Earning Extra Money from Home

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We’ve all seen it. Gas and grocery prices continue to climb. There are two things we can do to fight back: learn to maximize our savings in the kitchen (I’ll be tackling this topic in a new series this week) AND find creative ways to earn extra money from home.

She considers a field and buys it; from her earnings she plants a vineyard.
She girds herself with strength and makes her arms strong.
She senses that her gain is good; her lamp does not go out at night.
~Proverbs 31:16-18

I have been passionate about entrepreneurship since childhood. At the age of 11, I was running a road-side fruit stand with my  younger sisters. Today, I run my blog to contribute to our family finances. I believe that anyone can earn additional income from home with a little time and creativity. There are many things you can do, most with the help of modern technology.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Earn rewards for using the web

Since you are already online, make sure you are earning points and cash back for things you already do — like check email, search the web or shopping. I use and recommend Swag Bucks, MyPoints, Ebates and ShopAtHome.com

2. Sell Something.

For the biggest bang for your buck, sell stuff you already own. Have a garage sale, list stuff on Ebay, Craigslist or Amazon. Books are especially easy to sell and ship. Or if you are crafty, set up a simple Etsy Shop like my friend Kelly of Kelly Joy Boutique. Avoid home-business models that require a large initial investment.

3. Take Surveys

This won’t make you rich, but you could earn a few extra dollars per week for milk money. I don’t have much personal experience with this method, but I have seen other respected bloggers recommend Synovate Global Opinion Panels, Toluna and Inbox Dollars. Be sure to use an alternate email address if you sign up for survey opportunities.

4. Blogging

Blogging, if you are in it for the long haul, can be a great way to generate income from home. It takes a  whole lot of patience and hard work, but the rewards are many. The friendships I have formed during my three years of blogging are priceless to me, and the paycheck is an added bonus. Check out some of the affiliate programs I recommend and for more tips on growing a successful blog, visit BloggingwithAmy.com

Have any of these ideas worked or failed for you? What ideas do you have for earning money from home?

This post is part of the “Put Your House in Order” blogging series. Together we are exploring the topics of food, children, decorating, faith and finances as they relate to our homes.

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  1. Stacia Jahnke says

    Since my position as KIDS Pastor is a voluteer position, I work from home in a few ways… I run a family childcare full-time which is awesome because I’ve got to see these kids grow up plus it lets me be home when my husband is and when my kids (now teenagers) were home. It also allows me to ‘get stuff done’ around the house. The other way I work from home is being a Senior Consultant with THe Pampered Chef. I absolutely love it.. it combines two of my favorite pasttimes… cooking and talking/fellowship!! Plus it’s perfect because I can work as much or as little as I want/need to.
    Can’t wait to hear your ideas about maximizing savings in the kitchen :)

  2. says

    I love Opinion Outpost! Since December I have earned almost $90! You take surveys and earn points (10 points = $1) The best part is that when you get to 50 points you can instantly get a $5 Amazon gift card. When you get to 150 points you can get a $15 Citi card to use anywhere online.
    I wrote about it here – http://bit.ly/e3kOEZ

  3. Janice says

    On my blog, I have listed all the work at home jobs from call centers (real employee jobs) to freelance writing. Great income with real jobs… I won’t link here though. :)

  4. Janice says

    I wanted to add one more thing, another great way to make income and this is the best way IMO is to GIVE.
    You can never out give God. Giving is not about the amount. It’s about being a cheerful giver. Sure 5.00 can go a long way and so can 2.00.
    When we give, we open up doors for God to work in our lives as well as finances. We are saying to Him that we don’t trust in money more than we do Him.
    I love to give and it’s what I do as a homemaker. I wrap gifts along with a gift card for friends and I have seen God work tremendously in our life regarding promotions and such. I don’t work, but by giving and couponing, I can see the blessings in our finances.

    • Alyssa Francis says

      @Emily Freelove, Great questions, Emily. It took about 6 months before I saw my first real paycheck. There was a huge learning curve for me. I started blogging right as the economy tanked and people were searching for ways to save money. The timing was right, I suppose. Most bloggers burn out withing the first 6 months, but I am so glad I stuck with it! The key is great content and building community within your comments.

      As far as income, it really depends and there is no right answer. Some bloggers make a full time income and support their families, others pay their mortgage with their blogs, and some just enjoy the extra spending money. :)

  5. says

    Thanks for these ideas, Alyssa — in a small town, the gas prices are definitely cutting into our budget as our transportation options are limited! I’m doing some spring cleaning, so selling some of our stuff is high on the list!

    I’ve also never thanked you personally, but I found your affiliate links list extremely helpful when I started my blog!! So thank you very much for being willing to share them!!
    Stacie´s last blog post ..5 Signs You’re Becoming Overwhelmed by Coupons!

  6. says

    Girl – you are so wise – I love how at 11 you ran a road side fruit stand! It’s neat to see how God connects all the dots in our lives – it all has a purpose!

    I was the “morning announcement girl” in my school from grades 7 through 12 – we did video announcements. I never saw any value in those years until I started my youtubes – and now the dots are connected. God had a plan I couldn’t see! (I should share this thought in a blogpost sometime!!! – you just sparked something – thanks chick!)

    Keep doing what you do – God is shining through ya!
    Love ya, :-)
    Courtney (WomenLivingWell)´s last blog post ..New Beginnings – How To Become More Self-Disciplined

    • Alyssa Francis says

      @Courtney (WomenLivingWell), I really did! We lived in Hawaii for several years and sold fruit from our yard to tourists. I was the “boss”, of course.

      I can totally see you being the announcement girl. And yes, that is great blog fodder. ;) Thanks for your sweet words, Courtney!

  7. Sharon says


    I would like to thank you for this post & would also like to say I am so glad you didn’t burn out on blogging. Your blog means alot to me. It’s the first 1 I came across 3 yrs. ago. I was financially strapped and couldn’t afford toothpaste. You showed me how to shop and now my home & my family’s homes are well stocked. Thank you for all your help in that area.

    Hopefully you can help me in my new era. The loss of my job. I have a hearing loss that limits me in my job search. I have thought about blogging in the past but didn’t feel like I had any unique qualities or the necessary skills to pursue that venue. I would like to give it a try now especially with the loss of my job.

    Thank you once again for all your help! I will be checking out Amy’s Blog. Maybe someday I will get the opportunity to thank you in person at a blog convention!

    God Bless You Alyssa! A dedicated reader & sister in Christ, Sharon

    • Alyssa Francis says

      @Sharon, Oh Sharon, I am just now seeing your sweet comment, so please forgive my tardy reply! Thank you so much for sticking with me these last three years. It’s been a bumpy ride at times, but readers like you help me remember why I started blogging in the first place. Your words mean so much to me.

      I am sorry to hear about your job loss. I definitely think blogging is worth pursuing if you are patient about a pay check. Amy’s blog is the best resource out there for starting one from scratch. If you have a special niche or passion you feel led to write about – start there! There are many things I would have done differently in the beginning. Be sure to start on WordPress and buy an awesome domain name. :)

      Please do keep me updated if you end up starting a blog. Bless you in your blogging adventures! And thank you again for your kind comment.

  8. vicky says

    Great Ideas, I am a stay at home mom and between home, baby and husband I take advantage of any little idea to make extra money. There are alot of scams out there but it can be done. I do everything from Avon, esp around the Holidays, CashCrate for surveys and Typobounty for just extra money. Every little bit helps.

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