Loving Your Husband: A Cure for the “Un-Hearing Ears.”

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Last week, I shared a bit of background on my marriage.  And, I shared my secret with you.

Now, for some down-and-dirty truth.  My husband and I have not always been this happy in our marriage.

Our marriage was bogged down by selfishness, un-hearing ears, uncaring hearts, and “me-ism.”  Honestly, I was the bigger problem.  I was concerned about what made ME happy, and I expected my husband to feel the same way.

A big stumbling block was our “un-hearing ears.”  Both of us failed to truly hear what the other was saying.

Did you know that hearing and listening are not the same thing?  Listening is not just hearing the words being said, it is paying attention to the speaker and reading them to see what they are truly saying.

Listening is hearing the words of your spouse’s heart.

Do you have “un-hearing ears” in your marriage?  Are you so busy with your own self that you are no longer in-tune to what your spouse is really saying?

My challenge for you this week is to listen to your spouseReally listen to his words, read his body language, and search for the thoughts in his heart.  Find out what he is really saying.

When your husband speaks, take pause and look at him when he is talking.  Smile at him as he talks.  Truly be interested in him and what he is saying.

The cure for “un-hearing ears” in your marriage starts with you.  Will you take the challenge?

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