A Finished Garden… and a “Visitor”

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I am super excited today, because we finished all of our garden planting! YAY! {Well, except for a few sunflower seeds we need to put in the backyard, but I am not counting those. Ha!}

This morning, we went to the feed store to pick up some herbs, flowers, and a few more veggies.

I completely finished both gardens, AND all but three of our flowers have new homes in the ground.

Shane also spent much of the afternoon and evening raking up the backyard, pulling weeds, and setting it to rights after our interesting winter. We removed quite a few leaves and branches, and are now ready to lay down some seed, as all of our St. Augustine grass died.

Ahem. Thank you, frigid temperatures.

We also had a visitor this afternoon, and he caused quite a stir.

I was really proud of Shane, as he actually picked up the tiny snake.

What you do not know, is that he hates snakes. Me? I’m fine with snakes… I’ve killed plenty; it is spiders I am terrified of (right, Steph????). So, at our house, Shane takes the spiders, while I handle the snakes. It’s a nice trade.

Anyway, he snagged this little guy up and spent a few minutes showing him to the girls, who are quite obsessed with anything animal/reptile/amphibian/etc. {Thank you, Donald Schultz and Bear Grylls}.

I am really excited about all of my veggies, and I have been praying that my garden will live and thrive despite my black thumb. Ha!

How is your garden coming along?


  1. Danise says

    We (or I should say Eric) killed 5 – yes 5 – copper heads this weekend (E’s pretty sure they were copperheads, anyway – not grass snakes for sure). They were living under the dog house. E moved it to mow and there they were – 4 babies and a mama. ((shudder)) Then, this morning E killed a spider that was waiting for me in the shower. I think I could handle one or the other but we have it all! BTW we are getting our flower beds ready for rose bushes – that is about all I think I can handle-pray for my black thumb, too.

    • says

      @Danise, Yes, girl… I heard that one.

      I’m so impressed with E for taking on a copperhead. Those snakes… eh, no. I’m not messing with those! Ha!

      I can’t wait to see your rose bushes! {We can pray for each other’s gardens, lol!}

  2. says

    Oh, your garden looks wonderful! Hubby spotted a little brown snake when we were doing ours too, but it took off before we could snap a picture. He is terrified of snakes as well, but I don’t mind them.
    .-= Keri´s last blog ..Pardon my hiatus =-.

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