When Kids Are Bored

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Shannon is brilliant. Thank to this week’s WFMW, we can all be inspired with enough activities for our kiddos over the next 5 summers!

This came just in time for our family… because yesterday my husband did the unthinkable. HE CANCELED THE CABLE! (gasp)

Yes, I supported this decision. For the sake of frugality? Partly, yes. But mainly to reduce the media’s grip on my childrens’ hearts.

So, here is my “Mom, I’m bored” solution:

My second grader, oops, I mean 3rd grader has been known to use that nasty “B” word. Somehow, she learned to cook, although I am not sure where she has been getting the private lessons. Cooking is my first line of defense when I hear that word.

Give Sara a mixing bowl, and a stove, and she can happily entertain herself for hours! This morning the whole family enjoyed some delicious whole wheat pancakes.

This afternoon, we were inspired by Amy to whip up some fresh muffins for our new neighbors. Actually, Sara did all the work. She proudly took the basket next door, where it was warmly received.

Here is the finished product:

I always keep baking ingredients on hand, just for those emergencies. Hmmm… wonder what she’ll make for dinner tonight?

For more tips on keeping your kids happy and busy this summer, visit Rocks In My Dryer.

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  1. Amy says

    That is AWESOME! I am so proud of your family- that will be a great way to really get on the right foot with your neighbors. Thank you so much for the link too- I really appreciate it! They look delicious and I love your presentation.

    I am posting my recipe tomorrow for my notebook experiment!

  2. April says

    Cancelled the cable, my husband would never do that he would miss all the MMA fights, I could live without though I normaly only watch the locals anyway.

  3. Lisa says

    Nothing wrong with canceling the cable! We happen to have it right now (haven’t always) but really limit what my son watches. And I don’t actually watch any daytime TV.

    Cooking is a great idea!

  4. Alyssa says

    Ok, readers, in case you missed that- Amy from THE MOTHERLOAD stopped by and commented. :-) I feel so special! If you have not yet visited her blog, it is a MUST CLICK!

    I know what you mean. My hubby found he can get his MMA fix online and through friends, LOL!

    I gave up Daytime TV completely when I discovered blogging, and I don’t miss it one bit!

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