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I adore shopping.  Most of you know that, but what I love more than shopping, is getting a fabulous deal on what I purchase.

Which is what leads me to tell you about my latest amazing purchase.

As you know, we have a 19-year-old daughter, who is a blessing in so many ways.  She lives in a girl’s home, but is making the transition to college this weekend.  (FYI, she calls our house her home).  Ada recently got her drivers license, and is now the proud owner of a car.

That is enough to bring out the “Papa Bear” in any father, but it came out loudly in my normally quiet husband.  “She is NOT going to be on the road driving to college without a phone.  We need to get her one now.”

Yes, sir!  I think I might have saluted him.

I’m all about saving the money (and getting things for free!), so I immediately searched on Swagbucks for got on Ebates to see if there were any phone companies or stores with great cash-back offers.

Let’s Talk had a $45 cash-back offer.  Holla!

I snagged one of the free phones (yes, some of the phones were offered for free when you added a line, upgraded, or asked for a new plan), an LG Neon(On a side note, Let’s Talk has fabulous customer service, and super-easy check out!  I will definitely buy from them again).

So, I did not pay anything for the phone.  No shipping, no taxes, no nothing at all to Let’s Talk.  I pretty much figured that $45 cash-back thing would not apply now, as I had spent nothing.

Um, NO.  That was definitely not the case.

The next day, I received an email from Ebates saying, “Your $45 cash back from Let’s Talk has been deposited in your account.”

WHA?!  Seriously?  I spent nothing and just made $45?

Now, that is a dream come true!

How does it work?

:: When you chose to shop online, make Ebates your first stop.  You MUST go to the Ebates website FIRST, sign into your account, and then find the store you wish to shop.

:: After you find your store, click on the link provided by Ebates.  You must use this link in order to receive your cash back.

:: After clicking on your store’s link, Ebates will automatically open a new window, with a page saying something like, “You are on your way to ____ for ___ cash back.”

:: Now you can shop at your store to receive cash back!

Most of the stores on Ebates do not offer a set amount of cash back, but instead, offer a percentage of your purchase back.  For example, when you purchase clothing through L.L. Bean, you will get 2 percent of your purchase deposited into your Ebates account.

How do I sign up?

:: Go to Ebates.

:: Put in your email and make a password.

:: Start shopping and saving!

The moral of the story? Do your online shopping through Ebates.  Not every store you may shop through is found on Ebates for cash back or a percentage of your purchase back, but SEVERAL do.  Some of the stores include: Old Navy, GAP, BR, JCrew, Let’s Talk, Vistaprint, and more!

And, right now, in honor of going Back to School, Ebates is offering extra cash back on several sites!  Now is definitely the time to sign up!

Need more Ebates?

:: Follow Ebates on Twitter

:: Fan Ebates on Facebook

Have you shopped through Ebates?  What is your best cash-back story?

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  1. Melinda says

    Thanks so much, I was in the market for a new phone. I got an awesome new one for free, how cool!!! Melinda

  2. Rachel says

    I am going to sign up! RIGHT. NOW. Using your link to show some Ebates love! Thanks for telling us about this!! This makes me wish I needed a new phone!

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