The Distracted Gardener

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I am learning all kinds of things during my gardening adventure.

Did you know that some plants complimented each other, and can even enhance each others growth when planted together? {via Simple Organic}

Um, yeah.

God knew what He was doing, huh? {I wish He had written a gardening manual alongside the Bible…}

I found I had tons of sunflower seeds, all of which will grow to about 10 feet tall.

I’m guessing that I was really distracted last year when I purchased those seeds, because I know I would have picked up a few packets that would produce slightly shorter flowers.

I think I have pumpkins coming up. There are little bitty plants coming up in the barrel where the pumpkins from last Halloween were displayed. {Yes, I just left them there all winter, rotting away.}

Have I introduced you to my new best friend? It really moves.

Are you sensing a theme here?

I should call this “Distracted Gardening.”

I could write a book. {But I won’t.}

I have lots of herbs so I can attempt to use them for home remedies and the like.

I have made several frugal and earth-friendly trays for my indoor seedlings, and many have begun to sprout.

Next up? Making my own compost. YAY!!!

How is your garden coming???


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    I am excited about my garden too! Distracted by the weeds growing OUTSIDE the garden more than anything right now. My winter sowing is actually working though and I am beyond excited about that. I will be posting a pix soon to prove that it’s working. Yay for an “easier” way to start seedlings! 🙂

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