Reese’s Baptism Story

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Reese has been talking to us about baptism for almost two years. In fact, her discussion of baptism is what sparked Abby Grace to tell us about her salvation decision.

2014_2_Reese_BaptismThe first Sunday of the year, our church participates in the Lord’s Supper in the morning service. {We do it other times, but this is usually the big one.} Reese had been working on our church’s “Root’s Book,” which explains salvation and baptism since this summer. It can be slow-going around here sometimes. Anyway, because of the upcoming celebration of the Lord’s Supper, it was a topic of discussion. Reese mentioned that she would like to participate, and that she had asked Jesus into her heart several weeks prior.

Like Abby Grace’s announcement, we weren’t expecting such a grown-up response from a seven-year-old. But we listened, as Reese told her story. {Side note: Reese can be a bit of a show-off, and is incredibly entertaining and funny. However, when the topic of Jesus comes up, she automatically switches to extremely serious, making me question her true age!}

This was our conversation:

Reese, “I talked to Jesus about heaven during my nighttime prayers.”

Amy, “Oh yeah? What did you say to Him?”

Reese, “I talked to Him and asked Him if He could get me to heaven.”

Amy, “Really? And what was His answer?”

Reese, “He said, ‘Yes, He could do that.'” {grins}

I love the innocent faith and simple conversations my girls have with Jesus. It makes things so uncomplicated, no?

Shane was once again honored to baptize one of his sweet girls, and like Reese did for Abby Grace, Abby was right beside her sister the entire time. I love the friendship they share. They are best friends and can take such good care of each other. And oh can they fight! Ha!

*Telling my children’s salvation stories is not my way of bragging, but as this blog is somewhat of a diary for our family, it is my way of keeping those memories alive. It’s also a way of sharing what’s going on in our family. :)


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