Whole30 Week 4 Update and Wrap-Up

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We finished up our fourth and final week on the Whole30 last week.


I have still been sick with this junk (if the weather would just stay the same for two days in a row, I might be able to get better!), so I mostly juiced oranges and grapefruits, and stuck with light meals.

Shane really enjoyed the Whole30 and eating that way. Personally, now that I’ve added grains back in, I think I feel better. Weird, right? I didn’t jump on the Whole30 “bandwagon” because I was having trouble and thought it might be a food, I just wanted a reset for the new year.

One of the things that kept running through my mind throughout the month was moderation (and then Mandi wrote basically what I was thinking!). A lot of people eat on the 80/20 “rule,” where 80% is healthy and 20% may not be. I would say we fall into that rating scale, but I really want to decrease that 20%. I don’t feel it is acceptable to continue to play with our health “just because.” I think no matter what, we need to know what we are eating, and what is in our food. Eating out, driving through, “specials” (like sugar-laden and delicious chocolate milk from the farm) will be less frequent than before. I want to actually take something away from this, and for the kids to, as well, rather than just going back to the way it was before. The before wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.

That being said, we can only do our best. There are times when things are out of our control, like when your kids end up with candy from somewhere that should not be (in my opinion) handing out so much candy. I do have control over what comes into our home, and the girls respect that. For the most part, they agree with me that they receive entirely too many sweets outside our home. They don’t necessarily consume them, but they are given them.

Will we do another Whole30? I don’t know. I really missed my raw milk and granola. I can do without cheese and bread and stuff. I do like muffins, but I didn’t miss them. Shane likes tortilla chips, but other than that, we could probably eat this way most of the time. What we are going to do is read labels, be aware, continue to eat more fruit and less junk, and simply do our best!


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