2011 Goals and Ideas + Revisiting 2010

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It is the same every year.

I think of all of this cool stuff to do or write about, plan it all out, and then I run out of initiative steam before I have seen the project through.

With my sad little ADD personality in mind, I am changing these so-called “resolutions” into goals… on paper AND in my feeble, easily-distracted brain.

Fortunately, I have already begun implementing many of these goals, and am quite set in these “new” ways!

2011 Goals:

  • Buying more organic foods, especially those included in the Dirty Dozen (gotta love free printables!)
  • Set aside more time for writing… for my own sanity and well-being.
  • Read the Bible in a year with my husband. I’m already 2 days behind. Oops.
  • Implement “Family Contributions,” with the girls.
  • Pay off our debt. This is possible if I really set my mind (and budget) to it!

2010: A Look Back

I just read my resolutions and goals for 2010, and if I measure my life according to those words, I haven’t moved an inch.

Isn’t that how it always feels? You take one step forward and two steps back.

Yes, I have paid down some debt, but not nearly as much as I should have… and so that little “goal” pops up again in another year’s to-do list.

Find a healthy balance between mother/wife/homeschooler/Christ follower/blogger/pastor’s wife.

I actually laughed out loud when I read that one.

Oh my {shoulders still shaking from laughter} I am even further away from a healthy balance now than I was then.

This fact, however, has remained true throughout the years:

God has blessed me in so many ways…

I think one reason new years resolutions get so hyped up is that we are excited for something new… a clean slate.

And then a month goes by.

And two months go by…. without results, without changes.

It’s just our same, old life.

And while we don’t want that same, old life, we fall back into the routine we had before those lofty resolutions, and long for the new year to come so we can “start over.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all that… and I need to revisit my goals and resolutions on a monthly basis.

Ask myself questions: Am I getting somewhere with this goal? Do I need to revise this goal? Should I dump it altogether?

Keep your goals where you can see them, like in your journal or taped to your refrigerator.

If your goals/resolutions are important to you, keep up with them… don’t give up and don’t shove them to the side.

Make your goals a priority. And them implement them.

{Yes, this could qualify as a rant, or maybe it’s just a crazy woman up past her bedtime thinking she makes sense when she actually does not.}

Do you make goals for your life every year? Do you see them through?


  1. Rachel says

    I also have the goal of reading the Bible in a year…..it will be my first time! I am excited about what may happen, how God will move in my life because of it! My pastor challenged the congregation to read along with him and even started a blog so we can have conversations about what we are reading and learning. I am actually on time! Three chapters a day and five on Sundays….not too late to read Genesis 1-11!

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