spending time with my family. As my children grow older I realize that this is what is most important. We are gathering with both moms and my family to watch my son’s baseball game, then a family dinner and then wathching a movie1 What a perfect gift! Blessings…Sherry

  14. Deanna says

    I lost my mom 6 years ago, so in her honor, my siblings and I do the Susan G Komen Walk for Life on Mother’s Day.

  15. Shar says

    My mother recently passed away – oh, how I miss her! My mother in law lives in another state and we combine mom’s day and her June 6 birthday and usually buy her something for her garden. She loves working in her vegetable garden and perennial beds.

  16. gala says

    we sent flowers to my MIL, as for me I have no idea what my husband and kids are going to do – surprise?! :-)

  17. eunice b says

    we 5 daughters and our families are taking a meal to our parents tomorrow for Mother’s Day…that way we enjoy the day together, but Mother gets the day off! :-)

    ~eunice b
    rsmile2u @dejazzd .com

  18. Melissa says

    I’m giving my mom a Vera Bradley purse (that I got on a super sale of course!!)

  19. Jill says

    I also wouldn’t mind a full night’s sleep. That and maybe a good book. For my mom, I’m getting her flowers, coffee, and a book and for my MIL we’re getting her a necklace and not sure what else. Got to go shopping today! :)

  20. denise says

    I am a pastor’s wife and we give our ladies each a carnation….red if their mother is still living….white if she is deceased.

  21. says

    I am not sure what I am getting… but we are meeting up with my mother on Sunday. I will have a huge bouquet delivered, and I also have the chicken soup for the soul, thanks mom book!
    .-= jennifer´s last blog ..Sorry…. =-.

  22. Kara says

    I’m hoping for sleep and something homemade. I love crafts from my noodles but if I’m shooting for the moon I would love a Cricuit.

  23. Jennifer B says

    hoping to receive family time! giving my mom a nice basket full of yummy stuff

  24. lynn says

    My mom is extremely practical and loves to shop discount and second hand, so a specific gift card would be hard to choose. I made her a special gift card for “fun and frivolity”, stating in small print to see terms and conditions on the other side. The other side has small print that says it must be used entirely for her pleasure, and there is money folded and attached to the back side of the gift card. We are giving my MIL a Thomas Kinkade wall clock (she loves TK) and coffee (she loves coffee :)

  25. ruby says

    I would love flowers…. but would be very happy with anything. my boys are small and my husband says I’m not his mother ! lol

  26. says

    I too had trouble getting pregnant (7 years, 3 IVF, now I have 2 beauties) Mother’s Day means a lot to me! I love being a Mom! I’m sort of hoping for a new necklace (the Mother and Child one, but with 2 children on it now!) We usually spend the day at my MIL. My mom passed away when I was a teen so I usually get her some flowers sometimes a cute little potted plant.

  27. Ronda says

    We sent my MIL bright gerbers and I will get my mom a great plant at the farmer’s market. I loved reading above about the traditional giving a white carnation if your mom is deceased and a red one if she is living. I love traditions like that. Thanks for continuing on with this blog.

  28. says

    I’m planning to give flowers or a plant. Maybe Irises. I might like that for myself too, purple irises. Or just a massage from my husband. :)
    .-= Kimberly´s last blog ..TWO 5lb bags of Green Giant Russet Potatoes for only $0.72 at Fareway with coupon! =-.

  29. Laneka says

    I am looking forward to the creative gifts from my children. My youngest daughter couldn’t wait until tomorrow so I just got my first gifts…her repurposed doll bag and door hanger! I love them and I’m looking forward to more from my older girls tomorrow! After losing all of their previous handmade gifts in a house fire, I cherish each of their creative displays of love.

  30. Laneka says

    I am also an email subscriber! Thanks for the bonus entry and Happy Mother’s Day!!

  31. Karina House says

    I really love handmade gifts from my children. They are 3 and 7, so when they buy gifts they aren’t necessarily things I like or would use, so I prefer when they can be proud of what they create.

  32. Karina House says

    I’m an email subscriber thanking you for an extra entry! $50 would be a tremendous blessing.

  33. Trisha Lynn says

    I finally decided on getting my mom some new night gowns! as for myself I will be happy with a homemade card they are the best!!!!!

  34. Sandy says

    I would just like a simple, quiet family day with all my girls around me! What more could a mom ask for? If my mom was still living I would definitely be sending her a huge bouquet of flowers, and one really long phone call!! You never outgrow missing your mom, no matter what your age!

  35. jackie says

    Well, I’ve already received what I wanted. My husband bought me a bouquet of stargazer lilies (my favorite flower!) and irises. They came early so he couldn’t hide them from me.

    I plan on giving my mom some blouses and a gift card to her favorite store. She’s been unemployed for a year, and she had actually been offered a job last week, but the deal fell through two days ago. So, I’m still going to give her these things so she can start shopping around for work clothes. I know something will come up soon for her again.
    .-= jackie´s last blog ..I won some giveaways!! =-.

  36. Bethany Goff says

    For Mother’s Day, I’m hoping to receive some good, fun time with my children playing board games! Anything else is just frosting on the cake! My mom lives too far to give her a personal gift, but I sent her a card and a bunch of coupons, plus sent for a coupon for a freebie for her, and I’ll talk to her on the phone tomorrow. At church, my little guy and I are re-potting flowers to give to every lady on Mother’s Day. I’m looking forward to that!
    .-= Bethany Goff´s last blog ..The Christian and "Earth Day" =-.

  37. Bethany Goff says

    Shared this giveaway on Facebook! Thank you, Alyssa, and Western Union.

  38. says

    I just want a full nights sleep : ) I am send my mom a gift certificate for a massage. She has been saying she really needs a massage. In Mexico Mother’s Day is always May 10th so I get to celebrate it twice :)
    .-= Janell´s last blog ..Home Depot – Buy 1 Get 1 Free Rose Plants! =-.

  39. Brooke says

    I am giving my mom and mamaw a gift card for a spa… so they can pamper themselves. We are “cash flow negative” this year, so I bought them on CitySmart. :)

    I am teaching Sunday School at church tomorrow and am hoping that I have a SMOOTH morning! That would be MY greateast Mother’s Day wish. ;)

  40. Brooke says

    I am a follower and SURE appreciate ALL your wonderful tips and your heart :)!

  41. Tabatha Estes says

    I would love to receive a nice peaceful day with no children screaming or fighting. Plan on giving my mom a nice supper. Nice memories are better than material things. Love your emails by the way.

  42. says

    we are heading down to portage glacier to the wildlife conservation (in alaska) the whole car gets free entrance if it has a mom in it! :)
    i might try to make a cake, but i’d rather spend time with my husband and baby girl.

  43. says

    What I would wish for? I would love to be able to see my son again – you see, he passed away a year ago and I miss him so much that I would just like to see him and be able to hug him again. Mother’s Day is also bittersweet for me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. Jean says

    I sent my mom an azalea bonsai.

    I hope to get a small digital camera with a wide screen. I still have an older one with a small screen.

  45. Stephanie R says

    I gave my Mom a magic collage mug from Snapfish with pics of her grandkids on it. I have no idea what I’m going to receive. I would be lying if I said I’m not hoping some form of it is in chocolate :)

  46. Stephanie R says

    I like you on FB, and I shared this giveaway with my FB friends!

    username: Stephanie Rosenhahn

  47. Sunny says

    I’m giving my mom a photo collage and a kitchen knife she’s been wanting! I hope to get a carry all bag/purse for my day.

  48. Marie says

    My mom, who is 89 has an ovarian tumor and with her health problems, the doctors cannot go in and operate. My sister and I are in our late 40″s and we are going to have dinner with mom and enjoy the day with her. God has blessed mom with a good life. Mom just retired as treasurer of her church after 50 years.

  49. Melinda P says

    My mom, my sister, and I and our families are planning on sharing a potluck lunch on Sunday. They are so sweet and planning all soft things that I can eat since I just had major dental surgery on Tuesday. I am making up little gift bags for my mom and my sister filled with fun items I’ve been collecting on sale and on clearance for the past several months. Hopefully they will like them, cuz they didn’t cost much, but alot of planning went into them.

  50. Deidra says

    My five-year-old princess made me a surprise in preschool and I will be content with that. : )

  51. Anna Cahoon says

    Thanks for all the great info. I love the Western Union Giveaway and would love the gift card! Happy Mother’s Day to you and your family :)! I would love to have a day to myself and not have to take care of meals or the new baby. I doubt that will happen though :)

  52. john stelmack says

    Would love to take my mother to the local Nursery to pick out plants for her garden with this and then head back to her house to plant them for her. She is a saint, raising all three of her children on her own after our father pasted away to become successful giving people and good parents of our own.

  53. dorothy lofton says

    ay full of smiles. I gave my Mother a cardigan, shell, and matching necklace..

    A cardigan, shell, and jewelry

    Gave a cardigan shell,and j anan

    I gave my Mother a sweater sweater

    I gave my Mothea sweater

  54. dorothy lofton says

    A day full of smiles and peace. I gave my Mother a cardigan, shell jewelry, and plant.

  55. shawna says

    i’m giving my mother earrings and my daughter is painting her a little wooden fence with followers and a butterfly on it.

  56. Jenna H says

    I am giving my mother in law a beautiful Lisa Leonard bracelet with her grandkids’ names on it….so excited for her to get it!

  57. Karen says

    I am giving my mom some accessories for her now Keurig coffee machine and a special vase made my daughter for her Meme.

  58. Lori says

    I think I just want breakfast in bed with my the two men in my life! (my hubby and my 16 month old son!) I am making our mom’s flower pots with our son’s hand prints all over them. Affordable and Tucker’s hand won’t be this small for long…

  59. Lori says

    I subscribe to your feed via email. :) I really enjoy your $5 dollar challenge- that’s how I found your blog!

  60. Caitlin says

    I would love jewelry, a ring to be exact since i just had our first sweet baby boy 6 weeks ago. And with us living in GA and our closest family in Wisconsin its been a rough 6 weeks. Being a mom is hard!! It’s definitely made me appreciate mine much more!

  61. Theresa Sheppard says

    I would love for my husband to be off for Mother’s Day. He works on weekends while I am off. We hardly ever have a whole day together, but on the bright side, we do not have to put our daughter in day care! Instead, I got a beautiful necklace from my wonderful husband who has surprisingly great taste in jewelry :0))

    My mother has always struggled financially so for holidays and birthdays she always gets practical gifts. This year I got her a new ceiling fan because the one in her bedroom makes a loud noise when it’s on. I’m going to get my husband to install if for her while she is at work. I also gave her a nice card with $10 so she can treat herself to whatever she likes.

  62. Theresa Sheppard says

    I am a follower on Facebook. Love your random bits of inspiration!

  63. says

    I’m just hoping to be able to get out of bed on mother’s day. I’ve been sick and in bed for the past couple of days. I miss kissing and cuddling with my little one.
    .-= Ashley´s last blog ..Pictures :) =-.

  64. Heather says

    I’m hoping to receive a dough hook for my KA mixer… we cook A LOT from scratch around here and my girls have been asking mommy to make homemade bread. :)

  65. Courtney says

    As for a gift, I asked for the Darius Rucker cd. lol But I plan on giving back this year. I ordered some proflowers that give $10 back to March of Dimes and will be going to a brunch tomorrow that supports a nearby school. Tomorrow, we’re spending time with family. We’ve been away from family for a very long time, and with my cousin (we’re really close) finding out she’s going to be a new mom… we are having an early dinner at her house with my entire family including grandparents. There’s no better present than being near your family.
    .-= Courtney´s last blog ..P&G Thank You Mom Reunions =-.

  66. Courtney says

    I’m a subscriber.
    .-= Courtney´s last blog ..P&G Thank You Mom Reunions =-.

  67. Erin says

    I was hoping to give my mom and grandma the present of time, but at the last minute my hubby has found out he has to work :-( so know I’m hoping that in the near furture I can take them two most important ladies in my life to a girls only lunch. and I think my oldest 14 is planing on letting me sleep while she spends the morning with the younger kids 8, 7, and4 since we wont have a way to church with hubby working and being a one car household.

  68. Melissa says

    Church, lunch at my FAVORITE restaurant with my husband, my girls, my parents, and my in laws. Then a Mother’s Day NAP!!

  69. Rae says

    as all my children are grown and out of the house I just hope to hear from them and the grandkids of course……..

  70. anthy says

    I’m not a mother myself, so I’m receiving nothing. But I’m giving some things. :-)

    I’m making my mother breakfast (strawberries and mascapone cheese/whipped cream, bacon, and raisin bread – picked up all the ingredients today!), picking her flowers from the garden, and giving her a pretty purse charm I bought on Etsy. And I also have this really neat Hershey cookie jar + hershey kisses that I won in a contest for her, that I decided to save for Mother’s Day. (She loves hershey’s chocolates)

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

  71. anthy says

    I now subscribe via RSS feed on my iGoogle homepage, too!
    anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

  72. says

    I would LOVE to win! It would go towards a new camera! Mine broke on vacation a couple of weeks ago and can’t wait to get a new one! I hate missing “moments”!
    .-= Aimee´s last blog ..Yummy Freschetta Pizza! (Giveaway) =-.

  73. says

    I “like” you on Facebook and shared it!
    .-= Aimee´s last blog ..Yummy Freschetta Pizza! (Giveaway) =-.

  74. judy says

    thank you!
    i’m happy to be spending mother’s day with my daughter and granddaughter, since i moved and am now closer to them!

  75. says

    I’m not a mom (yet), but I sent my mom lavendar roses for Mother’s Day. I really hopes she loves them!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! :)

  76. Mari says

    I am taking my Mom out to dinner and helping her with her garden.

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  77. Katie says

    I hope to be getting some plants for our new yard and I’ve given my mom a crazy squirrel feeder. I think she’ll have fun with it.

  78. Kathy Rambousek says

    I hoping to spend quality time with my family and to feel appreciated

  79. Melissa Multitasking Mama says

    I just want a quiet day to enjoy time with my kiddos and my mom.
    .-= Melissa Multitasking Mama´s last blog ..Sleep is a beautiful thing =-.

  80. Sue says

    I am a subscriber. I hope to make and eat a pancake breakfast with my youngest son.

  81. Rachella says

    Love your site! My Mum lives too far away for me to see her. But my son’s will make a special dinner for me. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  82. Mrs. R. says

    We’re giving my mom a card, a present she’ll really like, and a special dinner at our house. :-)

  83. Kristi says

    I’m making my mom dinner tomorrow. It will be fun to spend time together. :)

  84. Tracy Robertson says

    I’ll be giving my Mom a (and Dad too) a nice dinner out tomorrow night, I’m looking forward to it!

  85. Emily says

    I am a subscriber. My mom is deceased, but I have a daughter who is a wonderful mom of 3 under the age of 5. I would love a phone call from her. I sent her a card with an IOU for 1 bathing suit. Hopefully we will go shopping soon.

  86. MJ says

    I am a subscriber. All I want is extra love and sweetness from my beautiful 5yr old daughter they said I’d most likely never have!!

  87. Jen U says

    I sent new pictures of my daughters to my mom & mom-in-law! Love sharing the cuties with them. Wish I could be there in person, though.

  88. says

    I am giving my mom a nice dinner out, my daughter is giving her a handmade card-and I am not really wanting anything except hugs and kisses from my kids.

  89. Kelly LaChance says

    I am a subscriber through Facebook. Looking forward to the love I will receive from my two girls, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  90. says

    I wrote a special post for my mom on my blog – and since my parents don’t have internet access at home, I mailed it to her, along with some other recent posts that I thought she would enjoy. Doesn’t sound like much, but I know it will make her happy!
    .-= Tracey´s last blog ..Saturday Salutes =-.

  91. says

    I love it when the family brings me breakfast in bed and my little ones give me their crayon drawings of what they like to do with me (with translations from my husband written next to the artwork!) As for my mom, I wrote a letter telling her all the things that have made her such an amazing Mom!
    .-= Polly´s last blog ..Fruit — It’s not just a food group =-.

  92. Rebecca says

    I gave my Mom a trip to FL for a long weekend (with me) to see her brother and some other family. I would like to have lunch cooked for me and some time to just sleep in the sun. I don’t need anything…got it all!

  93. Lori Lyman says

    I am not sure what I am getting for Mother’s Day:) I know I will love whatever it is though!

  94. Megan says

    Personally, I’d love a day to sleep. But since I am having my entire family of 20+ people over for dinner, I don’t see that happening.

    My mother and grandmother will be getting flowers, cards, and cash. Plus, I always renew my Mom’s subscription to Cosmo! :)

  95. Megan says

    I also follow you on Google Reader, so I had to actually hop over here to your site to comment!

  96. Stephanie says

    I am blessed to still have my mother, and I gave her a watch and a Papillon dog magnet. She loved them both!!

  97. Priscilla says

    I’d like my children to clean up the house, without me telling them too. I’m hoping my husband can make it home. He was to come home Saturday but the volcanic ash delayed his flight back on Sat. This year, Mother’s Day is also on our son’s bday (he turns 8)….I would really like our family of 8 to be together before the day is out.

  98. Michal says

    I’d like to be able to sleep until late and not doing any chores (sp) during the day…..

  99. Barbara M says

    I’m hoping to received a summer flower hanging basket from my sis.
    My mother is deceased so I wear a white carnation today in memory of here.
    barbara.montyj at gmail dot com

  100. sarah dybash says

    My mother is still living and we will grill out burgers with her this afternoon.

  101. Dina says

    I found some great deals at bath and body works so Im using those for presents for my sister, and sister in laws. I don’t really expect anything but a quiet day home with family to enjoy the simple things.

  102. Elin says

    Hi, I really took the time today to just be with my son – my husband did dishes and cleaned up so I could! I felt that what better thing to do on Mothers Day then to be the best mom I can be?

  103. Elaine says

    My husband and his sister are 18 years apart, so we take a picture of them together every year and frame it for my mother in law.

  104. cwaltz says

    I always ask for good kids. My younger kkiddos made me cards and planters at Lowes(accompanied by my older ones)and my daughter made me Stuffed French Toast. My husband already purchased me a tomato plant and soil since he may be gone for the day(work).

    I’m estranged from my mom(her choice)so I’ll just wish her a happy mother’s day through my sis(who I have a close relationship with).



  105. Carrie says

    taking mom out to dinner (tomorrow night though since she’s out of town today)
    .-= Carrie´s last blog ..Greenest Deals of the Week 5/9 =-.

  106. Carrie says

    i subscribe via rss
    .-= Carrie´s last blog ..Greenest Deals of the Week 5/9 =-.

  107. Lacey C. says

    I gave my mom pictures of her grandkids, which is all she really cares about anyway :)
    I’m hoping for a Carvel cake!!!

  108. denise says

    I am giving my mother “Chicken Soup for the Soul Thank Mom”.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  109. Thrifty Florida Mama says

    I would love to receive some fresh picked flowers. I am giving my mom a pedicure and massage. She deserves it!
    .-= Thrifty Florida Mama´s last blog ..A great week to start CVSing =-.

  110. wendy wallach says

    Just gave my mom a 100 Sephora Gift card!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  111. Jenny B. says

    I gave my mother some artwork I made for her. I know she’ll like it :) I hope!

  112. says

    Since my love language is communication, I just want lots more time to hang out and catch-up with my hubby. If I cuold have anything, it would be to spend the day with my mom. But that’s not possible because we are a coast apart!
    .-= FrugalFriend´s last blog ..Drugstore Deals for May 9-15 =-.

  113. Holly says

    We spent the afternoon with my mother-in-law, just as we wanted and expected to do. We took her some of her favorite candy and some new tops – which she loved. We also took her to brunch at her favorite restaurant. It was the perfect day.

  114. Claire says

    I’m giving a cup-by-cup coffee dispenser. It’s way cool, called a “Brewstation”

  115. Carissa Whisenhunt says

    I gave my mom 12 chocolate-covered strawberries. I usually give her flowers, but I wanted to do something different this year…and chocolate-covered strawberries are her favorite. She loved ‘em, of course!

  116. says

    My kids made homemade gifts that they put a lot of effort and love into. I was more boring and took my mom out to a dinner show.
    .-= Juli´s last blog ..Target Deals ~ May 9th – May 15th =-.

  117. Janet F says

    I am email subscribed.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com
    .-= Janet F´s last blog ..CSN Store Paula Deen Porcelain Nonstick 12 Piece Cookware Set Giveaway ! =-.

  118. sarah says

    I was hoping to get some knock-out rose bushes, but I instead I got a misc. collection of flowers since the kids chose for themselves.

  119. Sharon J. says

    To celebrate for my mother. We normally spend the day together, eating and going to various thrift stores. We like bargains.

  120. Pattie F. says

    I received a gift card to Lowes from my family. I can’t wait to buy something new for my garden. Thanks!

  121. Katy P says

    We gave photo gifts this year! I received a handmade card & breakfast cooked for me!

  122. says

    I spent the day with one of my daughters and with my grandsons. That is all I wanted or needed for Mother’s Day. I gave my mother an Olan Mills Treasure print from Lil Bit’s 1yr photo set with his mama. My Mom had seen my print hanging in the family room and kept saying how she needed to order one to hang with all the other family pictures. I’ve had it ordered for some time and had to keep telling Mom to be patient, we would get her one. She was so excited!
    .-= Linda Stewart´s last blog ..Time To Catch UP – Do You Agree? =-.

  123. Leigh says

    My sisters and I took my mom shopping for Mother’s Day. Then we all brought dinner to my grandparents’ house to celebrate with my grandmother.

  124. Terra Jones says

    One our 1 income budget – we chose to drive 3 hours to see our mamas this year. :)

    .-= Terra Jones´s last blog ..May = International Doula Month =-.

  125. Terra Jones says

    I subscribe via Google Reader

    .-= Terra Jones´s last blog ..May = International Doula Month =-.

  126. Ronda says

    My husband and two boys took me to the local botanical gardens and then to the mall. It was a wonderful day!

  127. Amy P says

    I got some great handmade cards from my boys! They also gave me a gift card to pick out flowers for outside once the weather gets nicer. My husband grilled chicken breasts with mushrooms and onions for supper! It was a great day!

  128. Mary S. says

    I gave a sweater, some chocolate and took my mom out to the movies. It was a great day.

  129. Erin says

    I gave my mom a huge picture frame with a picture of her only grandson. I got flowers and a lovely brunch :)

  130. Jody says

    I gave my mom a magnet photo of my kids. She loved it. I received a spa-day and home made treat from my own children. It was a precious day!

  131. Wendy G says

    I gave my mom a brunch and helped my brother fly into town to surprise her! It was perfect!

  132. Caroline says

    I gave my Mom a beautiful arrangement of flowers in a planter for her porch! She loves flowers. :-)

  133. Sarakastic says

    I hopefully gave my mom a stress free day and also tupperware, but really the stress free day was the most important part.
    .-= Sarakastic´s last blog ..Starfish Pendant Giveaway =-.

  134. Andrea says

    My husband and my son took me to a baseball game. My other mom friends and families were there as well and we all sat together and had a blast rooting for the home team!

  135. says

    Mothers day is bittersweet for me too. My mom lives far away and my husband, who is Army, always has to work that day… he does try to make it special even though he works 16 hour days on Sundays!! He got up early to make me coffee in bed before he had to head out to work. He left me a sweet card and my two little ones – 2 and 3- were sweethearts, even if they didn’t “Get” what the day was!

  136. says

    I am hoping to just hang out with my family and have them make me dinner for a change. I gave my MIL flowers. I am taking my Mom out to lunch next week.

  137. Jeaneth says

    We sent handmade cards and “coupons” from the three kids to the special moms in our lives.

  138. Katie L says

    I made my mom a dvd slideshow of the pictures of me and her from when I was growing up. She loved it!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  139. says

    I’m trying to buy myself some new appliances for my new house!
    .-= Ashley´s last blog ..Starting a series… =-.

  140. Carol says

    This was my first Mother’s Day since my mom died in March. My family gave me lots of love and hugs–just what I wanted!

  141. says

    I am giving my mom a flag, a stepping stone, and some Baskin Robbins gift certificates. Thanks for the giveaway!


  142. Katherine C. says

    I am hoping for a great day with my hubby and cute kids and maybe some flowers too. :)

  143. Mikki L says

    I was hoping to get lots of time with my son. (I did!) I gave my mom a necklace & earrings set that I made and a handmade card. (She loved it!)


  144. Connie R. says

    It is tradition for the family to take me to a nursery and pick out my annual plants for the outside of the house. That did happen but my 18 year old son surprised me with a dozen roses and a hand written note……….certainly a Mothers day I won’t forget.

  145. Shana L says

    My moms on a 14 day cruise and I suprised her by organizing with the cuiseline to deliver her flowers in her cabin.

  146. Crystal says

    I gave my mom potted tulips and a kitten. I also helped my mother in law move to her new house.

  147. Jay says

    The best mother’s day gift was having the family over to celebrate our baby’s baptism!

  148. Denise Washington says

    I gave mother a 8×10 collage of her birthday trip to the Holy Land Experience and a gift certificate to a trendy new spa. She was grateful for the down time at the spa.

  149. Stacy Pike says

    I don’t have children of my own, but I received a beautiful Mother’s Day card from my best friend & her kids! I couldn’t be with my Moms (Mom, Step-Mom, Grandma & Mother-in-Law) because they are in SC & we’re in OH, but I spent much time on the phone telling them how special they are to us!

  150. carmen says

    I gave my mom a gift card to Lowes so that she could pick out some new flowers and plants for her garden!

  151. Marla Y says

    The best Mother’s Day gift I received this weekend was from a teenage girl I am caregiver of. She bought me a beautiful card with her own money and wrote me a beautiful letter and poem. She calls me Mama Marla. I’ve come into her life at a time she really needed a mom and I am so happy that I can be a mom to her at this time. Thank you for the giveaway.


  152. Jennifer V says

    I’m not sure what I was hoping to get, but I got a hammock, which is great! I don’t know when I’ll have time to relax on it, but I’ll try!

  153. Jolynn Rood says

    We went a visited My Mom & Mother-n-law and gave money & gift card to buy what they want.

  154. chrissyb says

    we are giving all of the grandmothers and great-grandmothers a photo book of our new baby!

  155. jennifer says

    I would love to just have a day at home being lazy with my kids. Breakfast in bed would be nice too!

  156. Laurie says

    I received a trip to the beach as my mother’s day gift. It was wonderful and very relaxing!

  157. Anu says

    I got a wonderful card that my 3 yr old daughter made herself. I was in tears when she handed me that.

  158. Denise W says

    I received flowers from my husband, son, and baby on the way.

    We gave our moms a picture dvd of our son’s first 3 years of life.

  159. Ashley says

    I gave my mom a subscription to the newspaper for Sunday coupons! Just another way I’m trying to help her save money and live better! Love my mom!

  160. Ashley says

    I subscribed to get your updates through google!

    (Ashley Reynolds, through reynoldsmommy at gmail dot com)

  161. Angela says

    Honestly, I didn’t need or want much for Mother’s Day, but my husband & kids treated me to dinner after church (no cooking — yay!) and gave me chocolates & a pretty potted plant. I sent my Mother some flowers.

  162. says

    I gave my mothers a Blender for Mothers day along with Frozen fruit smoothie mix
    nightowlmamablogs at gmail dot com
    .-= Night owl Mama´s last blog ..HearthSong: Great Big Outdoor Play Ball (Giveaway) =-.