Teaching Kids to Clean eBook – $0.99 for a limited time!

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It’s summer and the kids are home, so you may be thinking the house will never stay clean. Why not teach your kiddos to pitch in and help keep it clean?

Right now, you can snag a copy of the eBook, Teaching Kids to Clean (Teach Your Children Basic Cleaning Skills) for only $0.99!

About Teaching Kids to Clean:

Cleaning skills are life skills. One day your child will be living on his own and in order to function, he’ll need to know how to hold a broom properly. Why not teach these skills now so you can one day rest easily knowing that the state of his bachelor-pad-toilet isn’t because you never taught him how to clean it?!

This e-book contains advice and tools to help you teach your children to clean. Whatever your schedule, whatever the state of your home, you can use these checklists, charts, and ideas as resources to help you in your job as a parent who strives to prepare kids for life.

Based on my experiences teaching my own kids to clean, Teaching Kids to Clean contains general advice for teaching your kids to clean as well as lesson plans, printable instructions/checklists, lists of age-appropriate tasks, and ideas for making things fun for four basic cleaning tasks in your home.

With your Kindle purchase, you’ll gain access to the printable checklists and charts from this e-book.

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