Extreme Couponing?

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I do not watch a lot of TV (I usually prefer to curl up with my laptop or a good book), but tonight at 8pm I will be tuning into a special feature on TLC: Extreme Couponing.

Nathan Engels, founder of the free resource We Use Coupons is featured on the show and says, “we may be a little ‘extreme’ but our desire and hope is for families that need to save money will check out couponing!”

You can also view an interview with Amanda (one of the Couponers on the show) on FrugalTV, another We Use Coupons resource.

I have never considered myself an “extreme couponer” but I am curious as to what spin this major television network will put on the show. My personal philosophy on couponing is that like anything, is best done in moderation. Coupons did play a major role in helping my family pay off credit card debt as well as enabling us to give more. They are a tremendously helpful tool when used effectively.

This show could inspire a resurgence in coupon use, or perhaps a backlash against those who coupon irresponsibly (i.e. clearing shelves, hoarding).

Read more about the ethics of couponing, then check out the show and let me know your thoughts!

Is “extreme couponing” dangerous?

If you are new to the wonderful world of coupons, it can be done in less extreme measures than seen on the show with wonderful results! Read FAQ’s or some of my coupon tips to get started, and subscribe for free daily email updates!


  1. Bethany Goff says

    As a Christian, I believe, like you, that our moderation should be visible to all men, as Philippians 4 says. Our first and foremost responsibility is to live Christ before the world, and anything that mars that picture for others is not a good thing. So, in couponing, I think it’s really important to be a responsible couponer, with the thought always in mind, “what impression does this leave on others of Jesus Christ?” Being a good testimony for him is MUCH more important than the greatest deal.
    The reason we do couponing is also important. I find myself trying to balance what we need and what I can give with the urge to get as much as possible to stockpile. Small stockpiles do help us get through times when the money isn’t there, but I think there is a danger in larger stockpiles. When anything but Christ begins to take over your time and attention, and important things of family and faith start to suffer, you have a serious problem. This isn’t just an opinion, but something that I know from experience personally – and not just with couponing.
    Keeping a proper perspective is important. It is hard when there are so many good deals and so many voices telling all that is to be had! I want to get every last great deal, but is it really best for me? What do I need? Am I letting my heavenly Father take care of me, or am I trying to do His job of pr9viding for my future? I have to do what I reasonably can, while still taking care of normal life activities, and then trust that God will provide my needs.
    I appreciate the very balanced approach you take here, Alyssa. You don’t jump on every deal out there, and you keep a Christian perspective in what you do. To God be the glory for the witness your site is!

    • Alyssa Francis says

      @Bethany Goff, Bethany, I couldn’t have said it better myself! Thank you for your thought provoking comment. I am definitely saddened after watching the show. While some of the highlights were positive, it mostly portrayed couponers as glutenous hoarders who spend insane amounts of time shopping every week. I do hope that it sparks some interest for those that could truly benefit from learning to use coupons effectively! 🙂

    • debra griffiths says

      @Bethany Goff, I couldn’t agree more but, with some of these people, I think gluttony (which is a sin) & hoarding, comes in to play. Think of all the starving people you could help by donating as opposed to LETTING THINGS EXPIRE! Yes, one man was going to donate some yucky cereal to his church’s food bank. It was certainly nothing a child would want to eat. As for the unorganized couple who were just dumping boxes of food onto a bed upstairs, I found to be repugnant! The mice will have a hay day in that house. I’m angry b/c I’m unemployed & I’ve bad been hungry for 2 days, when I watched the show. I am unemployed, widowed & too ill to work. I hope these people find great comfort with their fortress of food. I used to be in charge of the food pantry at out church (in the town I used to live in) & we always made sure we had things to acommodate families w/children, finger food, baby food, even kept diapers. We always made sure our expiration dates were good, too. Tying not to be judgemental in TX. Best Regards, D.G.

      • Nich says

        @debra griffiths,
        I agree with the fact that there are many people hungry and with the amount of food that was being “shelved” it would make a difference. What I don’t agree with is you referring to the cereal being donated as “yucky”. If someone is truly hungry, do you really think it matters what brand of product it is. And the cereal being “yucky” is a matter of opinion. The same exact cereal are given to WIC participants because it is a better choice. Furthermore, the cereal was a more healthier cereal than most cereal loaded with sugar. I applaud him for donating 1100 boxes of HEALTHY cereal, and not contributing to the frightening amount of obese and unhealthy people.

    • tammy steinbach says

      Ok I have been reading through your site and I am completely lost….I am not arguing I just honestly don’t understand some things…

      1.) what are you talking about in regards to dishonesty with coupons? I don’t get it. It’s wrong to print off extra coupons?

      2.) I totally get that hoarding is wrong. I mean I watched extreme coupons and I felt that the first and the last were hoarders but the second lady and third lady provided for themselves and their family.

      I agree we trust the Lord to take care of us, but the Bible also says to look at the ant, how he stores for the winter and is not lazy. I really don’t see the difference between stockpiling things you will use, getting them for a good price, or free (Proverbs 31, she has a field, and makes a profit to take care of her family) and canning. I mean my Mom did it, my ex Mother In Law was really into canning, and they liked having a winters supply on their shelf.

      I understand what you are saying about the time spent, but honestly what is the difference between spending say 10 or 15 hours a week on it and, again Proverbs 31, waking up early and darning your families socks, cooking, going to market, running your field etc. All of that is to take care of your family. And the money saved, is money earned, to help our family.

      The Bible says women should be workers at home….and that is managing your home in my opinion.

      I would like to be corrected if my thinking is wrong, or to be able to understand your viewpoint. I feel like I am missing something .

      Thanks for your response!

      • Bethany Goff says

        @tammy steinbach, I agree with you that we are to be workers at home, and providing for our families. Where I think there is a danger is when we are consumed by couponing (insert almost anything here) to the point of excluding things that are important. It’s about taking things to extremes, and neglecting normal, healthy interactions with others, and the daily activities of life, home, faith and family in order to do what you love. This is making a god other than God. And anything can become a god: finding the next greatest deal, couponing, television viewing, time on the internet (ouch!), reading fiction…. The point I was trying to make is that when something takes such enormous priority in your life – and it’s not God – then you are at risk for serious problems.
        I point back to the end of my earlier statement: “I have to do what I *reasonably* can, while still still taking care of normal daily activities, and then trust that God will provide my needs.” We don’t know the future, and we certainly can’t anticipate all our needs. We definitely should not be lazy, but neither should we attempt to take over God’s job! We do what we can to provide, keeping it in perspective with all the other things that require our time, and then trust that God is going to take care of us.
        I hope that answered your question! (and I think canning is a marvelous use of time and resources!) 🙂

      • Alyssa Francis says

        @tammy steinbach, Welcome, Tammy! I think Bethany covered it pretty well, but just to add my 2 cents. 🙂
        1. There are many factors to coupon ethics. Here are a few examples: knowingly using fraudulent coupons (they are out there), photocopying coupons, using a coupon on something it is not intended for (the practice of de-coding). These are unethical and I don’t recommend them.
        2. Stockpiling is most definitely Biblical. But the ant stores only enough to get through the season, say 6 months or so. Some of the extreme couponers on the show had enough of some items to last 40 years!
        I think 10-15 hours a week on frugal endeavors is realistic for some… but Amanda on the show spends 70 hours a week on her hobby and it is negatively affecting her marriage and social life.

        My viewpoint is that couponing does not have to be “extreme”. It can be done ethically and in moderation.

        Hope this clarifies and thank you for your comment!

        • Tammy Steinbach says

          Bethany and Alyssa,

          THANK YOU!! You did explain it perfectly to me 🙂 🙂 I agree with all you said! When it becomes a total addiction, and overtakes you life…it is coming before the Lord.

          I would like to get a reasonable stockpile going. All my kids moved back home (I am actually very happy about it!) and all of us are committed to getting debt free in 2011… and this could be a big help! But I think I am just going to pray about it when I do it to keep it in check.

          I also wanted to mention, I don’t know if you have already talked about this somewhere else on the website there is a program called angel food ministries. They get discounted food, all name brand, no dented or expired food for really cheap. A box, which is around 31.00 will feed a family of 4 for a week. They have different boxes. No income guidelines, nothing to fill out and they do take food stamps.

          And they need people to use them so they break even. I wasn’t going to, I figured we were not starving and we were getting by. I didn’t want to take resources from someone who needed it more. Well it’s not like that. They need people to sign up, they need more and more. They encourage whole sponsor Churches to do it.

          It is a wonderful resource for ANYONE! and it’s nationwide.

          Thanks again for all the information 🙂


        • Bethany Goff says

          @Alyssa Francis, I’m totally with you on coupon ethics! It’s tempting to be unethical, but I’d rather have God’s blessing than save a few cents. His blessing is worth a lot more! 🙂

    • BrianL says

      @Bethany Goff, why don’t you just become a nun, then you can give all your time to God. Unfortunately, we have a secular free society, and as such, you can do what you want as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else, curtails their freedom, nor is against the law. And stockpiling all you want doesn’t hit any of those 3 things, so it really isn’t anyone’s business.

      • Teresa says

        Well, when these people put their lives on national TV I guess they lost the “it’s not anyone’s business” factor. And the saying” just because you can doesn’t mean you should” fits perfectly in extreme couponing situations.

      • Alyssa Francis says

        @BrianL, Hi Brian, welcome to my site. I appreciate your comments but please do keep things respectful. You are absolutely right on all 3 points. With that said, most of my readers and myself have a Biblical worldview – one of helping those in need, avoiding greed, and honoring God with our speech and actions. Yes, we do live in a secular society, but it is our goal to live with a “Kingdom first” mindset. Our ethics and goals will look different from those without this belief system, and that’s fine! The Bible says that not many will “enter through the narrow gate”. So this blog, as it pertains to couponing, always has and always will touch on ethics and Biblical principles.

        • Jen says

          I really wish I could remember by husband’s exact words from Sunday School this past Sunday, it was something to the effect of “the wealth of the world can feed the world, but we all know that’s not going to happen…” This “coupon extravaganza” can be classified in many different ways. There are those that only help themselves, those that help others, and those that do both. I have no problems with having ‘reasonable’ stockpiles, however, when you have thousands and thousands of one particular item…is it really necessary? I have 3 children, and at times money can be very tight, so yes, I will use coupons to save money, but to a limit. If I can get a great deal on can food items, I will buy some for us and dontate some to my church to stock our food pantry. You certainly don’t have to become a nun to become closer to or to serve God. My husband is going on a Mission trip to Africa in February and I wish I could send a whole grocery store full of food with him. The children run around half clothed, no toys except for a piece of tin foil wadded up to make a ball, no beds to sleep on and live in grass like houses. But you know what, they are happy! and that’s what counts. Maybe a person has the ‘right’ to clear a shelf off, however, it doesn’t mean they should. Maybe you can do what you want as long as it’s not hurting anyone, again, it doesn’t mean you should. I agree with Teresa, if you didn’t want it to be anyone’s business don’t go on tv, but once you put yourself on national televesion, you’ve ‘aired your laundry’ so to speak. People will talk, give their opinion(s) in a respectible manner (hopefully) and I’m sure these couponers expected such, otherwise they would not have been on tv.

      • Bethany Goff says

        @BrianL, As a happily married woman with a family, I have no desire to be a nun! lol But I also cannot apologize for being a follower of Jesus Christ, nor for believing the Bible and letting it shape my worldviews. Certainly, if you do not have faith in God, you will do whatever you want. That is your choice. I choose to follow God, and I have seen the good results of doing so.

    • Tammy Steinbach says

      @Bethany Goff, As I read through all these responses a few things come to mind.

      1.) I think people are being very judgmental, or at least coming across that way. I know when I first read through these I almost did not explore the site more because the comments sounded so judgmental. I used to be a Jehovah’s Witness, and they have the mentality of being better then everyone else, and that’s how I felt when I read the posts.

      2.) The people who seem to have to much, or seem to be addicted need our prayers, not our criticism. We should pray that if GOD thinks they have a problem, the pray that HE will help them. End of story. We should NOT be gossiping about them.

      3.) There is no scripture, at least that I have found that says how much we should or should not stockpile. When we are perfect, when we have conquered all our sins then we can start worrying about whether other people are ‘correct’. If they are wrong, it’s between them and God and nobody should be talking badly of them. What kind of witness is that about our Lord? Hey you don’t follow what I think the Lord wants I will gossip about you and tell people you have addiction/hoarding issues.

      3.) As Christians we can exhort each other, and encourage one another, and if we see someone having a problem do as the Bible says and speak privately with them.

      4.) Couponing is an out let for a lot of people. As SAHM’s who have great business sense it gives them a place way to use it. For people who grew up poor, it helps them feel secure, and for people who are bored it gives them something to do, and for others it’s survival. It’s how they afford to eat.

      5.) Someone made a comment about the stockpiling could save us at the end times when the price of everything is said to be so high. (Book of Revelation). While that is possible, it is also possible that having that could set you up for being robbed or hurt to get to it. I guess the point is…it’s wonderful to have the stockpile as much as you feel you need HOWEVER when it comes to taking care of us, you can’t trust that, you can only trust God. Anything could happen to your stockpile…flood, fire, tornado, theft….but nothing will keep God from protecting you. If that makes sense.

      Anyway that’s just my 2 cents from someone new to this sight.

  2. sue says

    And I thought having 10 boxes of cheerios and 20 bags of $0.50 Kraft cheese was extreme!!! Seriously though, I have a lot of free body washes and shampoos/ conditioners to last me a veeeery long time. I won’t “buy” any more of these items, even if they are” money makers.” I am practical – I just don’t have the space or desire to store and manage it all. The people in the video are taking too far – just stockpile what you can reasonably use or donate. Couponers know that there is always another sale coming, so we’re not going to have to ever pay full price for anything!

    • Alyssa Francis says

      @sue, Sue, you make a great point about future sales. Every deal will eventually repeat itself, and there is no need to stockpile beyond what our families can use!

    • BrianL says

      @sue, So far there is another sale cycle down the road.

      That may not be the case in the future, since you have no idea what could happen.

  3. Mary E.S. says

    There is nothing that irritates me worse than going to town with my coupons and finding the shelves empty of the product because someone has bought every last piece of product in all four stores in our town for their stockpile.I never take more than 2 or3 of a product because to me that is greedy to take all of it and we know what the bible says about greed.I have built a nice little stockpile without having to be greedy.My relationship with God has taught me to always think of others and I wish others would learn this as well.

    • BrianL says

      @Mary E.S., true there is the principle of thinking about others but unfortunately, there is no law mandating that. Such treatment of people occurs all day long, everywhere..at work, on the roads while driving, telemarketers, etc…

      Bottom line is that a business is in business to sell things for a profit. Unless the business limits your purchases for whatever reason, which they have the right to do, it is immaterial who clears out shelves and whether you agree with that or not based on your religious beliefs. The shelves can be cleared because the items are for sale, period.

    • Brooke says

      @Mary E.S., The show only mentioned that the last guy PREORDERED all of the cereal that he was getting. He mentions preordering on the site weusecoupons.com quite frequently. In an interview with Mr. Coupon regarding the show, he states that the “shelf grabs” were staged for the show. In actuality, he had called ahead and ordered all of the cereal and it was waiting for him in the back of the store.

      I happen to follow the blog of the second lady, and know that she preorders as well. I hope that the first lady follows this practice, but am unsure.

      When these people preorder, they are not depleting the shelves. And, in his case, he was thinking of others by donating thousands of dollars worth of food to a food pantry and his church.

  4. Mary Jo says

    I watched that clip and was a tiny bit disappointed. I thought more of these people would have donated like 3/4 of their stockpile. I mean, I could have a HUGE stockpile like that, but I REFUSE to have it take over my home and my life. THAT is why I donate a TON to family, friends and my church pantry.
    I am sorry, but he does not need 1500 sticks of deodorant. Keep 20-30 and donate the rest. Know what I mean?
    I am sure they donate a bunch, but I agree with that expert…it’s getting a bit extreme and more like hoarding. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for being prepared and all that, but I am all for helping others as well.
    When I am blessed beyond what I need, the extra is not for me, but for someone in need 🙂

    • Milk Donor Mama says

      @Mary Jo, Exactly.

      I keep a small stockpile of things we use and donate the rest to family, a food pantry and a women’s shelter.

      I also donated 22 gallons worth of “extra” breast milk when I was nursing and pumping for my daughter. I donated to the Mother’s Milk Bank of Ohio. I knew I was blessed with the extra for a good reason. My daughter (and now, baby boy) have hundreds of milk brothers and sisters out there!

    • BrianL says

      @Mary Jo, It is not your place or anyone’s place to decide whether it is “right” for him to have 1500 deodorants. What would be the correct amount according to you that we should all follow? 1? 2? 5? 10 ? 15? 100?
      Please tell us all what the limits are for what we can purchase so we can remain being “right”. See the problem? What YOU think is “acceptable” may be more or less what Jane Doe down the street thinks. And who should we listen to? You? Her?

      • Teresa says

        1500? I think even a child would think that was a little much, I don’t think there would be too many people that would think he “needed” to have this much in his stockpile!

  5. Gretchen says

    I am watching the show tonight, and my question is: If you can get that much for so little (and your obviously not going to use it all), why not donate some of it to food banks? Use your “gift” of couponing to help others!

    • Alyssa Francis says

      @Gretchen, Gretchen – I completely agree. They did show Nathan donating his cereal stockpile, but I wish a greater emphasis had been placed on how couponing can be used to help others. 🙁

      • Laura says

        @Alyssa Francis, I was thinking that if these ladies and gents have all this time to stockpile for themselves, how great it would be if they volunteered their time to help food pantrys stockpile, too. Or do a seminar for people to help educate them on couponing!

    • Kelly says

      @Gretchen, I really was wondering the same thing. There are items in the stockpiles that have expiration dates. There is no way that a family of 2 or 4 can eat that much. It would make so much sense to put your extreme addiction to great use and donate to your local food bank, especially if you are getting items for free. There is so much need in our communities.

  6. kay says

    first off all how do these people do it isnt there a limit??? Second of all why should these people do all that work to donate it. everybody has a fair chance. people cant expect donations all the time they can do it their self!!

    • Jen says

      @kay, if they aren’t “paying” for the items anyway, why not donte some to those that really need it. There are those out there that can’t afford to spend $.50, so if you can afford to go buy $5,000.00 of groceries for $250.00, you can certainly afford to “DONATE” some.

      • BrianL says

        @Jen, careful, someone will come along and see what YOU spend every week and determine that you should be giving away a certain amount as well. It is very dangerous to start saying what others “should” donate. You dont’ REALLY need that tv set do you? You would be better off without it. So you should GIVE that tv set to a poor family that doesn’t have one.
        So sayeth I. that’s MY belief about donating. See? Who’s going to determin what should and shouldn’t be donated based on what criteria???

        • says

          @BrianL, YOU are welcome to “come along” and see what I spend every week. And as a matter of fact, we DO donate in more ways than just food. I don’t see how it is “very dangerous” to state someone should donate, it’s just a matter of OPINION. And as a matter of fact, I HAVE donated TVs, clothes, food, supplies, etc. as well as time to missions, homeless shelters, salvation army, and many numerous organzations. That matter of the fact is, do you really need 100 bottles of salad dressing, 1000 razors, 1000 bottles of shampoo…donate some of those items to those that REALLY need it.

        • Teresa says

          I guess I believe it is just common sense to either not buy what you can’t use or donate or do something with items that will just end of going to waste in someone’s “stockpile”. And if these people didn’t want to be judged they should not be on national TV!

  7. Dana says

    I think its almost hoarding, at least in some cases. It would be all good if get all that product keep some for yourself and then donate the extra. As I watched the show tonight what does a family of 2 people really need with 218 boxes of pasta…

    • BrianL says

      @Dana, Who are you to decide that they don’t need 218 boxes?What would be acceptable based on your morals? 1? 2? 5? 10? 100?
      And who should decide that? You? Me? Jane Doe down the street? The president?

      What a can of worms when you start saying what people “SHOULD” do

      • Dana says


        Well Brian it’s obvious that you have no moral code when you feel it’s acceptable to go to a store and wipe them out because of your greed. I was always taught to take what I need and leave some for others. From reading all the other post on here it seems that most people feel the same way as I do.

      • Abbey says

        Hi Brian.. I just want you to know that even though I think you are NOT very suave in the way you choose to state your opinion, I agree with what you’re saying. I believe that no one should say what we should/shouldn’t/can/cannot do except, of course, God.
        But do you really think these ladies are going to go and start lobbying for a law stating that you are not allowed to own more than 5 boxes of rice-a-roni at a time?
        So yes, I agree with your premise – There should never be a mandate about what you can and cannot own – but I don’t think you’re going to convince these ladies of that by your method of argument. Maybe you should explain your position more fully? So that everyone can understand instead of just feeling like their being picked on.

  8. kathy says

    My thing is I seen one of them just tossing the boxes of food onto a shelf no organizing how will they know when something expires i don’t hoard like that but I still find expired items in my cabinets

  9. Melissa P. @Mel4Him says

    If I was going to go to that length, I would at least donate half of what I bought because I know plenty of people who could use it. Half of what you get for free with coupons will go to waste because there is no way one family can use all that salad dressing, cereal, and other food items before they hit expiration unless you are the Duggars. Donate, Donate, Donate. : )

  10. Rachel says

    This made me a little sad. It reminds me of a time last year when I let coupons take over. I mean couponning on vacation… yeah- I did that.
    While I enjoyed saving lots of money for my family- I had reached an epiphany- is FREE STUFF for my family worth the time otherwise SPENT WITH FAMILY?
    Not to mention the OCD, Hoarding, and Worship/Idoltry of the almighty buck that comes into play.

    ps. All of that aluminum in 1500 sticks of Antiperspirant would cause some serious health side effects in ones lifetime! 🙂 I sure hope that he gives some to his friends! 🙂
    Rachel´s last blog post ..Find His Light This Christmas

    • Alyssa Francis says

      @Rachel, Oh Rachel, I have couponed while on vacation, too! 🙁 Thankfully I saw what was happening and changed my ways.

      By the way, I am glad I am not the only one worried about aluminum. I use only aluminum-free deodorant and I want to learn how to make my own, too. 😉

  11. Pamela says

    It is always good to feel a little high in getting a good deal. But these people are definitely EXTREME! Its also very rude of them to clean out the shelves so that others can not benefit. There should be a limit on all sale items!!!

    • phee says

      @Pamela, The guy that bought a lot of items stated that they pre ordered everything ,so the store knew beforehand the amounts he was getting. So he didn’t actual clear the shelves at all.

  12. Bill says

    I watched the show–it seemed to be similar to the show “Hoarders.” The last couple at least donates their food to the food bank, but the ones who bought about 250 boxes of pasta and just dumped them on the sofa have a psychological disorder–how could they use it all before it goes bad? That isn’t thrifty or being a good steward of anything. Ditto the G2 sports drink and ramen noodles–they don’t last forever.

    I personally would feel I was abusing the process and the merchant if I bought things in huge quantity and used hundreds of coupons to do it. However, stores leave themselves open for this kind of abuse by not setting limits. They could easily say they will only double up to 10 coupons per order (or per shopper per day) or something similar. Since they are the most adversely affected by this kind of shopping, we have to conclude they’re willing to tolerate it, because otherwise they would stop it.

    • Nich says

      @Bill, If a limit is put on sale items then why not place on limit on the cost of goods in these same merchants stores. I mean come on, their grocery prices are highway robbery and I don’t see anyone advocating for the consumer to stop the insanity of the high prices. Taking advantage of the MERCHANT, are you kidding me!! They have been doing it for years and will continue to take advantage of consumers. I do not agree with the amount of food the couponers are “stock piling””, but if the coupons are available to use, USE THEM! It definitely opened my eyes, with 6 teenage boys, a husband and myself I often find myself trying to find ways to “stretch” it out. I am going to start couponing IMMEDIATELY, and I have a large family and cannot afford to have “limits” set as to how much money they are willing to “allow” me to save.

      • Teresa says

        I have a family of 7 and I understand that it is very costly to feed a large family, I also run a home daycare so my grocery bills are huge. But how do you think merchants pay their employees or for insurance or for other operating costs if they don’t make a profit on their products. Food is CHEAP! If food was that expensive we would not have the obesity problem in this country that we do. And I know that some people can’t afford food, but these people that were highlighted on this show didn’t seem to be living in poverty and could very easily spread their good will to others.
        I thought that the people on this show were greedy and I was disgusted by their behavior.

        • Nich says

          @Teresa, WoW I too have a home daycare!! OK, anyway..Food is not cheap! Well at least not here in California. We have an obesity problem because of poor choices in the food we eat, it is certainly not because food is so cheap we overeat. I did state I did not agree with the amount of food these coupners were stock piling, but this is our opinion. I am not against profit, a business can’t function without it. Couponing is NOT hurting these grocery stores, if it were it would have stopped a long time ago. Do you honestly believe if couponing was detrimental to the bottomline of the grocery chain it would be allowed to continue. If food is so CHEAP why then is there a need to coupon, why are there so many families going hungry. The one couponer on the show that goes dumpster diving stated she started out of a need when her husband lost his job, and he also stated that sometimes they did not have money for food and the stock pile helped. TV shows are edited, and you cannot form an opinion of someone after a 1 hour show. The first couponer clearly felt guilty about the extreme shopping. We all have habits we would like to stop but haven’t, just look at all the failed new years resolutions. Has anyone stopped to think that maybe these people have a fear of loss or being without because of past experiences and this is why they are “extreme”. “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”.

        • BrianL says

          @Teresa, You would have a heart attack if you knew what the actual profits were on many items in the grocery store. I know..I shop the military commissary, and they sell at wholesale cost. There are MANY items in supermarkets that cost $3-4 and the actual wholesale cost is much below $1. Sure they need profits, but they are obscene on many items. You just don’t know it.

        • Brooke says

          @Teresa, The grocery stores actually MAKE money when people use coupons from manufacturers. If you read the fine print on the coupon, it states that the store can send in the coupon and be reimbursed for its face value plus an additional processing fee. Coupons are also beneficial for the manufacturer because they are a cheap means of advertisement.

  13. Ashley says

    I have to say WOW! I was stunned at what the use of coupons can do. I don’t think I could spend the time to go extreme, but when I saw the show my initial thought was “Wow, we could do so much to help the needy!” I am determined to learn more. We have a growing family (3 kids and 1 due in 4 weeks) we could use a break on our grocery bill and pay off debt!

  14. nadia says

    I don’t get it, there is always a limit on how many sale item could be purchased at once , so how can he grab everything in one purchase???

  15. qudz104 says

    i can understand what that lady said about getting a coupon high… i think maybe last year or the year before i was really addicted to coupons. whenever my oop was in under $10, and i was supposed to pay upwards of $50, it was exhilirating. i would pour over the couponing sites, go out and buy a few extra papers, and while my hauls were NOTHING like the ones in the video, i managed to still have a decent supply of body wash and shampoo to take me into at least the next 2-3 yrs. one day i stepped back and was like, this is insanity! and cold turkey, i quit couponing. i still subscribe to deals blogs like this one, and if there are good deals to be had, i may make small exceptions, but i feel a little more at peace not having to go through the stress of matching deals, rolling RR, extrabucks etc (it WAS stressful, at least for me!)

    also, they dont need to donate it if they dont want to, maybe they can hold garage sales and sell it so they make a profit but the buyer also gets a good deal.. i feel like and price they set over 25 cents is a profit for them.. lol

    • says

      I am all for the garage sale. My aunt does that, twice a year, she makes enough at one to take her 5 kids on vacation to the beach (wouldn’t be able to do that otherwise) and the second one is enough to provide a pretty sweet Christmas: one for them, and one for another family. She uses couponing to teach her kids responsibility, economy, and charity, all in one lesson!

      I wish I could do that myself, but I use coupons to the best of my ability to make sure our lights stay on and we can still eat and wash our hair! lol
      Ashley´s last blog post ..Hallmark- Target- and Walmart Today

    • says

      I am all for the garage sale. My aunt does that, twice a year, she makes enough at one to take her 5 kids on vacation to the beach (wouldn’t be able to do that otherwise) and the second one is enough to provide a pretty sweet Christmas: one for them, and one for another family. She uses couponing to teach her kids responsibility, economy, and charity, all in one lesson!

      I wish I could do that myself, but I use coupons to the best of my ability to make sure our lights stay on and we can still eat and wash our hair! lol
      Ashley´s last blog post ..Hallmark- Target- and Walmart Today

    • Rachel says

      @qudz104, I agree with you here- and have also mostly quit the couponing and scour the deal sites for some “goodies” to be found. I no longer pour over oodles of coupons, obsess over ECBs, argue with Walgreens managers or drive to the store for that 9.99 blowdryer with 9.99 RR at oh- 7am, to wait until the store opens. 🙂 That phase of my life is over 🙂

      I do still love to stock up on my Swagbucks Amazon gift cards though 🙂
      Good comment!
      Rachel´s last blog post ..Find His Light This Christmas

  16. says

    A few scriptures come to mind and I’ll just let them speak for themselves… 😉

    Matthew 6:19-21
    Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:
    But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:
    For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

    Matthew 6:26
    Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

    Luke 12:15-23
    And He said unto them, “Take heed and beware of covetousness, for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.”
    And He spoke a parable unto them, saying, “The ground of a certain rich man brought forth plentifully.
    And he thought within himself, saying, `What shall I do, because I have no room to store my fruits?’
    And he said, `This will I do. I will pull down my barns and build greater, and there will I store all my fruits and my goods.
    And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years. Take thine ease; eat, drink, and be merry.’
    But God said unto him, `Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee. Then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?’
    So is he that layeth up treasure for himself and is not rich toward God.”
    And He said unto His disciples, “Therefore I say unto you, take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat; neither for the body, what ye shall put on.
    The life is more than meat, and the body is more than raiment.

    Philippians 4:11
    Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.
    T.F.W.´s last blog post ..A Random Post about Random Things

  17. Julie says

    GLUTTONY. It’s one of the 7 deadly sins. That is what I saw with most of these people. Being prepared is admirable and using coupons is smart and thrifty but being a glutton is just plain wrong when so much of that bounty could be donated to local food banks and animal shelters. Giving in that way can also give you a very satisfied feeling just like the shopping trips.

  18. says

    Wow…I think there is definitely a problem when you have stockpiled more of something then you can actually use in a lifetime! Did they say that deodorant would last for 150 years?
    When I started couponing last fall, it took up a lot of time….most of my time. I sacrificed time with family and made myself crazy going after deals, etc. But all my hard work paid off. I have a reasonable stockpiles going. I learned from another couponer that sales on items run every 8-12 weeks. So, I only need to buy enough of anything to last me 12 weeks:) I am very careful NOT to empty the shelves. Even if I intend to donate the extra….there will be another couponer behind me that will miss out on that item if it’s sold out.
    Now that I have a good supply of the basics….meaning I have enough TP to last until the next sale or two…… I have been able to slow down:) And it’s been wonderful. This Christmas season I have done so little shopping. I just pick up what I can when I can. I have let so many deals go by bc I just didn’t really need it.
    The “stress” is gone and now I just enjoy being able to provide for my family. So, I think in the beginning it’s worth the extra effort to get going, but then remember there will be another sale and if you miss one great deal there is another one around the corner. And, we don’t need everything just bc it’s a great deal:)
    Another thing I do to reduce my stress is avoid the stores that are less then coupon friendly. There is one drugstore in my area and a couple of grocery stores that are very coupon friendly. I do most of my shopping at those. I only deal with the others if it’s something I really need/want…or the deal is easy and I won’t run into any problems. And I am always prepared to walk away from a deal if it’s not happening. I tell myself God has a better deal for me down the road and He usually does:)
    As people have already said…moderation is the key. And even though I still spend time on couponing…it’s not my whole life:)
    Joyce@Joyful Creations at Home´s last blog post ..Last But Not LeastWinners!!!

  19. Elizabeth@Coupons Make Cents says

    Well, as a long time couponer and blogger I watched this show like you watch a train wreck. I was completely transfixed. I completely understand the “high”. I also understand that the “high”, when chased to the exclusion of important people/events in one’s life, is VERY unhealthy. Parts of the show were very sad.
    On the other hand, I firmly believe that TLC required these folks to be EXTREME and hopefully they don’t do the $5k shopping every month? And the spaghetti on the couch…I just am sad for those folks. I pray that seeing this will make them understand that they can still get the great feeling from saving money but can put that food to great use by donating it…don’t hang on to it!
    I actually liked one of the girls quite a bit who I will not mention because she has her own blog/business and definitely has her head screwed on straight.
    As Christian couponers, we are trying to balance our love for a deal with our desire to be the Proverbs 31 woman AND practice moderation and charity. Each of us must find our own balance within our relationship with Christ.
    Elizabeth@Coupons Make Cents´s last blog post ..Little Caesar’s- Crazy Combo Coupons

  20. Coupon Frugality says

    I enjoyed watching the show. It offered a good perspective of what I do NOT want to do with my own couponing, but it also shed light on the benefits of using coupons and how they can save your family money. I keep a good supply on hand of food, personal care items, medical supplies, etc. for emergencies, but not enough to last 150 years. I try very hard to keep just enough for my family, and share the other stuff I get with family and friends who are in need. I think moderation is the key.
    Coupon Frugality´s last blog post ..Scott Bath Tissue 4 Roll Pack 064 @ Target

  21. says

    I consider myself a “smart” couponer and not an “extreme” couponer. I also wrote my take on the show on my blog.
    I’m somewhat disappointed that TLC didn’t show how great of an impact couponing can be not only to our families but to our community through donating. I think that is just as good of a “shock” value as seeing a garage full of groceries.
    Jasmine @ Dealicious Finds´s last blog post ..Extreme Couponing on TLC- What Did You Think

  22. Delphine says

    I am, what I thought was a extreme couponer, until I watched this show. I use coupons and match them with sales and I keep my home well stocked on everything with a small amount of money. I do it to save money and I do enjoy it, however I do not buy items I do not need or cannot use just because they are free, sometimes the tax alone would defeat your purpose. Actually it is couponers like this that make it hard on the rest of us, I don’t know what it is like everywhere else, but we have a lot of cashier’s and store manager’s that give us a hard time over the coupon’s, they treat us like we are trying to “make a game of it” trying to rip them off or something like that when we are just trying to save money. For one thing there is no store anywhere in my area that will double more than one $1.00 on a like item, after the one they only give face value, and most don’t double at all, so I would like to know where he find’s a store like that, I would love to know where one is, I still wouldn’t buy in that extreme, but the only way we can stock up is to go to the store everyday of a sale and try to do multiple order’s (another thing the store’s around here don’t like). We have had cashier’s insult us, one manager used to catch us as we came in the store and say we had to put each coupon on the item as we check out and one time when my daughter was trying to do multiple order’s, (and they were for different family member’s) a manager run her out of the store and told her to never return.Does anyone else have these problem’s? We still keep couponing, I would feel like I was being robbed if I went shopping without my coupon’s.

    • Marie says

      I haven’t seen a store in a very long time that double coupons anymore, maybe in some of the smaller towns..Some stores have actually been banned on using some coupon combination in some of the smaller Walmarts & Safeways, they loose to much money.I’m all for saving money, but I do it on the things that I actually need & use.

      • Delphine says

        I agree with that completely,I stock up when there is a sale and occasionally I might have more than I need, but not so much that when I hand it out to my kids and grandkids that I have any left over. When I do I donate it to the church pantry. But I am talking about maybe having 10 to 15 of something not 150. But according to the show this man goes to a store that doubles $1.oo coupons, with no limit, he saved over $5000. that means that the store had to take a $2500 loss if they absorb the second half of the coupons, that is why most stores will only do one. We have Homelands here (safeway in other places) and they double up to one dollar, but only one like coupon, you can have 50 $1.00 coupons and they will double them as long as they are different, if more than one alike, they double the first one and the rest are face value. So that is why when we stock up on a sale item we just have to make several stops at the store and try to do a few multiple order’s, you are not to likely to get too much this way.

  23. Marie says

    This show really bothered me, I could understand buying in bulk if there were alot of family members or it was going to be donated, as Nathan was doing. But when there are only 2 people in the home and you are buying this much is going way over board and can be wasteful,if a food item isn’t used by the experation date then you have to throw it away, then it is a waste, reguardless if it was free or not. This is considered hoarding in a different manner as well as it looks greedy. For those households that only have a couple of people and go to extreme buying as was shown on TLC is really uncalled for, what do you think people that know you really think? ok, it’s great that you saved money but there so many people in this world that don’t get to eat every day and that are going hungry or can’t take a bath, these extreme couponers/buyers have all this food and supplies that they can just stand there and stare at and think they have done such a good job, but mostlikely will be throwing some of it away..I’m sorry but this is so wasteful and really looks greedy. If Extreme Couponing is being used as a hobby or a thrill, maybe those people that really don’t need all of these things need to either find another hobby and or get help.

  24. Rae says

    I just can’t resist commenting because I find that many people have been posting quite judgmental responses to the show. First, let me say that I am a stockpiler, but certainly not an extreme couponer. I only wish I had enough food for a year.

    Second, the reason for my response here is because I came out of a very judgmental church and feel passionately about addressing an issue which Jesus Himself addressed…Judge not lest you be judged. There have been a few scriptures tossed about along with a lot of opinion, and sometimes an alternate point of view is not considered.

    As far as the parable about building and filling barns teaching us that these people are sinful because of their hoarding, let me remind you of two points. One is that your 401k and savings account could easily be compared to hoarding money away, feeling that God won’t provide for you in your old age. But you would counter that you are just showing good stewardship. Well to these people, those provisions are money in the bank that will provide for them. They may not make a ton in their jobs to save for retirement (my husband doesn’t!), so if their stockpile is their 401k, good for them. They aren’t depending on the government to give them stuff! Point two is that Joseph instructed Pharoah to save 7 years of food for an upcoming famine. Was Joseph advocating hoarding? We do not know when there could be an economic situation in our country to rival the 1930’s (and no, this recession doesn’t come even close). Our grandparents stood in line for food and they haven’t forgotten that type of poverty. Your 401k or bank account will be worthless if our country’s economy crashes under the overwhelming debt our government has. Revelation tells of a time when a bag of gold will buy a loaf of bread. Greater minds than ours have debated the timing of things in Revelation, and perhaps none of these couponers are believers who stockpile for this purpose, but who are you to judge their reasons? God forbid you don’t prepare for your family and you have nothing to give them.

    Proverbs 31 tells us of a godly woman who most of us women hate to be compared to because we don’t feel like we measure up. She “gets up while it is dark… considers a field and buys it…. sets about her work vigorously….. her lamp doesn’t go out at night….. she can laugh at the days to come….. she does not eat the bread of idleness.” Does that sound like a woman who makes playdough cakes with her kids all day? Yes, couponing and shopping takes time. Yes, those people spent more hours at it than I do. HOWEVER, aren’t there high powered women executives who easily work 70 hours a week, and are ADMIRED for their jobs? Personally, I think women are responsible for caring for their families and making time for them. But I think it’s a double standard to say there is something “mentally wrong” with a hoarding couponer and not say the same thing about a “greedy” woman lawyer. At least the couponers are hoarding life necessities and not blowing money on flat screen tv’s, limo’s, and vacations. Just think about it. How is it different for my family if I coupon for 40 hours a week, or if I work a 40 hour week job? Either way, I am providing for them using the same amount of hours. Along with that, let me comment on the “coupon high”. Is that any different than the high a salesman gets after selling a high priced item and getting a great commission? Or a man landing some spectacular account for his company? So what, you get a coupon high! It feels great to be successful at something…there’s nothing sinful about that.

    And if you want to refer to extreme couponers as gluttonous, then remember you will be judged to the same standards according to Jesus. So next time you are eating out, think twice before loading up your plate with “things you don’t need”.

    Consider the fact that while they may never need that much toilet paper or deodorant, those items become invaluable for bartering during a severe depression. They could sell stuff to bring money in if they lost a job. And who’s to say they don’t share with food banks, needy friends, or family? Just because they have tons leftover doesn’t mean they aren’t generous as well. If you were a well-to-do millionaire, would people judge you as stingy because you didn’t give all your money away and only keep enough to live on? Millionaires may give thousands away to charity and still have millions. Extreme stockpilers may give away thousands of dollars of products and still have a garage FULL.

    I’m not trying to be mean here, I’m just saying that it’s easy for us to look at someone else and judge their life or pick out the speck of dust in their eye, when we have a log in our own. We don’t know the backrounds of these people or the possible lean times they’ve faced in the past. It’s not fair of us to comment on their lives or their lack of OUR values when we’ve only seen a 20 minute glimpse into each life.

    Each of us should determine our own guidelines, but we can’t judge others for theirs. It’s no different than what the apostles talked about in eating the bread of idols. It may feel like sin to one person, so it IS sin to that person. But to the other who can eat and appreciate what God has provided, then let him eat without guilt.

    My standards are these…..Is what I’m doing honest? Is what I’m doing pulling me away from time with God so that I’m missing church, small group, or personal time with Him? Is what I’m doing hurting my family (as in real damage to my relationships, not just letting daddy put them to bed or missing 2 ball games out of 20)? Is what I’m doing helpful to my family and/or others?

    Does it need to be more complicated than that?

  25. nadia says

    The first and the third lady were just plain greedy! I feel sorry for them and hope one day they will ask for professional help. However,the other lady was just a smart shoppers!

  26. Mellymel says

    Here’s my issue with the first and last people on the show and with some of the comments here. I DONT think it’s okay to empty the shelves and donate it to food closets. I tell my mother this all the time that there are tons of other people who really need that deal but who wouldn’t qualify for a food pantry. Donating your huge overage doesn’t negate the fact that you have taken way more than you needed. Same some for others!

    • Marie says

      yes, you are right. but I don’t see any of them using even 1/4 of thier
      “stock pile” before alot of it expires, I would much rather see if be donated to a church or to a homeless shelter (there has been a food shortage the past couple of years in different states & people are turned away, I have helped in shelters & it is so sad to see hungry people) but also, to have no reguards to others that shop at the store and anything that was on sale is gone..I would be ashamed to get on national tv & say that this greed is”exciting or give me a high”..selfish

    • Alyssa Francis says

      @Mellymel, I certainly agree that it is not okay to empty shelves. Some extreme couponers do so and actually sell their items at garage sales! I think there is a way to balance smart couponing with donations, but it does require moderation.

      Thanks for commenting!

    • Brooke says

      @Mellymel, The last guy didn’t ”
      empty the shelf.” He preordered all of the cereal and the show staged him getting it off of the shelf. Although, the show even mentioned that he called ahead to preorder the cereal.

  27. Kyle @ The Penny Hoarder says

    I saw a clip of it on Entertainment Tonight and it sure looks interesting. I can’t wait to watch it off the Tivo!

  28. Michelle says

    I found the show very interesting because I love coupons and love to see how well others can do, and how they organize things. Every couponer will go overboard when they first start (well most will) but then you learn that even if you can get 20 bottles of salad dressing free…..they have a shelf life and they will go bad! You get to the point where you know everything will go on sale w/in a 3-4 month period and start to only buy what your family can use during that time. The one gentleman did awesome but he was shopping at Kroger and our Krogers in our area will only take 2 coupons per like item and if the item is valued at more than 75% of the item they wont take it at all. (So if you have a $0.50 coupon that doubles to $1.00 and the item is only $1.00 they wont take it). When people dont know the policies and head to the stores with tons of coupons and go to check out its going to cause problems for the cashiers and the couponer. They didnt seem to cover couponing ethics at all, shelf life, or even go over couponing basics. But…..I love coupons and will continue to watch what they do.

    • Alyssa Francis says

      @Michelle, Michelle, you are right, they did not cover ethics or good coupon practices at all. The show is pure entertainment. It has brought many new readers to my blog and hopefully they will find some good resources here!

  29. Karen says

    I watched the show as an avid coupon er and I feel I used it differently than some readers. I took some notes for ideas and saw ways to improve my shopping. Each individual is different and I feel I can not judge them for having the amounts that they kept.

    Now I will buy 20 extra coupons for a great deal and stock up, we are working to having a one year stock pile to help in case of emergency etc, however we give food to our family who cant buy enough for themselves. Feed our missionaries often as well as have ‘week boxes’ for when we hear that someone local is struggling.

    As for those saying its an abuse of coupons for the stores, they receive full face value plus a handling fee so sometimes its is more of a profit for them to take the coupon than cash.

    Coupons are a blessing in our family and have stopped us from going hungry in times of need and I hope have helped others around us.

  30. Linda says

    I did watch Extreme Couponing. There were only 2 on there that used any integrity aabout couponing. Nathan, and the black woman (forgot her name). The other 2 were just a version of hoarding, and addiction. I guess you can become addicted to anything. I believe these two people donate lots to their church, and or community. That is a way of giving back, paying it forward. There are so many people in need out there, and someone sits with 30 years worth of TP in their garage! I am new to within the last year of being more aggressive with couponing even though I have used coupons off and on most of my adult life. I live on a small disability income, and have to make ends meet somehow so couponing is what I use. My stockpile is to large for me(only 2 boxes) so one of my goals this year is to use coupons, but only buy what I need to provide for me and my family. It is all about balance.

  31. Min Williams says

    Grace and Peace to you all. I am up late tonight giving moral support to my daughter as she completes a project for school. As I was flipping through the channels, I came across this episode and it peaked my curiosity. Quite frankly, I haven’t used coupons in a while. At one time I did order coupons from a coupon clipping service and watch the ads to get the best deals. I did it out of necessity. Watching the show made be come to grips that I could be saving a lot more money even if I only modestly used coupons. It also inspired me; to save more money to work towards being debt free; to help those families in the church AND out of of the church; to learn as much as I can so that I can teach others. I really loved that about the lady from Philadelphia! How better to be a blessing to someone else than to teach them how to stretch their dollar. “My people perish for their lack of knowledge.” Teaching is one of my gifts so while I pray for the Lord’s direction I need to learn as much as possible about the process. Finally, watching the show tonight has lead me here and I believe that I can find a great deal of wisdom that I might share with others. Where should I begin? How do I organize? I’m sure the answers are on the site and I will surely take some time to sort through but welcome all of your insight.

  32. Stacy says

    So here is how I look at it. I like to use coupons. But if you are printing off your coupons how much money are you wasting in printer ink. If you buy 5-10 sunday news papers for the coupons how much money is spent right there. Yeah you see the great savings at the check out for food and such but you dont see the bill for the other things you need to pay for in order to get the coupons. I saw one lady digging through the a dumpster to get coupons she is the one that saves the most because she is not paying the extra money for the coupons.

    Also if you have to convert bedrooms to stock pile rooms even if you are keeping it organized that is way to much. Most food expires about 3 months or less from when you buy it. So how are they eating that much before it goes bad. And having so much cheese and meat frozen that stuff only stays good for 6-12 months.

    I think the only one that was doing good was the guy because he was buying to donate. I mean yeah he had a stock pile at home but he bought a lot to just donate you dont see that very often. But he had so much deordernt at home dosnt he know that has an exp date on it too.

    • phee says

      @Stacy, I don’t print many coupons but ,I do get very cheap ink online. so if I printed a couple coupons it ends up paying for the cost of the ink. Maybe the folks on the show get theirs cheap as well. Also the Sunday paper is cheaper in certain areas. I know places that sell them for .99 on Monday, I heard somewhere else sells them .75 so one coupon in the paper would that price. Some people are lucky enough to get the coupons free from their paper delivery person or from stores that give them to them.
      The lady that got all the pasta said on another site that it was all donated also the lady shopping with her son said she donates too. The show seems to have edited things out. Nathan said on his site that he donated other items that the show filmed but it wasn’t aired.

  33. becca says

    Do remember that Nathan does donate some of the food he gets from coupons to the food bank. Hes not just keeping everything to himself. Yesterday on the tv he bought 150.00 worth of cereal, with coupons and donated it to the food bank. I don’t think we should be judging him for what he does, but taking his advice and learning how to save ourselves a couple of dollars. I feel blessed I came across the show and I hope I can take some of his advice and save my family some money.

  34. Nicole says

    My roommates and I watched the Extreme Couponing show as well and while we thought “what a great way to save money” I was truly appalled by the hoarding behavior demonstrated by some of the people on the show. I can understand some people’s hoarding intentions, for example the couple who’s sole bread winner was out of work, an experience such as this can definitely lead one to prepare for the worst. However, in most cases the individuals just hold on to these items as if they were trophies! The people that do this truly have a gift for saving money – my thought is that they should go to work for a food bank or other community action service center to really help those who need it.

  35. Deidre G says

    Did you know you can get all coupons doubled at Kmart this week? A $2 off coupon scans at $4 off! I saw the full list of deals on Cuckoo for Coupon Deals.

  36. says

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