Share a Memory with HP Instant Print Kiosks (Giveaway!)

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Sharing and preserving memories is an important factor in building a family legacy. Thankfully, there are many available resources to make this somewhat daunting task quick, easy and pretty frugal!

I recently had the opportunity to try out the new HP Instant Print Kiosk at my local Walmart Photo Center. Typically, I create and order photo products from home, right here online. In-store kiosks have always seemed a bit intimidating and time consuming in my mind.

But since I am already at Walmart every week for groceries, and my daughter needed a quick photo for a school project, my experiment with the kiosk came at the perfect time. I was eager to try out the many features and products it offers, and to see just how complicated the process would be.

I was pleasantly surprised to find not one, but three HP Instant Print Kiosks at my Walmart, and no line! This was a welcome scene considering I had three kids with me at the time. :)

My photos uploaded in less than a minute from the USB device I brought from home, and I got to work selecting my products. The machine was actually quite user friendly and easy to navigate.

Their print kiosks offer:

·         Wallets, 4×6, 5×7, 8×10 prints

·         4×6, 5×7, 8×10 prints

·         4×6, 5×7, 8×10 photo cards

·         4×6, 5×7, 8×10 photo books

·         4×6, 5×7, 8×10 Year on a page calendars

Photo gifts are my go-to frugal gift idea for family, so I selected a couple of photo book options. Sara, my ten year old, helped me create two books – one with fall memories like our trip to the pumpkin patch and one from her recent Birthday party. She loved the girly theme options, of course!

The editing process was simple and I was able to crop and rotate photos with ease while my little ones created mass chaos waited patiently. Once the order was processed, I hit submit and prepared for a long wait for pick up. To my surprise, the receipt noted a 7 minute wait! That’s hardly enough time to grab milk and bread, but I did and returned to grab my creations.

Overall, I was quite pleased with the quick process and left the store with books in hand. Much faster than waiting for an order by mail!

Would you like to experience this time-saving technology? Print a coupon for 2 FREE 5×7 photo cards from your local HP Instant Print Kiosk.

HP wants to help one lucky Kingdom First Mom reader share a memory this year with a $50 Visa gift card. You can also head over to Chit Chat on DivineCaroline where you can join the conversation for another chance to win a $250 Visa card!

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  1. Lacey C. says

    I would love to print some 5×7’s as gifts for my family using the christmas photos I just snapped of my kids!

  2. Christina says

    I would love to print memories of my trip to Arizona to visit my Great Aunt! I just found this site tonight and I am signing up for the feed and to like on FB. this is a great site!

  3. Patty Rizzo says

    My son is in the United States Marine Corps and I love to take pictures every time we can get together! :)

  4. Mary E.S. says

    I would like to share some pictures of my oldest child.No one has received any photos of him since we began homeschooling 4 years ago.I know all of the family would love to have new photos of him.

  5. Sharon says

    My husband refuses to spend even one penny on printing pictures. So, I’d love to be able to print pictures of my daughters first year of life. Especially the ones for her baby book. ie a picture of her first house, first bath, etc.

  6. Kristin says

    I’d love to print my kid’s pics with Santa :) They are so precious to me, and are always the perfect gifts for grandparents!

  7. Nikki Eddy says

    I would like to print (and enlarge) some of my family altogether. Those are so hard to come by because I am always the photographer, but a nice family pic of the 5 of us would be a framer for sure! thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Jolene H says

    I would just love to print the pictures from my daycare for the whole year for my daycare parents for Christmas. I want them to see how much fun we have through out the year but with so many kids and pictures I just dont have the money to print them all out.

  9. Mary Goerlich-Taylor says

    I would love to print photo’s to send to family that live in California and Texas. We love doing special photo’s for holidays.

  10. Sarah K says

    I would like to print some fall memories, including Halloween photos and those of my daughter getting a ride on the tarp as we dragged the raked leaves to our tree lawn.

  11. Holly Canfield says

    I would like to print pics of my daughter to mail to her grandparents that haven’t seen her in 2 years.

  12. Deena Ellington says

    We are season passholders to Disneyland and take pictures every trip. Would love to get those printed.

  13. Mindi says

    I have so many I need to print! Many from October because both my kids birthdays are that month, plus Halloween pics!

  14. Carey says

    My daughter is in the colorguard at her high school and I had the opportunity about a month ago to use one of these for the wall of pictures. It was easy and being able to use borders, make them glossy or matte finish was really cool.

  15. Beth Guthrie says

    I am an email subscriber. I would like to print my newest grandson’s first Christmas pictures.

  16. Beth Guthrie says

    I liked HP and Keeping the Kingdom first on Facebook. I would like to print out my grandson Taylor’s first Christmas pictures.

  17. SHARON CARTER says

    I would love to print pictures of my Dad with my brothers and sister and give them each a print of it since my Dad has gone to be with the Lord.

  18. Caroline says

    i’d like to print pics of my son’s 1st year since his baby book still has no pics in it. :(

  19. Brooke says

    I would love to print our Disney photos so my kids can make their scrapbooks that they got there….

  20. Debbie says

    I would like to print out my son’s pumpkin patch pictures and also pics from our last vacation.

  21. Jennifer M. says

    I “like” HP, too! Have been a loyal fan of HP for many years, own numerous of their products.

  22. milo johnston says

    I love to print silly moments of my daughters(16 months and 3 years). Like spagetti all over them or making grape juice on my hardwood floors with “real grapes”!

  23. Mandala says

    I’d like to print pictures of our family celebrating the holidays.
    mandalarctic at gmail dot com

  24. Bonnie P says

    I would love to print some of the pictures of the cat that my daughter takes with her camer

  25. shawna says

    My 6 year old son is playing Joseph in the kids Christmas cantata. He’s learning about caring for a family and obedience to God. I would print the pictures of him learning this lesson dressed in his tunic and beard. These moments will be priceless. I subscribe via RSS feed.

  26. Jennifer White says

    I would love to print pictures of my daughter as my flower girl from October!! She was nervous ( and it showed!) but looked adorable! :-)

  27. Devin says

    Both of my kids had Birthdays in September and I still have lots I need to print from the parties.

  28. April Small says

    I would love to print pics of the kiddos playing with each other. The ones that aren’t posed that you sneak up on them and take. :)

  29. Andrea says

    I would like to print more of the everyday special moments–raking leaves, baking something new–any of those fun things that may not get printed when I print “special occasion” prints.

  30. Chasity says

    As my father has recently been ill, I would like to print pictures of him with my children and other family members.

  31. April Dudgeon says

    I would like to print pictures of my puppy taking naps with her daddy. They both look so adorable lying together and it just makes my heart smile!!

  32. Carol says

    I would love to print some portaits a friend did for me of my daughter with our puppy! They are beautiful on screen … but, I haven’t printed them yet!

  33. Sara K says

    I would love to print photos of my 2 grandchildren to make them each a scrapbook of their first year of each of their lives.

  34. Julie says

    I would like to print a picture of my now two adult daughters together (youngest just turned 18)who are best friends and my biggest blessings. God has richly blessed me and the photo is free too! Life is grand!

  35. Emily Sugg says

    I love your blog. Read it daily. I enjoy taking pictures of my 3,
    soon to be 4, grandchildren!!!

  36. Becky C says

    I anticipate taking lots of pictures of my first grandchild, who I will be meeting in February when she is born!!!

  37. Sally Leigh says

    I’d like to take some of my photos from our Kenya safari from cyberspace and make some prints to share with others!

  38. Barbara M says

    I’d love to print holiday pics of the grand kids!
    Thank you.
    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  39. Barbara M says

    Like HP and KingdomFirstMom on Facebook (Barbara Montag)
    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  40. Katherine says

    I would love to print out family pictures from our recent visit, especially of my son and his cousins!

  41. Jennifer Sorger says

    We recently had a friend/photographer on the side take some family pictures of my whole family over thanksgiving. My mom has early onset alzihmers, and we are doing this to help her remember us even at a very young age for this disease. Would love to print pictures of us for her and my dad.

  42. nikki wilson says

    I would love top print a book with all the funthings the kiddos have done this year to give to Grandpa who lives out of state and misses a lot of our adventures.

  43. Melissa says

    Of course it would have to be pictures of my two wonderful granddaughters. They are a treasure and a Grammie can never have too many pictures ;)

  44. says

    I’d love to get caught up on pictues – christmas from the last 2 years, halloween, easter, thanksgiving, birhtdays and all the days inbetween!

  45. Amber Gi says

    all of it, my kids are almost out of the nest and im not ready!
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  46. Lee says

    I’m looking forward to using the Parade mag coupon for the 5×7 cards so thanks for walking me through the process (above). Thanks for daily inspiration.

  47. Nikki E says

    My son just had his 3rd birthday. I would love to print those out. I also have some new york pics that would look amazing in a photo book. thanks.

  48. Kelly N. says

    I would love to print our Christmas this year. We are getting together with family that we haven’t seen in a while, and making prints of the special time would make lovely New Year’s gifts!

  49. Jessica S says

    I would love to do a book of all of my kids playing outside the only time they play together lol