1. Audra Krell says

    I totally do this! I can’t stand when someone tries to “sell” me a chip clip for upwards of 2 – 4 dollars! Clothes pins are way better! Love your fun blog!

  2. April says

    lol this reminds me of my childhood! We used these clips for everything chip clips, duck bills torchering your siblings, hours and hours of youthfull entertainment lol we were poor we had to be creative!!!!

  3. April says

    Paint some different colors, put a piece of magnet tape on the back and you have a nice magnetic clips for the refrigerator.

    They are great to use for kid’s crafts, too. The ones that are not hinged make cute wooden people.

  4. ttelroc says

    I love a great idea that is such a common item. Of course cloths pins make great clips! Duh!

    I have used paperclips when I’ve needed a clip in the car!

    But I go out and buy “chip clips” because they are designed for a specific purpose. I haven’t bought any in years, but you have converted me. I won’t buy them again. pinky swear lol

    **Too many mistakes in the previous post – so I deleted and edited LOL

    Have a great day!

  5. Abby says

    We do the same thing! Today, as I clipped a bag of chips, I thought about sharing the idea on WFMW. Now I don’t have too. :)


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