Our Oily Bedtime Routine {31 Days of Young Living Essential Oils}

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There are only a few more days left in my series, 31 Days of Young Living Essential Oils. Today is Day 28, and if this is your first time visiting, you can catch up on the the other days here.

Oils really are a part of our every day life, and nighttime is no exception. In fact, it’s the time of day we use the oils the most. It is really funny when bedtime nears, because the girls line up, pull off their socks, and “argue” over who gets the oily foot massage first! Ha!

First things first: each kiddo’s foot gets a good rubdown with Thieves. We aren’t fans of germs, and Thieves is a great germ-killer. Massaging Thieves onto their soles at night is a good routine to get in to, and saves time during the morning rush.

We are blessed with three girls who are good sleepers, but sometimes they have a hard time settling down at night. They especially love the Tranquil Roll-On and Peace & Calming oils because of their aromas, and relaxing qualities. The girls and Cam get a dap of Peace & Calming or Tranquil Roll-On behind the ears, wrists, or on the back of their neck.


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Next, I return to their feet, and apply RutaVaLa Roll-On, followed by Valor. Valor helps with courage, so I like to think it assists in having “brave” dreams. RutaVaLa was a newer oil to me, as I purchased it because I have been needing something to encourage Cam to sleep longer at night. {More than anything, I think his sleep issues are caused by wanting to be comforted by his Momma. Ha!} Regardless, he gets a swipe on his foot like his sisters, with my main concentration on the big toe. Valor goes on over the big toe, as well. Remember the Vita Flex chart I mentioned? The big toe sends signals directly to the brain. So. Cool.

About RutaVaLa Essential Oil Roll-On*:

  • promotes relaxation of the body and mind
  • can act as a relaxant for the body and mind
  • helps counter stressed nerves
  • rebalances energy to improve vigor during daily activities
  • reduces inhibitions
  • minimizes stressful situations
  • aids in inducing quality sleep.

There are three ingredients in RutaVaLa: Valerian, which promotes a sense of sleepiness; Lavender soothes and relaxes; and Rue, which has been shown to increase drowsiness.* I personally use RutaVaLa on myself, and while the scent is different, I LOVE it.

RutaVaLa oil contains a photosensitizing compound. Avoid direct sunlight or UV rays up to twelve hours after applying the product.

In addition to the oils, I think the actual time I take to massage the different areas of their feet are also important. There are many health benefits to Vita Flex Massage, and I believe the oils enhance that.

Sometimes, we change up our night routine, if one of the girls has a tummy ache, we massage Di-Gize onto her tummy. And then there are nights that the girls request a certain oil {I love this!}, and we usually comply. And when one of our babes is sick, we load them up with extra Thieves and whatever oil helps with their aliment. But for the most part, this is our normal, nighttime routine.

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For more information on joining Young Living as a distributor, you can see my Young Living Distributor page.

Before using Young Living Essential Oils, I highly recommend you find someone local (or you are welcome to contact me!) for more education on using these wonderful, powerful oils. I have a monthly class (sometimes, bi-monthly), where we go over the proper usage of these amazing products. Knowledge is power, right?

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. I’m just a mom sharing my experience! As always, do what you feel is best for your family. Image sources: youngliving.org


  1. Kim says

    Thank you for all this information. I have a question on the Vita Flex Chart. Which foot is which when looking at the chart? Am I to assume that it would be the right one on the right and left on the left? Or is it you would look at it as you would be “standing” and the right foot is the left picture and so on? Sorry if this is confusing! Thanks

    • says

      Hi Kim!

      I get easily confused by the Vita Flex Chart as well. I always have to think about it first. When you are looking at the chart directly, it is like someone sitting across from you with their feet out in front of you – their right foot would be on your left and vice versa. I remember which is which by looking at the gallbladder and the liver on the chart – those are both on your right side, and therefore the foot PICTURED on the left is actually your right foot, and the foot PICTURED on the right is your left.

      I hope this helps, and makes sense. If it doesn’t please feel free to comment or email me (amy@amylovesit.com), and I’ll try to be more clear. To be honest, I had to do an “experiment” with one of my girls to make sure I was telling you correctly! Ha! :)


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