19 Free Educational Apps {for Apple Devices}

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Kindergarten.com is offering all 19 of their educational apps for FREE during the month of April! These apps are available for all Apple devices.

Some of the apps you can download are:

  • ABA Alphabet Flash Card app will have your child navigating through the ABCs by pairing colorful images presented against a non-distracting white background while hearing and seeing their respective first letters.
  • ABA Receptive Identification by Noun app helps children comprehend simple instructions and practice effective listening skills.
  • ABA Receptive Identification by Class app was created using over 350 beautiful, concrete photos presented against a non-distracting white background.
  • ABA What Rhymes?“Did you ever see a goose kissing a moose, down by the bay…” Rhyming is a basic component of phonics and very important pre-reading skill that prepares young children for spelling and decoding words.

Thanks, Couponing 101!

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