Coconut Lime Sugar Cookies

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If you are coming over from The Leatherneck Mom and her decadent recipe for Double-Chocolate Peppermint Brownies, welcome!

I do love a good cookie. Sugar cookies are so easy to make, and so good to eat! The coconut gives this cookie an extra kick, and the lime essential oil gives it a nice, fresh flavor. Let me just say, these will melt in your mouth. Yes, they are that good!


In my usual fashion, I enjoy tweaking to suit myself, so I took the classic sugar cookie recipe from Pillsbury and put my own twist on it. I changed the salt amount to ¼ tsp (because I was using unsalted butter… if you are using salted butter, you might keep it at ⅛ tsp), added some toasted coconut, and Young Living’s Lime Vitality essential oil.


This is some serious yum.

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  1. JW says

    Could you substitute lime juice? If so how much would you recommend? Thanks! And can’t wait to try this recipe!

  2. SONJA HANSEN says

    This looks very yummy. However, I am confused. It seems in the instructions that you add the eggs twice and don’t put any sugar in the dough. Is that correct or should I be mixing the butter and sugar in the first step?

    • says

      Hi Sonja! Oh my goodeness, you are so right! Thank you for catching that! SUGAR and butter, then eggs, vanilla, and Lime Vitality. So sorry for the confusion! I am updating the post. Thanks again! – Amy

  3. says

    wow, this is so amazing and delicious coconut lime sugar cookies. this is so easy and delicious cookies for snacks of coconut lime sugar. thanks for sharing this amazing article and delicious recipe of coconut sugar cookies.

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