Cocoon Grid-It Organizer: Dads Rock Giveaway #16 (Now Closed)

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The final prize in our Dads Rock Giveaway Bash is a set of unique organizational products courtesy of Cocoon.

I love anything and everything that has to do with organization, so I was thrilled to review Cocoon Innovations’ Grid-It Organizer.

The Grid-It Organizer is a modge-podge of bands that are designed to hold everything from phones to pens in place during travel. These bands go every-which-way you can imagine, for optimal storage and packing.

As I have mentioned before, my husband travels a lot for his job, so this nifty accessory is perfect for my man-on-the-go. Especially since he has a tendency to lose things. Often. Ahem.


Also included in the giveaway is The Minifolio Case. It has a hard cover, to protect your electronics and hold them in place during travel.

Minifolio Case Specs:
– Perfect for Sony PSP/Nintendo DS series
– Shock absorbent molded case
– Proprietary GRID-IT!™ organization system
– Ideal for organizing iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry, Game Hardware, Game gear and other digital devices
– Convenient pocket for additional storage

Enter to win (1) Cocoon Grid-It Organizer AND (1) Minifolio Case*:

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This giveaway will end on Tuesday, 6/14, at 11:59 pm CST. The winner will be drawn using, and notified via email.

*Note – The pictures included in this post are used to show what the organizers can do. The giveaway is for the case and organizer ONLY.*

Disclosure: I was provided with (1) Cocoon Grid-It Organizer and Minifolio Case to review, and one to give away. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Shannon says

    My husband could soooo use this! He needs something to keep the small gadgets (meters, usb keys, etc) and his small cables in order for work. He’s an IT guy and uses his tools when he goes to clients, but has to dig in compartments for them. This would certainly help!

  2. Karina House says

    My husband is a gadget man, so I’d give it to him and let him choose which things to put in it – I’m pretty sure he’ll be able to fill it!

  3. regan syres says

    My hubby is an electrical contractor. He would probably organize all his electrical testers and specialty tools. He would love this!

  4. Meghan says

    I would organize Hubby’s little work things. Maybe it would keep him from forgetting the small stuff at home…maybe.

  5. Brandi says

    I would finally be able to clean out my hubby’s “catch all” by the door! I swear he needs a purse with all the gadgets and odds and ends he totes around. This would be the PERFECT masculine “tote” for all his must-haves!

  6. renee' g says

    This would be great when we travel and have to pack all of our gadgets! Pick me, I’m a fan on facebook also

  7. Brandi says

    I am also a fan of Cocoon International on Facebook. Thanks for this wonderful offer!

  8. staceyk says

    Wow, so many giveaways for father’s day!! It’s so great!

    This would be great for my dad to organize his things when he travels. Right now he just throws it all in a bag and has a hard time finding things like cell phone, camera, camera cords, extra batteries, cords, etc.

  9. Stephanie Wade says

    The mini one would be used by my daughter with her Nintendo DS. The Grid-It I’m not sure yet what I’d use that one for, I’d have to wait and get it to see! But I’m sure it would be like the iPods, phones, GPS and such!

  10. Danielle Catudal says

    My husband is leaving for Iraq next month and this would be the perfect travel accessory for all of his pens, notebooks, and power cords.

  11. Darcy Vance says

    My husband would use the mini one for his PSP. I’m not sure what he’d use the bigger one for but I’m sure he’d love it! It looks like it can hold a ton of stuff!

  12. amanda brantley says

    My hubby (youth pastor gadget freak) could organize his macbook pro and all his cards/cables/gadgets etc! Oh, I’ve never wanted to win a giveaway so badly….it would make his first fathers day super great. wow this cocoon system is awesome. I just told some friends about it.
    Oh please, random number generator, pick me!!!!

  13. Laura says

    I would organize all my husband’s music stuff for his band when he travels, would make things a lot easier on him! Thanks for the giveaway.
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Awesome new giveaway up! =-.

  14. Laura says

    Already a subscriber via RSS
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Awesome new giveaway up! =-.

  15. Julie says

    I would organize my husband’s tools and other “little” things that get set down and eventually misplaced!

  16. Stephanie G says

    I would organize all the various cords that travel with us on trips, such as chargers

  17. Sarah G says

    It would be for my hubby to keep track of all his work technology – he’s the IT Systems Administrator at his office, so he’s always juggling phones, blackberries, etc.

  18. Chrysta says

    This would be great to organize all of our electronics (and their cords) when traveling!

  19. Christa says

    I would organize all my chargers and travel accessories for our phones, speaker phone, cordless mouses, extra harddrives. I think it would work perfectly!

  20. Karen C. says

    I would give to hubby to organize all of his gadgets for to take on work trips with him.

  21. Jennifer says

    I would use it to organize cell phone chargers, cell phones, ipods, and other little gadgets that seem to lay around with no specific spot.

  22. Rachella says

    I would give this to my son who desperately needs some organization. I would put his hairbrush and other hair and shaving needs in this. Then he’d be thrilled when he could actually find something.

  23. Laurie L. says

    I would give this to my hubby. He has a lot of random things that he needs for work that frequently get left at home since he’s started carpooling. :)

  24. Donna Bryant says

    Doesn’t everyone need to organize!!! I am sure my husband would love this in his truck.

  25. Bri A says

    My husband has tons of little gadgets that often get lost, especially when he’s traveling for work…this would be great!!

  26. Jessica says

    I love these organizers – so neat for a “type A” like myself – I would use these for all the junk in my purse (cell phone, makeup, store cards, etc.)

  27. Karissa says

    I would give it to my husband to organize his car. Or maybe I would keep this one for my van! Both could use some better organization!

  28. Deb says

    Ooh. I have something like this for my computer tools, and it’s awesome! I might put it in the “junk” drawer to organize the tools in there, or maybe we’d use it for traveling. :) The mini organizer would be perfect for the Nintendo DS and games that we have.

  29. Deb says

    I follow you with google reader. Thanks for the Dad’s Rock giveaway bash – you all are awesome. :)

  30. James says

    being organized is almost a key to success these days. when you are working on a project around the house it is great to know exactly where your tools are and know that you can take on any project.

  31. Katrina says

    This would be nice for my husband to take on business trips. He could be very organized for those spur of the moment trips.

  32. Cassie says

    I think I’d let my husband use it for his culinary things. He needs organized more than me, lol

  33. jamie says

    This would be great for organizing many things for business supplies to camping nessecities

  34. Alexandra says

    At first I thought I’d organize our morning routine (medicines and things) but I changed my mind. I think first I’d organize my son’s video game junk since he loses it constantly!

  35. Alexandra says

    Facebook follower (alexandra knaub) and email subscriber (
    .-= Alexandra´s last blog ..Mmmm…Keurig Special Edition Brewer Giveaway from Moms Need to Know =-.

  36. Theresa S says

    Wow, my husband is a gamer and the handyman around the house. So we would use it for organizing gaming equipment or tools!

  37. Theresa S says

    I liked Cocoon Innovations on Facebook. I guess they just announced an iPad portfolio they are taking preorders for.

  38. Paula says

    When I got married the organist said that I was the MOST ORGANIZED BRIDE she had EVER played for! My hubby NOT SO ORGANIZED. Would love it if he were!!!!! This would be a GREAT FIRST STEP!

  39. Lynda says

    I would organize my makeup – my husband is a techie and would organize techie type stuff – we may have to get 2!

  40. Mindi Blackburn says

    I would probably let my son use it for his DS that I plan to get him for his birthday!

  41. AnnMarie says

    I would organize my husbands toiletries, so he does not get them taken at security at the aiport. I would also organize his pile of electronics that always ends up on my kitchen counter.

  42. laura h says

    I f I win this I am going to organize everything I need for my upcoming tip to NY

  43. Kallie Bates says

    this would be ideal for my husband tv repair buisness! he is so unorganized and is constantly looking for containers or bags that would help him stay organized better than what he is using now and that can withstand being drug in and out the car and customers’ houses.

  44. Dana says

    I think my husband would definitely organize his ipod, cell phone, and variety of other smaller gadgets in it!
    .-= Dana´s last blog ..The Diva Diaper Bag – Customize yours today =-.

  45. Dana says

    I’m a FB fan.
    .-= Dana´s last blog ..The Diva Diaper Bag – Customize yours today =-.

  46. Annie-Michele says

    My Husband love to be organized but his gadget are taking over so this would be a great solution!

  47. Wendy says

    My husband would probably try to organize fishing items but I might let my son use it for electronics-lol

  48. Jacquelynn Franklin says

    Thank you, for holding such a wonderful giveaway, I truly appreciate it!What a cool organizer!

  49. Lynda Bayer says

    oooh! I hadn’t thought of this – we could organize a bunch of little toys for the airplane ride with our 3 year old – wonderful!

  50. Corinne says

    My husband is an AVID video gamer and these organizers would keep everything neat and clean without driving this crazy unorganized ADHD mom even crazier :)

  51. Kelly D. says

    My husband has tons of little tools and things that would be perfect in there! Thanks for the chance!
    Kelly D. – secrets_girl23(at)yahoo(dot)com (aka) dkad23(at)gmail(dot)com

  52. Kelly D. says

    I’m an email subscriber. (google)
    Kelly D. – secrets_girl23(at)yahoo(dot)com (aka) dkad23(at)gmail(dot)com

  53. Kelly D. says

    I’m a facebook fan of Cocoon International on facebook. (Kelly Deaton)
    Kelly D. – secrets_girl23(at)yahoo(dot)com (aka) dkad23(at)gmail(dot)com

  54. Jaynette says

    I would use it to organize all the little things I keep in the car “just in case”…brush, sanitizer, extra undies for each kid, socks, scissors, etc.