{Now Closed} Revolutionize Your Spending with the Skyrocket Your Savings! eBook Giveaway

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The giveaway for Budget Saving Mom’s eBook, Skyrocket Your Savings! has now closed, but I know many of you expressed an interest in this book. If you would like to purchase this eBook, you can do so here. The book is $4.99. Thank you to all who entered. The winner {scwhi…@greenhi…net} has been emailed.

Sticking to a budget around Christmastime is tough. We all want this Christmas to be the “best Christmas ever,” and for some of us that means buying things we didn’t plan on… and throwing out the budget. We’ve all been there! And while we all know Christmas isn’t about stuff, stuff tends to happen.

If you are looking for a way to get back on track with your budget and get back to saving money, you need to check out Skyrocket Your Savings!, by Rene Christensen.

Skyrocket Your Savings! is a nuts and bolts guide for real people living real lives trying to make it in today’s economy. It skips past unnecessary theory into the real tips and techniques that families need to adapt to the way life is today. Whether you want to start saving $5 or $5000, Skyrocket Your Savings! is designed to be the ultimate reference guide for revolutionizing your spending one dollar at a time. So, if you’re interested in revolutionizing your spending, brew yourself your own pot of coffee, and make a choice to start skyrocketing your savings.

The eBook is priced at $4.99 and you can purchase it through my affiliate link here.

Rene has generously offered ONE Kingdom First Mom reader a copy of Skyrocket Your Savings!.

Enter to Win:

  • Leave a comment: What area of your spending needs to be revolutionized?

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This giveaway will end on Thursday (12/22) at 8 PM CST. The winner will be drawn at random, and notified via email.

Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of Skyrocket Your Savings for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Janet says

    What area of your spending needs to be revolutionized?
    I’m always looking for new tips on cutting our budget.

  2. Jennifer says

    Savings…what savings! Our family budget has already been shot to the moon. Help us to revolutionize!

  3. Kennita Jackson says

    We are a one income family and I would like to revolutionize our spending to allow us to give more and still provide for our children. We give yet it takes from budget in other areas.

  4. Mary says

    I am still trying to cut down on our grocery budget! It seems like prices are going up, sales are not as good as they used to be and coupons matchups are less frequent. I lost my job last year and I am a single mom of 3 so it has been a challenge!

  5. Agnes says

    I need to cut down last minute purchases of food and clothes and plan better for my 2 boys – I want to save toward a home purchase.

  6. Tammy says

    I try so hard with our groceries, but it seems like no matter how I plan, our budget gets shot to pieces every month. We are a family of 7, with 2 babies in diapers, so it’s a challenge!

  7. Cheryl says

    Wow, Is there just one area…how about them all. I am always looking for ways to save money anywhere. I’m a single mom, 3 kids- ranging in age from 2 to 13…with an Ex who is behind $11,000 in arrears. I have very little “wiggle room” financially.

  8. Melissa says

    I would love to read this book. My husband lost his high paying job of 27 years, about 7 months ago and it was quite a blow. I am disabled and have no income to speak of. He is trying his best to get something going and we have had to learn to live on very little. I stand on God’s word that “He has plans for us” and am sure something wonderful is coming next year. Would love this book.

  9. denise says

    I need to revolutionize my habits so I have quick, easy, nutritious and cheap foods ready to prepare so we don’t eat out as often.

  10. Jean says

    I need to get control in the stores. I can resist going in but once in, I’m a goner. Especially craft stores. I love sewing and decorating but I work so much I don’t have time for all of that and so it sits.

  11. Vikki says

    I need to revolutionize my thinking & how I value those dollars that keep slipping thru my fingers. I have a 3 generation blended family in my home & I’m the most dollar wise person…I need to teach them how to save, shop, spend without waste.

  12. Beverly reed says

    Need all the help i can get to revolution my spending patterns, namely on groceries and health and beauty aids

  13. Joyanne says

    Saving for the future…for unexpected repairs to house, car…etc…for family vacations. We’ve got the day to day handled pretty well, but it is difficult to save for those plans that are a bit farther off, retirement, our kids’ college all those important things. This book sounds like it has practical ideas. Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. norma says

    Oh definitely the groceries ans I would take any and all in other ares as well thanks so much for this giveaway!!

  15. sarah says

    I’m always looking for more ways to stretch my dollar and I definitely want to revolutionize my spending!

  16. Vicki Hornsby says

    I need help with groceries. I try to use coupons and store savings, but since my husband is a truck driver, I have to buy 2 “sets” of food per week. One for the house and one for his cooler. We do try to cook up meals so he can just heat up but still we spend way toooo much on food.

  17. LisaR. says

    I need a family budget overhaul! Gas and groceries eat up our overall budget. I would love to learn about living on less.

  18. Rae says

    I’m retiring next week to stay home and raise fulltime four grandchildren ages 7 to 12. I need to learn how to create room in my budget to take advantage of unexpected bargains without going overboard and breaking the budget. I buy too many clothes. What’s a reasonable wardrobe for an elementary school student?