Candy Bar Milkshakes: A Frugal Treat!

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Candy Bar Milkshake

Candy Bar Milkshake

The following is a Guest Post from my twitter buddy, Lynn of Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures.

One of our favorite Friday night pastimes is family movie night. Since we don’t want to spend a lot of money, we find frugal ways to make this fun!

Usually the movie comes from the library or our own collection. Our library has a great selection of family movies. Many of the ones we enjoy are the old classics. My kids are still at the age that they will watch movies over and over. We have seen The Sound Of Music on more than one occasion! By getting the movie at the library or watching one we already have, we spend nothing out of pocket.

I like to make movie night fun and somewhat exciting. So I try to come up with something to make it more memorable for our kids. One way I do this is to serve a special edible treat.

I usually serve something we don’t have very often. Sometimes it is something simple like ice cream and cookies or maybe even caramel corn. But, our favorite thing to do is to make candy bar milkshakes. These are my kids’ favorite movie treat, especially if I let them pick out their own candy bars!

My kids also love these served in these sundae/milkshake glasses that I pick up at Walmart for around $1 each. I have used these glasses many times. My kids think it is fun to eat out of “fancy” glasses.

"Fancy" Glasses make it special!

"Fancy" Glasses make it special!

This is not an exact recipe, but rather an outline.

I basically make an at-home version of a candy bar milkshake that you would get at Dairy Queen or Sonic. Some or our favorite candy bars to mix in are Heath, Butterfinger, M&M’s, or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

  • vanilla or chocolate ice cream
  • milk (amount depends on how thick you like yours)
  • candy bars (I have found that it takes about ½ a candy bar per milkshake)
  • whipped cream (optional topping)

Mix the ice cream and milk until it reaches the desired consistency. Add candy bars and blend just until candy is slightly chopped up. Serve and enjoy!

Making a treat like this at home is so much cheaper than going out. I can make a treat like this for my family for less than $5. If we went out for ice cream treats it would cost us closer to $15.

That is how we make family movie night frugal and fun in our house!

Lynn is a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to three kids. She has been married 15 years and lives in Oklahoma. She loves to cook and try all kinds of recipes. To follow her adventures in the kitchen visit


  1. Bonnie says

    Those Friday Candy Bar coupons will come in handy for this treat, and the Breyers at Target this week too!

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