Aquasana Shower Filter Review {Giveaway}

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As many of you know, my family is on a mission to reduce the toxins in our home. We have come a long way so far, but I continue to learn how to take it a step further. One surprising fact I learned during my research was that the tap water in our home likely contains chlorine and other contaminants. We have always used a water filter for our drinking water, but what about the water we bathe in every day?

I began to research options for shower filters, and came across Aquasana. Turns out, Aquasana is local to me right here in  North Texas. They are the number one rated manufacturer of home water filtration systems in America. So of course, I was thrilled when they sent me an Aquasana Shower Filter to experience in my home.

Health Benefits:
With the realization that more than double the levels of chlorine and other synthetic chemicals (SOCs/VOCs) enter our body through skin absorption and inhalation of steam while showering than from drinking water, the need and benefits of shower filtration have become very obvious. Shower filtration is one of the best and easiest ways to reduce our harmful exposure to chlorine and other tap water contaminants.

I had never even considered the impact a shower could have on our bodies, but since I have experienced dry skin for years and one of my children has eczema, I was eager to put the filter to the test. My husband installed it within minutes. My first thought was that our water pressure would be affected but I noticed no difference. The shower head also includes a fancy massage feature with a quick twist, which was a pleasant surprise!

We have now been using the Aquasana filter for a few weeks and I can actually report a difference in my hair and skin. I no longer have to instantly reach for lotion after a shower. My super fine, tangle-prone hair is easier to comb out and noticeably softer. I am so pleased with the changes I am considering purchasing additional filters for the other bathrooms in our home. Anything that benefits my family’s health is a worthy investment in my book.

As for the cost factor, an Aquasana Shower Filter is a respectable $84.99, available only from their website. Filters must be replaced every six months, and they offer an auto-ship program for cartridges, which I appreciate.

Aquasana has provided me with an additional Shower Filter to give away to one lucky reader! This filter promises to remove 91% of chlorine in your shower water for softer skin, shinier hair and a healthier shower.

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Disclosure: Aquasana provided me with one shower filter to facilitate this review and one to giveaway. As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. Stacey says

    Wow! I never thought about the chemicals during a shower either. I have extrmely dry skin, too, and I never thought about the chemicals in the water being the culprit. I would love to have one of these. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Cheril Lindenberg says

    I love that this filter has no change in the water pressure! We have very hard water where I live, not to mention that the water is fairly contaminated by all sorts of agricultural pollutants. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Jayne says

    Wow — what a great idea!!! I have just become aware of this issue and a product like this would be awesome to own.

  4. katy says

    This sounds like a cool, new product. It will work out well for us because my daughter has eczema and this time of year is killer on her skin.

  5. Emily Freelove says

    Having clean water is a big deal , even if it’s shower/bath water. Great idea and I would love to win one!

  6. says

    I would love to get one of these. I’ve never thought about all the chemicals in the water other than drinking. We have hard water and I would love to see the difference this makes.
    Ashley´s last blog post ..Beach!

  7. Stephanie says

    This would be great. I would love one of these to help protect my family from all the nastys in our town water.

  8. Karen says

    I would definitely love to win one of these, I too never gave much thought to bath/shower water and the effect it has on my body

  9. Molly says

    I’ve been learning more and more about the toxins in our home that we’re not even aware of. Just like you mentioned, I’ve only recently learned about how much enters our body through our skin. I would love to have one of these filters to help us start this journey of a toxin-free home!

  10. Amy says

    I would love to try this. I am always looking for ways to help my family be more healthy!! Thanks

  11. Lacey C. says

    Didn’t know this product even existed! I’d love to own one because our tap water smells awful – I can only imagine what’s in it!

  12. Isel says

    What a great giveaway!!! Both my sons suffer from ezcema and I have to drown them in lotion after their daily bath. I never thought that changing the showerhead might make a difference. This would certainly be a great one to win.

  13. Lauren Keith says

    I follow you RRS Feed by Goggle Reader as Lauren Keith. I really enjoy your post and great information.
    I could really use a shower filter.

  14. Lisa says

    I have been looking into getting a shower filter for awhile, both for my children, husband, and myself. Thanks for the great info. We also have a filter in the kitchen, but haven’t purchased one for our showers yet.

  15. Laura says

    Our water system is horrible. Right now our water is a horrible brownish color. UGH! Would love to have filtered water to shower and bathe with.

  16. Sarah M. says

    I would LOVE to win this for my family in order to protect them from the chemicals in our water.

  17. randa c. says

    I would love to have one of these to have less worries about the impact of our water on us.

  18. Aaron M says

    I would love to get one for me and my wife to use while showering. I’m sure it would make us feel better.

  19. Christie D says

    I never realized how many chemicals we could be exposed to during a shower. My daughter has eczema so I have been researching more things to do to help her skin.

  20. says

    I never heard of a filter for shower until today. That sounds fabulous! Has your daughter tried it out? I was wondering if there was any noticeable benefits? Thanks for a chance to win!
    Lee Ann L.´s last blog post ..Link Roundup

  21. Marisa says

    I would love to try this as we live in the country and I haven’t convinced my husband to get a filter for our water yet. I filter what we drink but it would be great to see what a difference it would make to filter our shower.

  22. says

    Wow – I had never thought of this before. Thank you for opening my eyes to this. My daughter and I always have such dry skin and I am wondering if this would help us. Thank you also for the opportunity to maybe have one for my own family.
    Amy´s last blog post ..Winter Paintings

  23. cynthia borbon says

    my son and i both suffer from eczema and im hoping this could help iim prove our skin

  24. Holly Urbanek says

    I, like you, am trying to lower the amount of chemicals in my home. Not only am I doing this for the health of my family, but for the health of our planet too! I would love to have an Aquasana Shower Filter!

  25. Kellye McGarrah says

    I would love to take a shower and get out feeling like I took a shower in the rain! I hate that everything we use, even something as natural as water is polluted!

  26. Pam Lusk says

    I have looked into purchasing one before – but was too expensive.
    Would love to have one as I can smell the chlorine in our shower & bath water.

  27. marci h says

    i would like to win because we have well water and this would help filter out the water before we bathe.

  28. Luisa Rivera says

    WOW!!! I never thought of a shower water filter… This would be a great item to have as my daughter of one of my sons have ezcema… I myself suffer from dry skin but did not know it was from the water that we are showering in… Thanks for the giveaway and I will keep my fingers crossed :-)

  29. Elizabeth says

    This looks like a wonderful product. We have hard water in the area that I live. After showers our skin is extremely dry, this would really benefit my daughter who suffers from eczema.

  30. Melissa says

    I guess I never thought much about the water we shower in, because we don’t drink it. I never realized that it was something I should think about too! Maybe if I owned one my daughter’s ezcema would get better! Thanks!

  31. Sara K says

    Our city water is terrible. I’d love to see (and feel) the difference this product would make for my family.

  32. AMY says

    This would be wonderful. We have a filter for our drinking water , but I have always wanted a filter for our shower. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. Jessica B says

    This would be great if I won this!! My son has severe eczema and allergies! I think this would help him so much.

  34. Michelle S. says

    I would love to have one of these. I know about all the chemicals in the water but we have not found a product that we just love to use for our bathroom. My daughters and I all have excema and this would help out alot especially with all of the dry skin and itching.

  35. Dorathy says

    i have wanted one of these for a long time but don’t have the financial means and the reason i want it is because i know that my city has a lot of chlorine in the water and hate knowing that!

  36. Danielle P says

    I have never heard of this but boy am i wanting to try! I have extremely dry skin and this might be exactly what I wanted.. I love the fact that you stated you didnt have to grab the lotion when you got out of the shower.. That is exactly what I do too!

  37. says

    I want to own a shower filtration system because I also have very dry skin and I am allergic to most lotions, which makes that option harder.

  38. Hannah says

    I was recently married and moved to Michigan with my husband. Our home is supplied with well water that we are not able to drink and the chemicals we have to use to soften our water leaves our skin horribly dry. The poor water combined with the dry air means our skin is taking a beating! I didn’t even know this product was available, but thanks for the opportunity to try it out!

  39. says

    I would love to own this shower filtiration system, because it is important to me what goes into my family’s body. I hate that water contains all of that bad stuff and my kids are exposed to it.
    Kim P.´s last blog post ..Thumb Sucker

  40. Jeannette says

    My husband and son suffer every winter with eczema. We spend so much money on super-moisturizers. This filter makes so much sense and I would love to help stop the aching they feel. Plus, the dryness in my hair would be lessened. What a fabulous find!

  41. Ysenia Ramirez says

    I really think this is a great way to reduce all of the toxins in the water that get on your body and in your hair. I would love to have one of these.

  42. says

    I have always struggled with dry skin living in Arizona but we haven’t tried a water filter like this in our shower. I would love to find something that gave me relief, especially since we have another little body to bathe in our household that I want to preserve their sweet baby skin! Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Kari says

    I would love to win! I have very dry and sensitive skin – I think this might make a big difference!

  44. Beth Ann says

    With my husband’s asthma, my dry skin, and most importantly two children ages 7 and 10 months both of whom suffer from eczema, I would LOVE to have a water filter for our shower! Thanks for the chance to win one :)

  45. Jenny says

    This sounds great! I have been having issues with dry skin also and wouldlove to try this filter!

  46. Noelle Mador says

    I am already a Keeping the Kingdom First fan. I would love this. I was in the natural food store and got literature about it. Unfortunately, we are just getting back on feet slowly after my husband lost his job for 2 years. This would be the perfect birthday present since my birthday is February 7th. Thanks so much.

  47. Noelle Mador says

    I am a google reader subscriber. This filtration system would help so much to get the toxins out of my home, and help with skin conditions too. We use non-toxic cleaners in our house. I got rid of all the chemicals.

  48. Selma F says

    I am interested because I have psoriasis on my legs and my husband has severe problems with scalp dryness. I think that getting the toxins out of the water would be a very good way to continue trying to clean up our home environment.

  49. Amanda Carter says

    I would love to take one more step towards a healthier home. This sounds like a great way to do it!

  50. Carol says

    I would love a shower water filter! I’m also trying to clean my house of as many chemicals as I can! This would be amazing!

  51. Chloe L. says

    My husband is in the Air Force and we live on a military installation. There usually is a lot of testing done on or near military posts and because of that the water is heavily chlorinated. Whenever we shower we feel like we are in a swimming pool because of the strong chlorine smell. We do use a water purification system for our drinking water, but it would be very nice to take a better shower! I’m sure it would help out the eczema my 2 children have!

  52. sharon says

    We struggle with eczema and dry skin in our family too. I would love the opportunity to try this product for free!

  53. Estera says

    I have extremely dry skin too. Like all the others i did not think is from the water. I also have eczema and also one of my kids has it too. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in bringing us great deals. Thanks to one of your posts last week I was able to get 8 cream cheese with the coupon that you posted.

  54. Sharon says

    Hadn’t ever thought about the chemicals in my shower water, but my daughter and I both have dry, sensitive skin. Would love to give the filter a whirl to help with that.

  55. kim s. says

    I am always looking for ways to get toxins out of my house. I am very interested in this product!

  56. Virginia says

    I have very dry skin all the time (I invest more in different lotions than anyone I have ever met hoping to find one that keeps my skin moist enough) and very fine hair as well.
    When I read your e mail it made me think there is a chance my skin could get better with this…

  57. says

    Oh, how I NEED a filter on my shower. We live on the Rio Grande River and you would NOT believe how horrible our water is! It bleaches our clothes because of the chlorine and other chemicals. I am seriously allergic to chlorine (can’t get in most pools and never a hot tub) and my skin and scalp have been in such bad shape since we moved down here. We have been researching showerhead filters for months-trying to find the best one.


  58. Valerie says

    I have always wanted a way to filter shower water. My daughter has really sensitive skin and I have wondered if filtering the water would make a difference.

  59. Sam in AZ says

    Me & my family need this, we have hard water. We are on a tight budget and just can not afford a soft water system. A nice softer shower and using less lotion would be nice.

  60. belva houck says

    my skin is really dry and if u have harsh chemicals in your water this is really bad on your skin also so if i have water filter i could flush out chemicals and have a fresh bath and use a good lotion afterwards

  61. Amber Kemp says

    I would love to win a shower filtration system! They seem to be pretty expensive, so it isn’t something I would otherwise be able to afford right now. But like you, we are also attempting to reduce more and more of the toxins in our home. This would help tremendously, especially since I have a little guy and I really try to do what is best for his health. thank you for the chance!

  62. Claudia N says

    I want to win because , this filter will help my family health and also I have very dry skin and this filter will really help me.

  63. says

    Wow! Never even consider the contaminants in shower water before! Thanks for the heads-up! People always complain about the minerally taste of Frisco water, so it makes me wonder even more. Would love to add an Aquasana filter to our shower!
    Lin´s last blog post ..Whats in a Name

  64. Claudia N says

    I “Like” Aquasana and KingdomFirstMom on Facebook
    (claudia n)
    nclaudia 25 at yahoo dot com

  65. Lisa H says

    This is such a great idea … I have been having issues with my septic (my mom is on home dialysis and many meds) and I wonder if this would be helpful. Have already changed the TP and dish soap.
    Thanks for the great opportunity.
    (I already like you on FB and I did Aquasana)
    I pray peace and blessings over you!
    Lisa H´s last blog post ..FLinG – January 31- 2011

  66. Alana says

    Wow! I never heard of such a thing, nor would I have thought that it would be for anything other than maybe people with hard water. I have very dry skin & have problems with rosacea. I’d be willing to give this product a try & see how it affects my skin & hair, as well has my 2 year old son’s & husband’s.

  67. Summer says

    Our water has a TON of chlorine in it and is hard. It really does a number on my hubby’s skin as well as my and my kid’s skin. We put TONS of lotion on and after just a little while, it looks as if we never put any on at all. I have been looking into getting a filtration system for a while, but we are on a tight budget, so this would definitely be something I would like to win!

  68. Stephanie Benefield says

    I would love to own one of these Aquasana shower filters because my hubby has a chlorine allergy, and hives if he is exposed to too much of it. He works away from home on a boat where it’s not an issue for him there because of the filtration/water treatment setup on the boat. But I feel so sorry for him when he comes home and has to try to shower here after being exposed to nil levels at work.

  69. Allison says

    I’m also in the horribly dry skin club. Mercy me no amount of lotion alleviates the itching! Would love to win the water filter to put on my shower.

  70. says

    I would love to try this because I have psoriasis and chemicals and other agents added to water tend to make my spots worsen more than do them any good. I don’t know if this would help my skin but if it did it would be so nice to not be embarrassed of it when I go out.
    Mila´s last blog post ..Here we go

  71. Jennifer says

    I never thought about this until your post mentioned it. I think it would help me keep my children’s skin healthy.

  72. Priscilla says

    I would like one of these filters! I just got married in September, and as a result I moved out of my parents house (that has an absolutely glorious filtration system) into a condo in a different city. The water is so bad that my skin has been developing boils! Grossss I know. My dr said it from the water mixing with bacteria and upon showering and the opening of pores, the bacteria is entering my blood stream :(
    Not Good! I’m glad to have been introduced to this product and I hope to become more acquainted with it soon enough!

  73. Audra Ohm says

    HI! Thank you so much for posting this. I have been looking for one of these. We just recently rented out a duplex in the country and have extremley hard water. I noticed I started to have really bad eczema, I itch all day long and lotion doesn’t help. I can see it on my daughter as well! We bought a filter for our faucet and that takes out all of the sulfur and other chemicals so we can drink it. I had a aha moment a few weeks ago when I thought to research a filter for our shower head. It would be great to win this for my family since money is a bit tight these days, thank you for the great advice!


  74. sarah says

    A shower filter has been on my list of things to purchase. We are trying to reduce the toxins in our home.

  75. Brandy Moore says

    We try everything we can to keep toxins away from us and this would be so helpful. When we use to live at my parents house they had this filter and it honestly made a difference! Since we are out on our own we no longer have this luxury and the difference we feel now is horrible for us and our daughter. With the lovely economy we are not in a position to buy something like this. We would be so EXCITED to have this.

  76. Ronda Cates says

    I was just discussing this idea with my mother yesterday about how much chlorine we absorb through our skin in the shower. I didn’t know there was any cost effective way of reducing it until now. Thanks. I would love to win the filter.

  77. says

    I recently posted the following as a Facebook status, and one of my friends commented to let me know about this giveaway!

    “So I just walked into the bathroom and was assaulted by a strong chlorine smell. I rarely use bleach to clean (I usually use vinegar or other natural cleaners), so I was confused, until I realized that one of the kids had forgotten to drain the bathtub after taking a bath. It seriously smelled like a swimming pool! We filter our drinking water, but that experience makes me want to invest in a filter for the tub, too.”
    Melissa @ Anxious for Nothing´s last blog post ..Blue Heart Blessed- by Susan Meissner

  78. says

    Hope this isn’t a duplicate comment…I tried to comment before, but the page stalled and my comment never showed up, so here we go again:

    I recently posted the following as my Facebook status; a friend commented and told me about this giveaway:

    “So I just walked into the bathroom and was assaulted by a strong chlorine smell. I rarely use bleach to clean (I usually use vinegar or other natural cleaners), so I was confused, until I realized that one of the kids had forgotten to drain the bathtub after taking a bath. It seriously smelled like a swimming pool! We filter our drinking water, but that experience makes me want to invest in a filter for the tub, too.”
    Melissa @ Anxious for Nothing´s last blog post ..Blue Heart Blessed- by Susan Meissner

  79. says

    I have always heard the benefits but have never had the money around to try one out. Both me and my daughter deal with very dry skin in the winter and I am sure this would help out lots!!
    Mrs. V´s last blog post ..100th Post

  80. Caitlin Pike says

    I’ve never really thought about it before until reading the email… My skin is always so dry after I get out of the shower. It would be wonderful not to have this problem! Great for little ones too!

  81. Denise Wilson says

    Wonder if this is the cause of my dry skin? Sounds like a good product. Would like to try it.

  82. Milian O says

    My son has eczema and occasionally croup. We try to have him sit in the bathroom during our warm showers so that he can get the benefit of the steam to breathe in. A filter would calm my fears of what he’s breathing in and perhaps help with his dry skin.

  83. says

    Who ever thought about the effects of shower water???? While I would love it for my dry skin, I would give it to my brother in law who suffers from eczema. I would love to see the benefit for that!

  84. kris says

    This would be so nice to win for my family, and for a healthier water system in the shower!! I am a subscriber, for sure!

  85. Linda says

    Wow, I never really thought about the chlorine in the water, and yes our town has a lot of chlorine in our water. My 4 year old also has eczema, and I feel sorry for her since she is always itching in the winter with her dry skin. She also gets a lot of tangles in her long hair, but she insists on keeping it long. She is a very girly girl who loves her long hair and wears fancy dresses, etc. I never thought about the water affecting her hair. We use conditioner in the bath, and also put on a leave in conditioner when I comb her hair, but nothing seems to work very well. I would LOVE to try the filter. It sounds wonderful!!!

  86. Arrie says

    I would love to own a filter simply to see if I can tell a difference in the way my hair and skin feel.

  87. Chris says

    Wow, this sounds amazing. We think about the chemicals in the water we drink, but I haven’t really thought about the bath water. My husband and I and one of our daughters each have such dry skin. I would love to try this out and see how it helps!

  88. Kathie VanDeraa says

    I have tried other things to try to solve skin and scalp problems. I never considered that the problem could be in the water. It would be a HUGE help if I was able win.

    Thanks for doing this!

  89. Theresa Allen says

    All my children and myself have dry itchy skin. This may be the help we’re looking for.

  90. says

    I have wanted to get a shower filter for a while, but it just hasn’t been at the very top of my priority list. I would love to win one – that would be great!

    I’m wondering, does it only work with the shower head that comes with it? Is it a low-flow shower head? Or could you install a low-flow shower head onto the filter? I guess I should just check out their website, huh?

    Thanks for this great giveaway!
    Emily @ Live Renewed´s last blog post ..FAQ – Are Reusable Products Really Better For The Environment Than Disposable

  91. Tammy Schlievert says

    I’ve never even thought about the chlorine in the shower water before! I would LOVE to try this!! I like Kingdom First Mom on facebook! I like Aquasana on FB!

  92. Kathy, M says

    We have hard water that is loaded with minerals which deposit on the walls and tub. I would love to have a shower head with a filter that would help keep my skin and bathroom mineral free.

  93. Marissa says

    This is such a great idea! I never thought about it. My son has eczema and my husband and I have dry skin.

  94. Justine says

    I would love to try this! We considered a whole-home filtration system, but it was too expensive. I don’t think I realized that this type of option existed!

  95. Jennifer says

    I am always careful what my family eats and drinks. I always wanted a filter but never got around to it. This would be great to try!

  96. Stacey Morgan says

    My family and I have been making steps to change our lifestyle to healthy and organic. We’ve discussed how important a GOOD water filtration system would be for the house, but it’s too expensive right now. The water filter for the shower would be a huge blessing. Here’s to actual HEALTHY water!

  97. Linda says

    I am also a FB fan of yours and subscribe to your emails. This is a great idea. Something I never really thought about. Thank you!!

  98. Cindy Chapman says

    I am also a fan of yours on facebook and receive your emails. Just like many people on here, I never thought of having bad water in the shower but it really makes sense to me about our family now. I have a 15 year son, a 12 year old son and they both have eczema and both have a problem with very dry scalp. Being at their age, they really hate it. Going to school and worrying that the dead dry skin in their hair will show up and they might get made fun of is hard for me. Also I have a severe problem with dry skin, it doesn’t matter whether it’s summer or winter. And my husband has psorisis on his scalp that we have to treat with prescribed medicine. Seeing what you have said about the shower head filter makes me think there is hope my family. We have 3 bathrooms with showers in our home and if we could win this giveaway I would defineitly place it in my boys’ bathroom then if it works for them, I will for sure buy 2 more and tell everyone I know about this product. Thanks.

  99. Shanna says

    I would love to filter out all of the chemicals that come into contact with my family. I always think about our food, household cleaners, drinking water, etc…but not so much the water we bathe in daily!

  100. Dori says

    I want this filter because I have asthma and I can immediately feel my breathing change when I get in the shower — I’m sure I’m breathing all kinds of junk in our water that makes it worse!

    Dori´s last blog post ..A Prayer for the New Year

  101. Chantel says

    I have always been a country girl, and living here with chlorine in the water is something that I really, really don’t like. I would love to have this!

  102. lavern says

    i want to enter for the shower water filter. i am buying a new townhouse, and am looking to start cutting down on toxins from the start

  103. Karina House says

    I saw a demonstration where the woman tested tap water in a glass for chlorine, then stirred it with her finger for 10 minutes and tested again – the chlorine had been absorbed into her skin! That’s why I’d love to win this.

  104. Elaine says

    Ever since I heard about shower filters on Dr. Oz, I’ve been thinking I need one. This is a great opportunity! Thanks.

  105. Amanda T says

    My baby has extremely sensitive skin but loves his bath–I’d love to let him stay and play longer because of this!

  106. milo johnston says

    I love the idea of not getting toxins on my families skin while we shower to get clean! Sign me up :)

  107. says

    I could really use this since I have really dry skin and hair. I know this would make a difference in the softness of my hair and the moisture content of my skin. Thanks for the contest!

  108. Amy says

    this sounds like a great product. It would be wonderful to have – so beneficial to my families’ hair and skin. thanks for telling us about this filter.

  109. Ellen B says

    We have terrible water. It’s from a well so we have a lot of minerals and stuff in our water.

  110. Ashley Nelson says

    So excited to learn about this! My family is renting a house with hard water and all my family right now is complaining about ichy skin. Would love to win this! I have signed up for your emails, and liked both Keeping the Kingdom and Aquasana on facebook and hope to hear on Feb 5th that I was chosen! Thanks!

  111. Annette says

    The chlorine is so strong in our water it burns our eyes. This issue with our water has only appeared in the last several months. I don’t know what changed, but obviously something is different!
    I have been shopping for shower head water filters but I am confused by the mixed reviews and all of the information that exists about these products. I have been looking at this product closely. It would be nice to have an opportunity to give it a try before purchasing another product for the other shower in our home.

  112. Rebecca says

    Our water is hard, we have had an independent company come out and confirm it. We had a water softening agent for a while but it quit working and I would love to have some sort of new filtration system. Thanks for the giveaway!

  113. leslie says

    My mom has a filtration in her shower, and when we stay there and I use the shower my skin and hair feel so much better. I would love to have that clean water for my whole family to enjoy the great benefits of the water filtration. Thanks!

  114. Jj says

    just did the ‘like’ on the two sites you mentioned. any chance there’s enough filters for me to get one?? Thanks, Jj

  115. Mary J says

    I couls use like many of the others. I have dry itchy skin and an ichy scalp.I never really thought about a water filter for the shower. Great product.

  116. Sheila Hickmon says

    I’d like one because I have super dry skin, I never knew/thought about chemicals in the shower! This would be great!

  117. Jennifer Nick says

    Everyone in my family’s skin is sooo dry, especially at this time of year. I think this would help! Thanks!

  118. Amber D. says

    Wow! This is such a great idea! My skin is so sensitive I never thought about the water in my shower. I will not drink the tap water in my home why bathe in it. lol. Thanks for the giveaway

  119. says

    I’d like to see if this helps my hair be softer. I wish my husband would get us a water softener!

    I am glad for chlorine in the water though killing bacteria.

  120. Rami says

    The water here in Waterloo is soften water and salty. My hair is breaking up and I need a filter to protect my hair!!!

  121. Sarah says

    I would love this! My sorority sisters think I’m crazy for wanting one but I’d love to prove them wrong with how awesome they are!