Once-A-Month-Cooking… the first attempt

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So, I’ve been just dying to try out once-a-month cooking (visit Once A Month Mom to see what I’m talking about), and today I’m attempting it.  Right now, I have a turkey in the oven, and if you follow me on Facebook, you know I’m a little skeerd right now!

I currently have a turkey in the oven (my very first!), and it has three hours left before it explodes is finished.  {bites nails}  I’ll update when it’s all said and done.184

I just made some tasty Whole-Wheat Waffles (I used half oil and half applesauce)… and made ’em in my sandwich maker.  ‘Cause I’m waffle iron-less.  BUT, my wonderful MIL is bringing her waffle iron over for me to use, so I might actually get waffle-looking waffles instead of triangle-sandwich-looking-pancake-tasting waffles.181

And, now, I am about to make Breakfast Burritos, minus the burrito part.  I don’t have any tortillas, but I figured I could make the “inside stuff” and add it to burritos later.  We’ll see about that.

Finally, I will prepare Chicken Macaroni Bake.  I shouldn’t be able to mess this up, right???

Okay, my comedy routine for the day is over… at least until I update the fiasco final results.

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