State Fair of Texas: #Chevy, @BurbMom, @GMTexas, and my buds!

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I LOVE bloggy events and get-togethers!  It usually means I get to see my besties, Alyssa, Rachel, and Stephanie :)

Chevy provided us with free fair tickets for us and our families, as well as, free parking passes and lunch.

I took my 3 girls, and we had a great time!  Did you know, that between the 4 of us friends, we have 13 children?  Only 11 of them were there, but we had a time!

My favorite part was test-driving the 2010 Camaro!  Although, I did offer to trade in my 01 Tahoe for a 10!  Funny, I didn’t have any takers!

After seeing their friends, my girls’ favorite parts were driving the mini cars and playing in all of the vehicles that were on display.

A BIG thank you to Holly at BurbMom, Chevy, and GM Texas for a great day!


  1. Katrina says

    GM would love to hear feedback from anyone who went to the fair courtesy of the Chevy event. I just emailed Donna and it would be wonderful if other people could send her a quick email to let her know how the experience was and that we’d love them to do this again. Thank you everyone! Her email is

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