Menu Plan Monday

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I actually have an “open” week to cook this week.  My sweetie has requested my pasta bake and my Pumpkin has requested spaghetti (big surprise!).  Spaghetti is such a staple in our home, I should probably take out stock in it 🙂
Breakfast – Scrambled eggs
Lunch – Spaghetti
Supper  Pasta bake and rolls
Breakfast – Yogurt and Oatmeal
Lunch – Ham and Cheese sandwiches
Supper  “Baked” Potato Soup *Crockpot*, Cornbread
Breakfast – Granola bars
Lunch – Spaghetti
Supper  Leftover pasta bake
Breakfast – Oatmeal
Lunch – Tuna fish sandwiches
Supper  Mexican Cheesy-Burger Bake and Salad
Breakfast – Waffles
Lunch – *Tonguegasmic* Cinnamon-Apple French Toast thanks, Kate!
Supper – GNO for me!!!
Daddy Shane will prolly make the girls pizza.
Blueberry Pancakes 🙂 thanks, Kate!

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  1. Kate@StolenMomentsCooking says

    Your week sounds delicious! I think I need to try doing that French toast for lunch sometime. That sounds like a great idea. I would have loved it today!

    Your Mexican Cheesy-burger bake sounds great. I know it would be a hit with my kids. Thanks! I’ll have to try it soon.

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