CVS Magic Coupon Machine- Revealed!

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Several readers have asked about the scanners in CVS that spit out coupons upon scanning your ExtraCare card. It has been affectionately dubbed the magic coupon machine among CVSers.

Not every CVS has one, but just in case you are wondering what all the fuss is about, here is a (silent) demonstration of the machine in action:

Can you picture me in CVS trying to be all stealth? There were 3 staff members within 20 feet of me when I filmed this, unbeknownst to them. Notice I scanned twice, and each time received coupons.

I received 5 coupons, which I tucked away for future use. Usually, the coupons will correlate with an upcoming deal.

Since you can use both a CVS coupon and a manufacturers coupon on one item, these can definitely sweeten the deal. If you are really lucky, the machine will bless you with a $/$$ coupon. This has yet to happen to me, but I am patiently waiting, CVS!

In case you missed it, read my 10 Ways to Be the Worst CVS Shopper Ever.

Hope you enjoyed the video! For simple scenarios each week at CVS, be sure to check out The CVS $5 Challenge.


  1. Jen says

    My CVS store just got one of these…but they haven’t plugged it in yet. Hopefully they will get it running soon, because I’m looking forward to trying it out!

  2. Anita says

    I LOVE the magic coupon machine! I have had it spit out 12 coupons on one occasion! Most of the time it is only 2-4. Good video to show others what we are talking about, and now everyone knows what to look for.

  3. Anonymous says

    Thanks! I kept wondering what they looked like, I don’t think my CVS has one though. I need to ask someone in the know. The cashier I did ask was a clueless as I was. But now I can walk all through the store and look. Is it usually near the front door?

  4. frugalfelicia says

    Oh how I miss the magic coupon machine! *teary eyed* In the past I have scanned 3 times and gotten coupons each time! Normally the last time will be a big coupon score or one of those that have you wondering, “what’s this for?”

  5. Donnetta (momrn2) says

    The more I hear about CVS, the more I wish we had one. *sigh*

    Although I am learning and finding ways to save $ other ways at the stores I do have!! :-)

  6. Beth says

    Heh heh-what a PURDY machine! Too bad we don’t have ‘em here. Sniff….
    I have to say, though, that I think I would have had *total heart failure* trying to videotape like you did! I shake bad enough when I’m stacking coupons and waiting to be denied, lol.
    Thanks for the stealth video-loved it!!

  7. Nancy M. says

    Thanks for posting this video. I had been wondering what these machines looked like. I have yet to find a store with them, but at least know I know what to look for!

  8. Kimi says

    Alyssa – I have not had your luck at the Magic Coupon Machine – I never get a “second serving!” The first swipe I get 2 coupons (the first two weeks I got 3), and the second time I swipe, I get a nice message that tells me to “try again tomorrow.” Maybe it’s because I haven’t been CVS-ing long enough!

  9. craftymom says

    I love, love, love the video!!!! I’m off to my CVS to see if I can find that machine!

    I’m glad you still recorded it even with employees nearby! That’s great!

  10. mary says

    My CVS has put in a machine. But it has yet to have paper in it. How frustrating. I asked mgmt and he looks at me like I am nuts.
    Maybe I should go buy him the paper to put in the mahine.

  11. Walt and Sarah. says

    I went to a farther away store that I knew had the machine. First swipe, I got two coupons ($1 off 3 CVS toothbrushes and $1 off CVS sunblock) On my second swipe, I got the same as Kimi…it said, “try again tomorrow.” So then I go to my local CVS and see if they have a coupon machine…they do…I never noticed the price scanner was a coupon printer! So I scan to try my luck and it says “try again tomorrow.”

  12. Andrea says

    Alyssa – great video! We have one in our store now, but this is really good for people who don’t know what to look for (and coveting what we have :-)

  13. Sarah @ Fiddledeedee says

    Ha – the “trying to be all stealth” line is too funny!

    I LOVE the magic coupon machine! Great idea for a video.

  14. jamie says

    Oh, I get it! it’s the price scanner. Thanks for this video (so glad I found it) I’ve been hearing “magic coupon machine” for two months and never knew what it was.

  15. Stephanie says

    Thank you for showing me this!!! I’ve been wondering what people were talking about, and finally I understand. I think my CVS has one of these, so now I’m excited to be able to try it out on my next visit.

  16. says

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