Tips and Tricks for Using Essential Oils

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Happy Wednesday evening! I have touched on a few ways to implement essential oils into your life. Topical application is an obvious one, but what about diffusing? What does that mean, and how does one “diffuse”? What areas do not need essential oils?

Tips and Tricks for Using Essential Oils |

Eyes and Ears

You want to avoid getting essential oils in your eyes because it really stings. Sometimes, accidents happen, like you apply and oil and then rub your eye (I’ve done it!). Ouch! If you do get essential oils in your eyes, do not flush them with water. This will spread the oil and make it hurt worse. Carefully apply a carrier oil {like coconut} to the area around your eye to lessen the sting and get the oil out. This is what I have done, and it works very well. It may take a few minutes for the sting to be gone, but it does provide relief!

Inside the ears is another area you do not want to place essential oils. I’ve mentioned before that we have used EOs topically around the ear, but never inside. For example, many people treat an ear infection by pouring a bit of warm olive oil or hydrogen peroxide into the ear and then letting it drain. Do not do this with essential oils. Only use your essential oils on the outside of the ear.

Diffusers, diffusing… Hmmm…

There has been lots of talk about diffusing these essential oils, but what is a diffuser, and how does one get one for themselves?

The very best answer on how to get a diffuser is to purchase the Premium Starter Kit, which includes a FREE Young Living diffuser. However, if you are already a wholesale member, and purchased your kit a long time ago, you can simply purchase one from the Young Living website. I have also been blessed to be part of a few bulk buys where this diffuser were purchased at a bulk price. That’s right, my H2EO diffuser was about thirty bucks less than what it is are priced on Amazon, and while I am all about saving money, I do want to point out these diffusers, because I love mine. I also know people who have purchased less expensive diffusers at Lowe’s. I personally have not even seen these, but I have heard they can be a good option to use while saving for a nicer one.

Each diffuser is used differently, in which some require water, and others do not; always read the directions! One thing you do not want to place essential oils in is a humidifier, as some of the oils could “melt” the plastic parts or clog it up. Humidifiers are not made for essential oils; you definitely want a diffuser.

Another option for diffusing is to add a few drops to cotton balls and place in your air vents. This will “diffuse” the scent of the oils throughout the room, or even in your car.

Epsom salts to “hold” the oils

I use Epsom salts with essential oils for “holding” the oils when adding to water in a bath, foot bath, spray bottle, etc. Rather than adding the oil to the water and having it float on top, mixing with a bit of Epsom salts gives the oils a place to “sit” and then soak into the water.

Use a carrier oil for ease in spreading

We hear the word “dilution” and think that the oil is now less effective. When you place an essential oil with a carrier oil (known as diluting), it simply makes the oil go farther and spread more easily. I especially like doing this when I put oils on the girls and Cam, because it make oiling them up so much easier and turns it into a “massage.” It can also make a spicy oil like Oregano or Clove less hot-feeling to make application easier.

These are a few ways I use my Young Living Essential Oils. What is your favorite way to get oiled up?

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. I am sharing what has worked for me; always discuss with your doctor or primary care physician before starting something new. As always, do what you feel is best for your family. Image sources:


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    Thank you for sharing a helpful post about the ways to use Young Living Essential Oils. You also give a clear explain to deal with eyes and ears when using essential oils. For me, I love the content of Epsom salt. It’s a new and great idea to “hold” the oils.

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    Thank you Amy for getting deeper into issues I’m looking for. Everyone should know about this to avoid getting hurt for their eyes and ears. Love the idea of Epsom salts. Thanks for sharing.

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    Diffusers are the best way to enjoy the wonderful aroma of the essential oils, my favorite is sandalwood followed by lavender. I use it mostly in the evenings after a hard day at work and rejuvenates me completely.

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