Our Family’s Food Goals for 2013

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We are getting back to the basics in our Eat Well, Spend Less series, and I’m sharing how our family is striving toward a healthier lifestyle this year.

Our family does not have a ton of food goals for this year, as we are doing fairly well at maintaining the goals set in previous years. We are definitely not perfect, and have backslid in a few areas. As always, these are goals for our family; do what works for you and your family!

We have reduced the number of processed foods by quite a bit, and those foods are rarely seen in our kitchen. One of my favorite {easy and quick!} resources is the Easy. Homemade. eBook, written by my friend Mandi. This eBook is clear and concise, and is full of wonderfully easy recipes to replace processed favorites. Another {new!} favorite is Katie Kimball’s Better than a Box, which is a fantastic guide on real food cooking, reverse engineering processed foods, and creative recipe development.

Our family food goals for 2013

Reduce the sugar. Again. We have slowly fallen back into some of our old sugary habits, even after a fairly successful sugar challenge last summer. Shane and I want to limit the sugar we have in our home, that way when we are out, we can let the girls make their own choices without being too strict on sugar intake. Of course, we will still monitor it and not let them go overboard, but if we are carefully limiting sugar at home to better sweeteners, I will feel okay with them having the not-so-good sweets outside the house on occasion.

Head over to Kingdom First Mom for the rest of our food goals!

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