Frugal Wreath Storage: Use a Comforter Bag

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I happened to stumble upon this little tidbit while looking for something {other than a trash bag} in which to store my fall wreath.

Oh, it’s been off of my door for a week or two or three, but had found a home on my coffee bar.


I had just purchased a new comforter {Black Friday sale at Kohl’s}, and still had the bag sitting on the kitchen floor.

{I’m just full of organization fails lately!}

Now, if you are like my sweet friend Myra and are über talented, you might have more wreaths than comforter bags! Ha!

But I only have a few, and two of them are Christmas-y, so those are on display right now.

{Check out the gorgeous Pine Cone Wreath Myra made recently… LOVE!}

So, to store my wreath, I slid it inside the comforter bag…

… and zipped it up.

My wreath is now protected from the elements for another year!

One final note: this comforter bag has a handle on the top so you can hang it up and out of the way if you prefer. I chose to store my wreath on top of a shelf in my garage.


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    I have a thrift store near me that throws all the comforter bags away. All you have to do is ask for them! I use them for a lot of things. Clothing my daughter has grown out of, Christmas decorations, placemats for the different holidays, etc.

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