It’s a Jungle Out There {Garden Update}

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So, my camera has broken (or it’s fixability is not within my range of handiness), so we are stuck with the iPhone picture.

I pinned up my cucumber and squash this last weekend, as they were roaming all over the garden! I have a few blossoms popping up, as well.

I put 4 organic strawberry plants in the ground today. Better late, than never, right?

My potatoes, lettuce, and spinach are doing well, but I may be hitting up the Farmer’s Market for tomatoes, as those plants are kind of sad right now.

In other fruit-and-vegetable news, I purchased 25 lbs. of organic apples and 25 lbs. of organic carrots from Azure Standard. My order came in yesterday, so I am awash in both. We are also going blackberry picking on Saturday {squee!}.

As you can probably imagine, I have been Googling Apple Jam, Blackberry Jam, and Apple Butter recipes. I have found a few, but feel free to share any recipes you love in the comments!

How is your garden coming along?


  1. Erin says

    Don’t have a recipe, but thinking that blackberry/apple jam sounds pretty good. Or how about apple pie jam, I have even seen one with raisins in it. Or you could just do some regular pie filling and can it for later baking… The possibilties are endless when you google 🙂

  2. says

    I’d make some applesauce. Its super-easy. Your garden looks great! My squash has started taking off across the yard too, so I got Hubby to build me a trellis.
    Keri´s last blog post ..E is for envy

  3. danise says

    My green thumb is black – I can’t grow anything – my garden is the grocery store and farmers market!!

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