{Now Closed} Introducing New Q-tips Precision Tips + a Giveaway!

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The following was reviewed by contributing writer, Amy.

I confess, I am a total Q-tip fan. I use a Q-tip every day to apply my eye makeup; nothing works better!

Have you seen all of the uses for Q-tips? The ideas are endless! Personally, our family uses Q-tips for painting projects with the girls, cleaning the screens on our cell phones, and getting in-between the crevices in our laptop keyboards.  Q-tips also help keep my wedding rings clean and shiny.

Q-tips are so versatile, and are a must-have for any household.

I was really excited to use the new Q-tips Precision Tips on my eyelids because sometimes, well, a regular Q-tip gets a little fuzzy. The Precision Tips held up great for applying my eyeliner!

Whether you choose to moisten a Q-tips® cotton swab with warm water to clean your child’s outer ear, nose, folds of the neck or between toes, or clean around a scratch or scrape on a little one’s knee with a Q-tips® Precision Tip™, these tools are soft, safe and gentle for every day use.

Through Thursday, 12/15, you can enter the Q-tips Tip-a-Thon! To participate, simply share the ways you use Q-tips cotton swabs or Q-tips Precision Tips, and you will be eligible for a chance to win a $100 gift card or a grand prize worth $1,000. See the Q-tip Facebook page for more details. But hurry, because this ends tomorrow… so submit that tip now!

And… one lucky Kingdom First Mom reader will win a Q-tips Gift Pack, including a $25 AMEX Gift Card, courtesy of Q-tips and RocketXL.

ONE reader will win a Q-tip Gift Pack + $25 AMEX Gift Card.

Enter to Win:

  • Leave a comment: What is your favorite way to use a Q-tip?

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This giveaway will end on Saturday (12/17) at 8 PM CST. The winner will be drawn at random, and notified via email.

Disclosure: I was provided with Q-tips cotton swabs® and information about the product by RocketXL. All opinions are 100% my own.

All photos can be found on the Q-tips Facebook page.


  1. Kim Pollock says

    I love using q-tips to do fun kids crafts like painting. I like to use them to clean the ears too.

  2. Brittany says

    I love Q-tips! I would love to win this, I use them for ears, cleaning small places, cute little belly buttons and makeup touch up!

  3. Theresa c says

    I love to use my q-tips to clean around the bathroom faucet knobs. It can be hard to your hands/fingers and q-tips are perfect.

  4. Jaimie A says

    One of my favorite ways to use a Q-tip is to clean out the vent on the back of my hair dryer. It opens up and the vent shield is easily cleaned off with a Q-tip!

  5. Cyndi Berger says

    I subscribe to your emails and LIKE(need a LOVE) on FB.
    My best use for q-tips is to lightly damp with rubbing alcohol and clean the kids game cartridges. They tend to get gummy or greasy from not being touched rite. I am looking forward to trying the presision tips as they look to NOT be fuzzy.
    Thanks for a daily dose of information to make my life easier.

  6. shannon d says

    I use them to clean sticky juice spills on legos, that seems to be the thing i use them most on right now!

  7. Lisa says

    I love Qtips too! I use them for my ears as well as for applying makeup and of course for those eye makeup mistakes they are great! Thanks so much!

  8. Sharon says

    I like to use them to put Vaseline on my lips. I buy big jars of Vaseline, so instead of dipping my finger in, I use a Q-tip.

  9. Bethany Goff says

    I like to use Q tips for kids projects involving glue. We just pour some glue into an old lid and apply the glue with a Q tip. No muss, no fuss! And no ooey-gluey fingers! :) I do really like the idea of the Precision Q Tips, because, like you use, I’ve seen as the regular ones get saturated, the cotton gets pretty droopy and fuzzy. The precision ones sound like they would be great for my kids projects. And I’ve got a Christmas project coming up that I’m going to need some for! Perfect timing!

  10. kasey says

    Perfect photo, because my favorite way to use them is to fix my makeup (and to clean the house in hard to reach places like around fixtures)

  11. Laua Yawin says

    Subscribe to your feed. I also use them for make up and to apply ointment to my granddaughters boo boos

  12. Trisha says

    I dip a Q-tip in fingernail polish remover to clean fingernail polish that is on my skin but very close to my nail. I don’t want to ruin my nail job with a big cotton ball and Q-tips are the perfect size for a touch up.

  13. sharon harris says

    I use them to wash my sons sippy cups out with. In those hard to reach areas that does not come clean in the dishwasher.

  14. Beth Ann Bruno says

    Q-Tips are always used here for homeschool projects, things caught in the eyes, cleaning tight spaces..but my favorite is applying tea tree oil to ticks-just the right distance away from the creepys!!
    I love you on Facebook too!

  15. Juli Clayton says

    I use Qtips to clean the vents in my car. They are the perfect size to swipe away all the yucky dust.

  16. Judy says

    I use q-tips for everything just like you. I clean little crevices, my computer keyboard, I use them in my kitchen to clean my stove. Love them.

  17. Kim says

    I use them to clean my gun. I know, kind of weird but they work in the little places that you can’t get to.

  18. Andrea D. says

    I use Q-Tips to clean the make up off the crevices of my nose. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  19. brooke says

    I’m a purest…. I use them for ear cleaning mostly. I do use them for the OOPS marks that my mascara sometimes makes. ;)

  20. Joette says

    Like you for make-up and to clean around my faucet. Wow 2 totally different uses. Merry Christmas

  21. Melissa says

    I use my Q-Tips to apply lipstick, medicine on cuts and to clean keyboards or tight spots. Love Q-Tips—-Hope I win!

  22. Rebecca L. says

    I use them to clean ears, clean keyboards or other creviced places, take off makeup, apply topical medicines.

  23. Megan Murrell says

    We use them to clean our ears. I finally got some for my guest bathroom so I can stop going through my Q Tip stash in my bathroom everytime my cousin comes over :)

  24. Melissa P. @Mel4Him says

    I “Like” Q-tips and KingdomFirstMom on Facebook (Melissa P./Mel4Him)

  25. gina toothe says

    One of my favorite uses with Q tips is removing excess make-up, esp. around the eye, when applying it. Perfect for that area ;)