Eat Well and Spend Less… Two Years Later

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Happy two year anniversary to our Eat Well, Spend Less series! I wasn’t there for the birth of this fantastic series, but the group was very welcoming when I took over the writing on this site. And while *I* may not be celebrating two years of being a part of this, I have followed along from it’s inception… and gleaned so much along the way.

Being a part of this series (and with this amazing group of ladies!) has pushed me out of my writing and cooking comfort zone. It has pushed me beyond limits I didn’t even know I had. I’ve shared my Whole30 and sugar challenges, about how I’m trying to eat better, my love-hate relationship with menu planning, food goals, and more.

Eat Well and Spend Less Two Years LaterReese with her pretty cupcakes

So, where am I, two years later?

Well, we aren’t perfect.

Sometimes I take shortcuts to get by during the busy seasons.

For example, I have always made the girls’ birthday cupcakes from scratch. Always. I have never bought store cupcakes or store cake or anything. Not that this is bad, it’s just something I have never done because their favorite cupcakes are homemade. The evening before her party, I went to the grocery store for ingredients and came back with really cute store cupcakes and Koolaid pouch drinks.

Yep, you read that right. Refined-sugar-laden and dye-filled goodies, all designed to make my life easier. And you know what? No one was any worse for the wear.

Did I feel a twinge of guilt for taking the easy way out? Yes. I’m sure it was just my OCD talking, but I let Reese decide if she wanted the homemade cupcakes or pretty store ones (my homemade ones are not so lovely!). She was happy, and I was able to go home that evening and have a little birthday dinner and movie with my family, instead of spending all night baking 4 dozen cupcakes.

Could I have “planned” better and started earlier? Probably. But our week ended up being really busy, and by the time Friday rolled around, I had not had a chance to get anything ready.

My point in admitting all of this, is that we all have to do what works for our family.

Even with my Type-A personality, perfection in the kitchen is something I no longer strive for. I may make my pie crust from scratch, but I may or may not have a Sonic gift card in my wallet. I love including my children when I cook, but at times having littles “helping” can be stressful. I can definitely tell you how to save money on healthier foods, but I don’t always follow my own advice. I am in a position to feed my family fairly well on a regular basis. I know not everyone is able to do this. Full bellies are more important than eating perfectly. Do what works for you and your family. Period.

Where am I two years later? Doing my best… which is exactly what you should do as well!

Feel free to browse the archives in this series. I’m including some of my favorite posts below!

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