Of Church Camp, Attitude, and Laundry

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Our crew from last year

Ah, it is that time again.

Church camp.

Five days of heat, Jesus, my favorite lead singer in the whole world, and living in a room with 60 girls (pray for me on that last one, m’kay?!)

I like routine and knowing what to expect.

With church camp, routine and knowing what to expect gets thrown out the window.

{And oh, the ways it has been thrown out the window in years past.}

You just never know what God (or the kids!) are going to do this year.

As I sit here and type this, I should be loading things in the truck. (We are only 40 minutes from camp, and have the exquisite luxury of going up a few days in advance to set some things up so we are better-prepared when we actually show up with students… that’s what we are doing today.)

Normally, I am ready for camp by now.

I am so not this year.

Among some items not ready is our laundry.

It’s crazy, but my husband would like clean clothes for camp. Imagine that?!?!

Plus, spiritually, I am not focused.

Paperwork-wise, I haven’t even started.

I am taking my two older girls to camp with me, and leaving the little one with my mother-in-law. I’m sad about leaving my baby for that long, even though I’ve done it before.

As one friend would say, I am a “hot mess.”

I will be bringing my precious Keurig with me, so that brings a small measure of comfort.

Did I mention my patience is not starting out at 100%?

Like I said, a hot mess.

Luckily, God seems to work on my nerves, frustration, attitude, and patience level by 6pm on Monday. That is when my really-busy-time usually ends. Everyone is registered, paperwork is pretty much finished, and everyone has their pretty little bracelets.

Until then, does anyone want to come do laundry for me?! ;)

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