10 Reasons Why I Love the MobyGO {more things for baby!}

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A few weeks ago, I mentioned how the Mega Seat can be a helpful tool for new mommas. Today, the product I’m sharing is truly a lifesaver and one of my very favorite things.

I’ve talked about how much I love babywearing, and I’ve used a few different products.

And then, I was sent the MobyGO. The MobyGO is the Moby Wrap’s answer to soft-structured carriers. When baby is too big for the Moby Wrap, he or she can move up to the MobyGO.

Now. Some people might receive a product and gush on and on about how much they love it, when they really don’t. This is not one of those reviews. Well, there may be a little gushing, but I promise, it’s all real.


When we went to Disney, Cam spent 95 percent of the time in the MobyGO baby carrier. I wore him on all the rides, and he was perfectly content; nothing scared him because he was right next to me, and I could hold my girls’ hands or put my arm around them if they were scared and still keep Cam comforted.

10 Reasons Why I Love the MobyGO:

1) Cam is right next to me, but I still have two hands, which makes homeschooling, laundry, housework, and going places much easier.

2) The straps are incredibly supportive and comfortable.

3) Cam sits high enough that I can smooch his sweet head and low enough that nursing is comfortable for both of us.

4) I can nurse discreetly without taking him out or moving him around.

5) It is easily adjusted to accommodate myself or my husband, who loves baby-wearing, too.

6) It is easy to strap on and pop him in. {Note: Taking it off and on the first few times might leave you with the straps a bit twisted (it did me, anyway!), but you will get the hang of it after using it a few times.}

7) It is not hot for either of us. It was in the 80’s while at Disney, and this week I am wearing Cam at Falls Creek Church Camp, where the digits can easily reach 100+… and yet neither one of us are sweaty or uncomfortable.

8) The MobyGO is a comfy place for a babe to take a nap when he can’t bear to be away from Momma.

9) It is machine washable. Spit-up happens, and it’s nice to be able to toss the MobyGO in the wash and not worry about it stretching out or tearing.

10) It is less expensive than many other soft-structured baby carriers, but still a quality item.

When I say I wear him in the MobyGO all. the. time. I mean it. He is always in his “pouch” as some of our students call it!

And while I love my Ergo, I think I prefer it for back-carry, because the MobyGO is much more comfortable for front-carry, as the straps are wide and thin, rather than backpack-type straps.

Everyone always asks me if wearing Cam hurts my back. My answer is always, “Not when he’s in the Moby.”

If you are considering wearing your baby (which I highly recommend doing!), once baby is 4 months old or so, I would suggest you give the MobyGO a try. It’s about $75 on Amazon, which makes it cheaper than similar baby carriers, so you are spending less without sacrificing quality (because quality is very important when it comes to your baby!).

Do you wear your baby? Have you used the MobyGO? What is your favorite carrier?

Disclosure: I received the MobyGO to review. All opinions are my own. I really do love and recommend the MobyGO.

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