Preventing Freezer Burn on Ice Cream

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A huge part of a frugal lifestyle is reducing waste and using what you have. I am the first to admit I definitely have room to improve in this area.

Especially when it comes to food. Your grocery budget can stretch a whole lot further when leftovers are being utilized and food is not being thrown out!

Y’all know how much I adore my ice cream. But freezer burn can be a major bummer! Ice crystals form in a matter of days, especially in larger cartons like the gallon of Blue Bell calling my name sitting in my freezer.

Luckily, there is an easy prevention method. I wish I had learned this trick years ago!

Here is my simple way to prevent freezer burn on ice cream:

Simply place a layer of plastic wrap over the ice cream (pressed down) before sealing the lid. No more freezer burn.

Now I enjoy my ice cream down to the last spoonful. And that… is frugal.

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  1. Kristi_runwatch says

    And breyer’s ice cream is on sale at Walmart for $2.00! I used my $.75 off coupon and got breyers for $1.25! Yay! Perhaps I’ll go back and stock up with many, many more and put plastic wrap on the tops of all of them. ;)

  2. Christina says

    I used to work in an ice cream shop when I was in high school, and we always put a piece of freezer paper (wax paper/ under the lid. Worked beautifully and you don’t have to fight with the plastic wrap when it’s humid out!

    • sheri says

      @Christina, To keep your saran/cling wrap from being meesed up when trying to top your icecream, keep it in the freezer and it will Never give you a hard time !

    • anne says

      I have to say, I have tried that and it doesn’t work. I just threw another carton out and I feel so bad doing it. I put wax paper over it and it still is all crystalized. :( Helllp!

  3. MaryEllen says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I know I sound way too excited, but I have been getting so tired of throwing away my ice cream! Especially being pregnant, it’s really disappointing when I’m all psyched up for some Cookie Dough, and…ewww! Freezer Burn! Thanks to you, my freezer has just lost the battle!

  4. Your Frugal Friend, Niki says

    Our ice cream never hangs out long enough for that to happen. LOL But my son who is allergic to so much can only eat special Rice Cream (made from rice milk) and since he is the only one who eats it, it tends to linger in the freezer.

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. Jessica says

    I can’t believe I haven’t heard this tip before! Thank you so much!

    And yes, we enjoyed our free ice cream at Walmart today! :-)

  6. Tanya says

    Freezer burn was the number one reason why I never stock up on those huge tubs of ice cream. By the 2nd or 3rd day the ice cream is no good. Thanks for this wonderful tip now I can stock up when it’s on sale and still keep it fresh.

  7. MI Saving Mommy says

    I love this post! You seem to have the same ideals as I do. I blog also, and so I’m always looking at others to see how to improve. Your writing is definitely personal and from the heart. May God continue to Bless you in your life!
    .-= MI Saving Mommy´s last blog ..Butterball vs Jennie-O- The Turkey Breast Showdown =-.

    • cis says

      By any chance have you come across a miracle that will keep meat from getting freezer burned? I seem to throw away a lot of meat for that reason.

      • Laura says


        I always have thet problem too, so i started wrapping the meat in plastic wrap and then put it in a freezer bag. Seems to help quite a bit.

  8. Mel says

    My neighbor showed me – put the ice cream in the micro wave for 20 sec – loosens it up and no freezer burn later

  9. Widow's Might says

    Great idea… very simple. However, the topic reminded me of the movie “Mother,” where Debbie Reynolds tells her son (Albert Brooks) that the ice flakes on the ice cream are just “flavor crystals.” Too funny!

  10. Shopster says

    Thanks for the tips but I also take a store plastic bag like Walmarts and place the ice cream container in the back * after opened) then tie it up , let the air out of course and then re-place the container in freezer.

  11. wanda says

    hey thanks for that I was just wondering who could i invite to help eat my ice cream before it ruined. good looking out!!!!!i’m so glad i signed up on face book!!!!!! in case ya’ll didn’t know your crackers( like saltines, ritz) will last longer if you put them in zip lock bags after you open them. i hated to want a ritz and because the rolled up bag was in the box after opening yuck! it also works with cereal too. i don;t have one of the tupperware containers and my cheerios would be soft e-e-e-e-w. so i tried it with cereal and you can pour the cereal in the zip lock or just roll the bag up and place in the bag. hey!!! keep the tips coming man or women . i have to get on the phone now and tell those who don’t have face book. E you soon

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