Weekend Links 8/21/13

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Happy Saturday! Keep reading to see what caught my eye this week, and what we’ve been up to!


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Links I Love

:: Food ::
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Orange-Cranberry Scones || Food. Your Way
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:: Organization ::
3 Tips for Organizing the Real Food Kitchen || Modern Alternative Mama
How to Organize Any Area in Your Home || Home. Your Way
DIY Home Command Centers || I’m An Organizing Junkie

:: Parenting ::
Tweens, Temper Tantrums, and What I Want to Remember Today || Simple Kids
Dear Parents, You Need to Control Your Kids. Sincerely, Non-parents || The Matt Walsh Blog

:: Home Learning ::
Allowing Your Child to Think and Learn Outside the Box || Simple Homeschool
Tricking My Kids Into Reading the Good Stuff || Simple Homeschool


My “Big Guy” waiting on the chiro

Our Week

Well, our week went pretty well, despite Cam’s cough returning. I’m trying a blend of essential oils to try and knock it out, so be looking for a “results” post on that soon. (Hopefully!) Our school went really smoothly, and I even substitute-tutored in Meleah’s CC class on Tuesday. I butchered it, but everyone survived, and I will reprise that role again on Tuesday. I’m not completely behind on laundry, and only have a few loads left to do today, so the weekend was shaping up to be one where I got a lot done… until last night when I opened my 6-month-old Mac and it went crazy. Google helped and I found a few solutions to try and see what was wrong. Unfortunately, none of the fixes fixed it, and I was unable to back up my photos or files (you would think that after the last time this happened – when I did have them backed up – that I would be actively backing up THESE files, but no.). I’m sort of in disbelief that this has happened to me a second time, in less than three years and with multiple Macs. I’m going to avoid the Apple Store completely this time, and call this computer guy that helped me last time. I did learn one thing from the first time, and that is to buy Apple Care. So, I am comforted that at least I won’t be out $900 for a new logic board (that’s what the last one needed) and that some of my problems should be covered. On the other hand, if my pictures are lost, I might have a mental breakdown. So. Learn from me and BACK UP YO’ FILES. I am thankful for the (used-but-problem-free) desktop computer that we purchased from our pastor for the girls, and not being completely computer-less.

Abby Grace was in charge of teaching CC memory work on Friday

Abby Grace was in charge of teaching CC memory work on Friday

Coming Up

I have several great things to share with you, including a homemade Febreze spray (I mentioned this a few weeks ago. I promise it’s coming!), and my new system for cooking in the kitchen with littles. My little guy will be ONE on Monday, so we are working on something special for him. Gracious, how has it been a YEAR?

Have a great weekend!

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