Things I Love: My Label Maker{s}

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Yes, “label maker” is plural; I have more than one.

And a very unhealthy addiction to all things label-y.

But my life would not be complete without either one of my pretty little friends, Brother #1 and Brother #2.

Why does one need more than one label maker, you ask?

Well, other than the fact that I got a super-good deal on Brother #2 and could not live without him, the answer is simple:

Sometimes you need more than one of the same to get the job done.

And what a job my label maker has! My love for labels is shown all over my home… and soon I will be showing you just how I put my labeler to use.

I am so excited to show you how I keep An Organized Home, and what you can do to make your home efficient and organized.

And I cannot forget to mention my latest label-love, Mabel’s Labels. {Oh, dear Mabel! How have we not met before?!}

Yes, Miss Mabel {I know that’s not her real name, but y’all play along, m’kay?}… well she knows how to label straight to my heart.

These labels are dishwasher-, laundry-, and pool-safe. Oh yeah!

Mabel’s makes labels for kid’s clothing, shoes, cups, and stuff. They are so very awesome, and super-great quality.

To get started on your labeling journey, you can check out the label makers that I have:

:: Brother P-Touch PT-1280 Label Printer

:: Brother P-Touch PT-55BM Handheld Labeler

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      I know there are more “frugal” ways to label, and I’ve used some of them. Like, using regular labels and writing on them. Or tape, like your hubby 😀 But, oh, how nice and neat the labels from a label maker are… they just make my heart go pitter-pat!

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