6 Months

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Cam is officially 6 months old. Half a year with my son has already come and gone. He is rolling all the way over, and is so proud of himself when he realizes he is on his tummy. He isn’t trying to crawl yet, but he has great head control, and I can see him moving his arms like he wants to. Oh my. I am not ready for him to be mobile!

My sweet boy has reached the 20 lb. mark. Yes, I feel every. single. ounce. when I hold him. My biceps are worthy of envy.

The two of us have spent the last few days at the Blissdom Conference, and if he were a girl, I would call him the Belle of the Ball. Despite there being tons of babies at Blissdom, he attracted attention wherever we went, doling out his gummy grins with abandon.

He was exceptionally good, even though I dragged him here, there, and everywhere. As much as I love babywearing, I was so grateful for the stroller my mother-in-law gave us. By the time I had packed a few diapers, my Ergo, and my blogging gear (and on top of all that, swag we received from the sponsors!), we were loaded down.

Cam preferred being worn, but also played happily in the stroller during a few of the sessions and meals. All in all, he was the best date a girl could ask for!


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