Snag more coupons with The Coupon Clippers

I have been an affiliate for The Coupon Clippers for over a year now, and I am just now using their service.

The Coupon ClippersI know, shame on me, right?!

I mean, I knew there was a great coupon-clipping service out there… and I felt good promoting them because I have heard great things about them, but I just never got around to ordering any for myself.

I am a coupon nut, but I do not normally buy 20 of something. My stock-up trips include maybe purchasing 3 of the same items. Maybe.

So, for most shopping trips, I need less than three of each coupon insert and I’m good.

Add in the printable coupons that are available, and I am set!

But, last Sunday, I was unable to get the paper. {I might have shed a few tears over missing it…}

You see, our state paper {yes, Oklahoman, I am talkin’ to YOU} decided to stop delivering to our town almost 2 years ago. Right as I got into my couponing phase.

In order for me to purchase a paper with coupon inserts, I have to make an almost one-hour round-trip to get it.

And some Sundays, that just isn’t feasible for me.

Enter the Coupon Clippers.

I was able to snag a few of my favorite coupons from last week’s inserts, and have them delivered right to my door. Yay!

Want to see my coupon list? {waggles eyebrows suggestively}

Have you ever used a coupon clipping service?

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  1. Rachel says:

    YAY! Plus you did not have to drive an hour, saving time, gas (the environment), and money. You got to cherry-pick the coupons you wanted instead of buying all the papers. Win-Win!!


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