Preparing for the 30-Day Giving Challenge

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One year ago, I posed a challenge to my readers

I am challenging myself, and whoever wants to jump on board, to grab a journal next month and GIVE in some fashion every day in November. This could be large or small, simple or extravagant.

Hundreds of people responded and God moved in a mighty way as families gave like never before. This year, the challenge continues. In just one week, on Monday, November 1st, I invite you join us in this God-led experiment of sorts.

One year in the making, I had a bigger vision this time:

To impact more lives, to bless more strangers, to give even more all in the name of Jesus.

So I enlisted some help. And the 30-Day Giving Challenge will once again take place. Only this time, the power of social media will inspire giving like never before.

Will you accept the challenge?

Many of you already have. There is a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a BlogFrog community, and a whole host of bloggers on board. Together we will encourage each other, share ideas, and overcome obstacles in our lives to giving.

There are no rules or requirements, only that you document your journey in some fashion. A journal, a calendar, a notebook, or perhaps a blog.

Writing down each act of giving keeps us accountable, and prepares our hearts for a lifetime habit of giving generously. This is not about bragging… but encouraging. Not boasting… but inspiring. It can be public… or private.

Each week, we will provide a link-up opportunity for participating bloggers to share their journey if they so choose.

The team and I have also invited sponsors to get involved. Bloggers are in a unique position to connect with companies who want to get the word out about their brands. These brands are partnering with us and are donating products not only to give away on our blogs (prizes!), but also for local charities of our choice. Several companies have come on board, and we have room for more!

I am so excited to see how God will use this challenge for His Kingdom next month. Won’t you join us?

This post is part of Works for Me Wednesday.


  1. Jackie says

    I have never done anything like this before so I am very excited to take this challenge and I am going to try to get my whole family involved.

    • Alyssa Francis says

      @bree, I will add you to the “blogroll” page on the 30-Day Challenge site. Be sure to follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and BlogFrog if you can! Thanks for accepting the challenge. :)

  2. Shasta Walton says

    My focus has been so off this past year, and I know that I need to start glorifying Him and not myself.

    We as bloggers have so many resources and an amazing platform to use for Him. I just wish I would have followed Him to begin with, what an amazing year this may have been!

    I am thankful that He has opened my eyes to His purposes for me and pray that I glorify His name alone. You’re blog is so refreshing because I can see Him here!

    Thanks for doing what you do :)

  3. Jenn @ Jar Full of Rocks says

    My family and I will totally be doing this. I’m posting about this in my blog today. Very excited to see how God uses this awesome idea.

  4. says

    I’m in! Just this morning God was telling me something big to give…it’s a little radical for us considering we haven’t finished paying this month’s bills. Still asking for God to reveal the rest of the details.
    Sara´s last blog post ..VeggieTales Live!

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