7 Months

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Today, my sweet little man is 7 months old. As I say every month, I’m just amazed at how fast the months have gone, and yet how slowly the days roll by.

7 Months

My love for baby-wearing only increases. This week alone (yes, I know it’s only Tuesday!), Cam has been super upset and didn’t want to be held, so I tried putting him in the MobyGO (I received this to review, so more on that later!) to see if that would help. He immediately stopped crying. As soon as his little bottom was snug inside the carrier, he was a different (happy) kid.

This just goes to show me how much he loves being next to me, but not necessarily being held by me all the time. And since he *still* isn’t napping, I can feel good because at least he is content being worn.


Cam currently weighs at least 22 lbs (I haven’t weighed him in awhile, so it might be more than that!), and is still eating every two hours. Yes, I am sporting a nice set of biceps from lugging this big guy around. Be jealous. {wink}

He is getting some hair on top of his head, but is still sporting the red “beard” at the back of his head, below the ring of baldness. Cam still doesn’t have any teeth, so we are treated to many sweet, gummy grins. He loves to watch his sisters play. He has also started looking for his Daddy. After he has his morning feeding, Cam sits up and looks around. His face doesn’t light up until he sees his Daddy. It is SO precious!



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