Ministry Monday: Find Joy in the Chaos

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let-your-light-shineIt is finally here… the week of Christmas! What will you be doing this week? Wrapping gifts? Running out to snag a last-minute gift? Traveling? Caroling?

This week, I will be helping my in-laws at their jewelry store. My husband takes this week off from work and spends it at home with our girls so I can help his parents during their busiest time of the year. I really enjoy it… it is busy and hard work, but after it is over, I am refreshed and ready to be a SAHM again.  That little bit of time away reminds me how much I love being home with my girls. {It doesn’t hurt that I love me some jewelry! *giggle*}

Amidst all of the chaos and goings on this week, take a step back and just look. Look at the blessings in your life.

Find joy in something this week, whether it is taking food to an elderly neighbor, or just your normal family Christmastime routines. Try to not be so taken with the stress and chaos that comes with the Christmas season. {Um… it might not be easy! #justsayin}

Even if Christmas is a sad time for you. Even if it is difficult to be around certain family members. Even if you are so busy traveling. Even if you are not with your family this year.

Find joy in something. Look for the joys in the chaos.

If nothing else, this is the time of year we remember Christ and how He came to this earth as a lowly man to save us from our sins. I find GREAT joy in that.

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