Worth Reading: e-Coupon Etiquette

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ecouponsThe recent popularity and availability of e-Coupons has revolutionized couponing as we know it.  But it has also created confusion and questions about how they are to be used, ethically speaking.

If you have ever wondered about the actual policy and proper use of e-Coupons, head on over to Happy Couponing to read an excellent post on that subject. Even I have unknowingly used them improperly in the past {blushing}.

I believe that services such as Cellfire, Shortcuts and P&G eSaver provide a valuable time-saving alternative for those who do not wish to clip and file paper coupons. Just be sure to follow the rules, to make couponing easier for consumers and retailers alike.

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  1. says

    I am so confused about e-coupons. A while back I had seen a few mixed opinions on all of the frugal blogs about e-coupons–half saying you could do it and half saying you could not. Kroger is the only store in our area that we are able to use e-coupons at. Prior to ever loading them onto my Kroger card, I called my local store and asked numerous questions because I wanted to make sure that I was being honest with my couponing. To sum it up, I was told that it is perfectly fine and ethical to use them with paper coupons on the same item.

    • Alyssa Francis says

      Shelly, hmmmm, you are right, this is very confusing. And yes, there have been many mixed reviews on frugal blogs. I can tell you that in the contract I have with Cellfire (as an affiliate), it very clearly states that it is NOT okay to encourage readers to stack e-Coupons with paper.

      Your comment does make me want to investigate this a bit further. I am curious about Shortcuts and P&G’s stance on this issue. I will update if I find some new information.

      Just a note to clarify about Upromise e-Coupons: it is perfectly fine to stack those, which has been verified by a Upromise representative.

      Thank you for commenting!

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