5 Goals to Getting Better Sleep {31 Days of Self-Care}

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I’m sure this will come as a shock to you, but I don’t feel like I get enough sleep at nights.

5 Goals to Getting Better Sleep | AmyLovesIt.com #write31days

{Ahem. If you will notice… I’m up late finishing this post! I’m already starting off on the wrong foot. I had a garage sale today, and I’m just now sitting down.}

I am definitely doing better now than I have been the last two years, as I am no longer nursing every two hours. However, I am one of these people who needs 8-9 hours every night to feel rested. I know it sounds lazy, but I just don’t function well without good rest.

One of my goals this month is to be sure I am getting plenty of rest.

5 Ways I’m Going to Work on Getting Better Sleep

1. Go to bed at a reasonable time, no later than 10 pm. This means, I am in bed and ready to sleep at 10 pm. I may have to adjust this, as Cam is having a hard time settling down at night.

2. Move Cam to his own bed. I have no idea how this is going to look. Once he is asleep, he is out for the night, and sleeps until 7 or after.

3. No late-night blogging/tv/social media at least 30 minutes before bed. I know many experts recommend cutting screen time off 1 hour before bed, but I’m going to take it a little more slowly. We don’t watch a ton of tv, but it is football season AND I may have a bit of an Instagram obsession. I’m working on that. ;)

4. No food and only water (not much of this, either) two hours before bed, so nothing is sitting on my stomach all night long.

5. Use essential oils in my diffuser every night. I have been lax on using my diffuser at night lately, so I’m going to try a few different oils and see if they help us all rest better.

How do you make sure you get enough rest at night?

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  1. says

    I don’t think you are lazy at all, Amy. I need 8-9 hours as well and I do best with 9. Insufficient sleep, like insufficient time with the Lord, has me beginning my day at a major disadvantage. I think the diffuser is an excellent. I know you said no food or water two hours before bed, but I find that sleepytime tea helps me. Perhaps you could drink a cup right after dinner? Thanks for the series.
    Heather @ My Overflowing Cup´s last blog post ..The 3 Most Important Words

    • says

      Hi Heather! I actually have sleepytime tea, but I’ve never drank any! I’m not sure why. Thank you for the reminder (and the encouragement!), and I’m going to try it out! :)

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