The Baby and the Stool

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I do not like this stool.

It is evil.

It tempts my child with it’s height-inducing, I-can-reach-stuff-on-the-counter-now, drive-my-mom-crazy goodness.

I swear my baby is a boy. She acts like all of my friends’ boys who are this age!

M, who is almost 18 months, is in to everything. If it is anywhere close to her fat little hands, she gets it. And, adding to my dismay, is the evil stool, aka, her best friend.

She carries this stool everywhere. She uses it to torment me climb onto the bar, climb onto the bathroom sink, climb onto the table, need I continue?

Before you think, “Wow, what a bad mom! She needs to watch her kid more carefully,” know that I do watch her. Constantly. But those few seconds I go to the bathroom alone turn my back, off she goes with her BFF.

The latest victim to M and her stool? My precious (and on-sale) stash of Pepperidge Farm cookies that I should have put away was left on the counter.

She and her stool grabbed not one, but TWO of my tasty treats.

(For the record, I do hide the stool… she just finds it. R needs it to wash her hands and to climb over the baby gate to her room. M “steals” it, and will not let it go.)

It’s like having a monkey… with hair bows. ;) She is a finer thing and I love her… even if she steals my cookies.


  1. says

    That is HILARIOUS! I have one of those evil contraptions in my house too. Little ones like to use it to turn on the bathroom sink and leave it on. I guess they wanted to know what a flood looked like!

    If your cute little monkey needs some new hairbows, you know where to look! Ha!

    Have a great day! :)
    .-= Charissa @ MiMi’s Babies´s last blog ..Top Ten Tuesday ~ Snow Day =-.

  2. says

    Girl, I’m right there with you! I don’t even have a stool and my two year old figures out a way to get into everything.

    She pulled a chair over to her closet the other day and grabbed baby powder from the shelf in the top of her closet and dumped it all in her carpet. And I thought she was in her room playing sweetly.

    Oh yeah, I’m so there with you! :)
    .-= Amanda @ Mommy’s Idea Book´s last blog ..Did You Know that Walgreens Sells Contact Lenses? =-.

  3. says

    This really made me laugh. My mom has told me stories of Katie and me climbing onto the countertops….we didn’t have a stool….to steal cookies. She has told me that she would turn around and we’d both be up there (around 18 months and for the rest of our childhood) walking around on the countertops!

  4. Destiny says

    Wow, this was cute. I have a almost 2-year old boy who uses everything as a stool! Kids chairs, his little toy rocking horse, everything! Every time I turn around he is getting into something. Then he just flashes that smile, and what can I say? Too cute!

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