Guest Post: National Coupon Month

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The following is a guest post from Andrea of Mommy Snacks. Her blog is a great resource to fill you up with goodies (aka “mommy snacks”) on topics like sweet deals, diets, faith, cooking, finances, daily living, and whatever else!

Andrea was one of my very first bloggy friends, and I am thrilled that she agreed to guest post!

Did you know this month is Coupon Month? Who knew they had a month to celebrate coupons! I thought I would share some interesting statistics about coupons and coupon usage in honor of this month! I read a very interesting web article that outlined a survey conducted by the Promotion Marketing Association Coupon Council, a few little fun facts in the 1,000 people surveyed include:

  • 89% of the overall population report that they use coupons when shopping.
  • 97% percent of primary shoppers report that they use coupons at supermarkets.
  • 7% savings is put into the pocket of coupon users.
  • The average person who spends around 20 minutes a week clipping coupons can save up to $1,000 per year!
  • Families with an income between $25,000 – $50,000 are those that clip the most – at 94% of all those surveyed.

Here’s what I started thinking upon reading this study. Are we, as couponers, really in the majority? It’s almost as though they surveyed everyone who reads Keeping The Kingdom First to get at 97% of people using coupons. I just wonder who the demographic was because it seems high to me. How many times do you go to the store and see a line of people NOT using coupons? Every time I go, many people aren’t using them. I really feel like couponers are in the minority so I wanted to find something that gave me a little more data to support my thinking :-)

A great study found here from Scarborough Research states that only 27% of individuals nationwide [in this particular study] clip coupons at least once a week. Of course, many people who follow frugal sites probably coupon at least that amount (and we know how to organize them too)! This study also states couponers spend slightly more (with slightly being only $4 more per week) in their shopping trips because we purchase a variety of items. While I don’t disagree with that, I think couponers coupon more effectively and make that extra $4 go about $30 because we plan before CVS’ing (or shopping, in general)!!

So, what do we do with this information? While one study says we’re in the majority, the other states we as coupon users are in the minority. Either way you look at it, I’m happy I’m in there somewhere and saving tons of money too!

Happy Coupon Month!


Consumer Internet Survey Panel of 1,000 people

Scarborough Research: Internet Coupon Usage up 83% in American Households

Who’s Using Coupons: Article by CouponMom, Stephanie Nelson

What an interesting survey, Andrea. I agree, when I shop, I very rarely see other couponers! I do suspect with the impending economic crisis in our country, coupons will gain popularity.
In honor of National Coupon Month, I challenge you, my readers, to share a coupon or two with a perfect stranger while shopping. I have done this more than once, and the look on their faces is just priceless! Perhaps we will begin a couponing revolution!


  1. Anonymous says

    Somehow I doubt I’m in a minority of 3 percent of primary shoppers who don’t use coupons.

    More specifically, I use store coupons but not manufacturer coupons. Mfr coupons are great for branded items but there are only about three brands to which I am attached and I never see mfr coupons for those products.

  2. Danielle Porter says

    I seriously doubt we are a majority. I’ve met a lot of people who think using coupons is embarassing. I always say ” Coupons are free money – it’s just not smart to refuse free money.”
    Also – I love to give away my extra coupons. People never say no when you hand them a coupon for what they have in their hand.

  3. Nancy says

    Couponers are not the majority we are the minority. We did a mailing of a coupon for one of our products and mailed out 2 million 1 dollar off coupons and only 1 percent were redemed. That is 20,000 of the 2 million coupons were redemed. Another statistic is that only 2 percent of coupons mailed out are redeemed.

    I am fine being in the minority if it means I save a ton of money. I have tried to spread the word at work to some of my friends and NOT ONE of them is listening – they either don’t have time, or the don’t want to be bothered. I told them that the money I saved made it worth my time and now my husband is getting into the game!

  4. Emily says

    Based on what I’ve been reading lately on certain message boards, I believe the numbers of people who do use coupons are increasing, but I definitely don’t think it’s a majority! I suppose “use coupons when shopping” could mean they use a coupon or two sometimes when they shop. Very interesting study!

  5. Brandy says

    I always feel like I’m in the minority when I’m shopping. I set my coupon file in the front of the cart, but I never see anyone else with coupons.

    People are starting to take notice though…imagine the look on their faces when my grocery total goes from $185 to $40 after my Kroger card and coupons. Even the cashier is impressed.

  6. Mommy Managing says

    I love passing on coupons to people in stores–they usually already have the item in their cart and they just seem so thrilled to be unexpectedly saving $1! Or if a coupon is expiring soon, and I’m not going to use it, I will leave on or by the product it’s for. I’m a coupon fairy!

  7. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates says

    Very interesting. I hardly ever see people using coupons, so I definitely think it’s minority. But I think you’re right, it will be increasing now.

  8. Nessa says

    I too believe us “heavy duty” couponers are a minority. I’ve seen one other person with a coupon stash as big as mine in the time I’ve been shopping this way.

    But, I do believe we will see a steady increase in the number of folks using coupons. Times are tough and coupons sure do help!

    Being a coupon fairy is so fun! I love to leave soon to expires on the products they go with, as well as just handing coupons to people for random things in their cart. It makes my day!

  9. twinmama says

    I used to work for a marketing company that produced the coupons found at the shopping registers in grocery stores. I can tell you that when a company circulates a manufacturer’s coupon, they only except redemption rates to be between 1-5% on average. Anything in the 5-10% would be high and that would generally be for “FREE” items or “BOGO” deals. 97% coupon usage in our market is completely false. Not to mention, many of the people that cut the coupons don’t actually end up redeeming all of them.

  10. Laura says

    I hardly ever see anyone using coupons. Every once in a while i’ll see them being used, that is handing the cashier one or two, not like I use them. I usually am handing over at least 10 to 15. I’m sure the “sport” will be gaining quick though, with prices going up on everything so much.

  11. Tara says

    Thank you for speaking so boldly about the CVS coupon in Newsweek- I saw it on a blog the other day and could not believe they were suggesting you do this. I thought WOW- no my integrity is not worth $15 Thanks for taking a stand!

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