How to Eat Well and Spend Less with Kids in the Kitchen

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For the month of May, our Eat Well, Spend Less topic was one of my favorites: Kids in the Kitchen.

Being a homeschool mom, I don’t often get to go to the grocery store alone. Even if Shane offers to keep the girls, one of them always begs to go with me! I love how Carrie of Denver Bargains incorporates teaching her kids while grocery shopping.

Shaina from Food for My Family is one of my foodie heroes. I love her story of how she grew up in the kitchen, and has let her children do the same. She does such an amazing job of getting her kids in the kitchen.

With our family preparing to get rid of sugar, sugar-free treats are going to have an important role in our home. Katie at Kitchen Stewardship has several, tasty summertime treats that just happen to be sugar-free! Yay! That will make my sugar-free month that much easier!

This is something I really need to learn… just let the kids TRY to do things in the kitchen. (I’m such a control freak!!!) Jessica at Life As MOM discovers exactly what her kiddos can do in the kitchen when she lets them go.

I can totally understand the stress that Mandi from Life… Your Way has felt when you are trying to concentrate on a recipe, and you have lots of “help.” She explains how she overcomes the stress of having kids in the kitchen and instead, enjoys her time with her help.

I am always on the lookout for kid-friendly recipes… and not just ones they will eat, but ones they can assist me with. Aimée at Simple Bites lists several yummy recipes that kids can easily help you make.

Tammy of Tammy’s Recipes is a mom-in-the-kitchen extraordinaire! She has 11 wonderful tips for keeping your sanity while keeping your kids in the kitchen. I might need to print these off and stick them on my fridge!

And I listed a few ideas for keeping your cool and enjoying your time in the kitchen when everyone wants to help.

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